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No War With Iran, Say 62 Groups in Letter to Congress

No War With Iran, Say 62 Groups in Letter to Congress

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

The White House is continuing its march to war with Iran, but resistance is growing—most recently by a group of 62 organizations that signed an open letter to Congress asking that the representative body exercise its power and stop U.S. aggression.

"When a nuclear-armed country like the United States is involved, there is always a chance that conventional war could escalate into a nuclear war, with millions of deaths, nuclear winter, and mass starvation."
—Dr. Gwen DuBois

“President Obama took us off the path to war, but now Trump and Bolton have put us back on it,” said Fein. “It’s time for Congress to put the brakes on a Trump-Bolton war with Iran.”

Higgins must have been asleep from 2008 to 2016. My old brain cannot even keep up with all the wars Obama engaged the nation in while serving in the White House.

It is well past time that congress put an end to the Congressional Military Industrial Complex that the duopoly has give unquestioning support for the last 60 years.

Wake up people. This is and has been an on going duopoly endeavor.


From across the biggest pond, it seems War like Wall and Worst are words that Tweet all too easily to the Muddled Masses. A distraction from the daily grind towards poverty and disenfranchisement of the 99 percent. Never mind, just keep dishing out the cruel gruel until that too seems normal. I cant believe it. Here you are about to go to war to distract from the embarrassment of showing the great leader’s tax papers while the world lurches to a truly existential crisis. If there is anyone left to write the history of this time they will have a field day. Its the Emperors New Clothes all over again, with a wicked twist.


Maybe , a Bolton and Pompeo and Abrams want to go to war so badly, maybe America should return to the days of yesteryear—when knights stood in for their king.
If The 3 scary men want a war, then maybe they should go, mano a mano with 3 knight challengers from Iran.
And again, I must ask, WHY do men who have never gone to war, why do they always want to start wars?


It’s the only way they can get wood.

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Hi Satansspaun… Wood? Sorry I didn’t get that, please explain as that went right by me.

Pie in the sky - these suggestions - tired of putting up with Utopians.

The last time the US did something right was the Apollo 11 Moon landing, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this coming July 20.

Jay Barbree’s biography on Neil Armstrong is a winner, as is Michael Collins personal account, written without ghost writers (“Carrying the Fire”), and Buzz Aldrin has several books out there as well.

To be a democracy, you need to take responsibility.

America barely elected JFK, even when he was running against the criminal Richard Nixon, and then America assassinated JFK & his brother RFK.

But some followed Kennedy’s marching orders, and landed on the Moon.

Then the rats took over, and never looked back.

Either you are a democracy or you’re not - you can’t have it both ways.


Most of us caught that one stardustIBD; think a little harder.

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War for wood…definitely a motive for sadists and psychopaths.


“‘Both nations must continue to actively engage in dialogue, with open diplomatic communications channels and the mutual aim to prevent any further escalation of conflict.’”

Let’s see, one nation failed to live up to a signed agreement. One nation reneged on a signed agreement. One nation has put sanctions on the other. One nation has threatened the other for ‘hostile’ acts. One nation has threaten to destroy the other.
Looks like both are escalating the conflict, so that comment is right, right?
Noooo! All of those hostile acts are by the same nation, the USA. How disappointing that someone would insert a false equivalency while ostensibly promoting peace.


62 groups say no to war.
63 war-profiteering corporations, with campaign contributions and other bribes in hand, say yes to war.
Wonder who will get their way?

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Three fat, out of shape assholes, who’ve never seen combat in their lives (and at least one who dodged his turn with flimsy excuses) want to send our young men and women into harm’s way to suit their nefarious agenda. Its time for the public and Congress to say a big NO. Not on our dollar and not in our name, you don’t.

Obama outsmarted Bibi Netanyahu who has outsmarted Trump (Bibi’s useful idiot). Obama said if it’s really nuclear that you’re worried about, then we’ll take care of that for you, and he did. But Bibi was full of shit and wants Israel’s adversaries weakened or destroyed.

We are well on our way to devastating Iran’s economy with these illegal sanction against a country that actually has no nuclear weapons program, at the behest of a country that has an illegal nuclear weapons program.

Meanwhile, Trump is working an illegal program to provide the world’s biggest state sponsor of terror, Saudi Arabia, with nuclear power.

And there’s a maniac named Bolton running around trying to provoke war and regime change all over. There’s another nut called Pompeo who’s helping out being guided by the Bible’s end times prognostications.

Bibil may eave Trump hanging, or he may let him know what to do next.

On the side, Bibi is working on us to send billions to wealthy Israel because they need it to subjugate the hapless Palestinians, take their land, and get rid of them.

Looks like things are going well for Israel, and like shit for everyone else.

Things are in good hands.

Obama re deployed troops to Iraq.
Trump - U.S. pulls most personnel from Iraq as U.S. officials say …

Allowed N. Korea to start a nuclear program and commence testing over Japan
Trump - brokered a peace between South and North Korea as they will attend the next olympics a ONE team.

Obama sends troops into fight against ISIS in Syria - CBS News
https://www.cbsnews.com › CBS This Morning › Saturday

President Obama has ordered about 50 U.S. special operations troops to … Mr. Obama had previously said he would not send U.S. ground forces to Syria
Trump is removing Obama troops from Syria

Obama sends 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan | CBC News - CBC.ca

Trump just pulled out 7,000 troops from Afghanistan

It is the media and Congress (who has 1/2 the approval rating as Trump) that are pushing WAR:

Senate breaks with Trump on Afghanistan, Syria … - Military Times

So you need to check out your errors!

Hi Gandolf: noooo. BUT fortunately, I like looking stuff up, so I found a lot of interesting stories though, so even if they’re wrong, I’m glad I found them.
WAR for WOOD—could be…: )
First I tried idioms for wood and war—the only one that seemed logical had to do with the Marines in WW 1 and they had to cross a 200 acre wheat field to get to the forest, and the German machine guns were killing so many…this was the Battle of Belleau WOOD.
So war and wood would seem to be losing a lot to gain a victory, since apparently 2000 or so Marines died, but the Marines became famous for this fight in never giving up and the French even named the field for the Marines------so war for wood might mean lots of deaths for a victory-----which Bolton and Pompeo would probably like .
And Maybe Bolton and Pompeo thought the could become famous from a battle, even if they weren’t there,
In 1942 a movie was made by the Agricultural Dept. to teach that if metal wasn’t available then using wood could replace many of the previously metal items, so maybe the Troika of Terrorists want to reduce Iranians to eating wood or using up their forests?

Or maybe from ancient times, when nations went war they still needed wood for warmth or fuel— and wood could be use for profit----and sometimes, like Greece with their silver smelting, whole forests disappeared to smelt silver or to build all those ships when the Oracle of Delphi took them to build a wall of wood to defeat their enemy.
All of these fit war for wood, but I couldn’t find an actual idiom.
That’s all I got, but it’s all very worthwhile, in history so thanks----BUT if there’s another meaning--------WHAT is it? : )

I am the Walrus, here’s another clue for you stardustBid, if even I have wood right.

Our city had a subdivision under construction, and new street names needed okaying.
The street name turned down was Morning Wood Drive.