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No War With Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/22/no-war-iran

Russia, Iran, and China was here

Would Bolton, Pompeo and the rest of the MIC sacrifice American lives, treasure and the economy to get a piece of the lucrative Iranian oil fields? Absolutely! Can the 99% stop it? Absolutely not! However Trump could. My guess is that Trump has gotten a very quick education about the system’s priorities to wage war for the ‘sake of the economy’ (not yours or mine but the economy of the billionaires) and is feeling the pressure. Donald’s stubborn personality makes him a thorn in the side of all of his ‘advisors’. So will Trump eventually cave in to the pressure of the MIC as all of his successors have? Probably, but maybe not.
Congress would definitely vote for war, so that leaves the ego-maniacal President as our only obstacle left between waging another war-for-profit or not. Pretty scary, huh?

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And who ELECTED Donald Trump Judge, Jury and executioner for Planet Earth ? ?

Until the country brings back the military draft, protests are an exercise in futility.

“ … killed at least 480,000 people already, and devastated entire communities for generations.”

In Vietnam this was called “winning hearts and minds”

Wow. 480,000 terrorists … the innocent people in the Middle East must be tremendously grateful.

Not mentioned in ‘news’ circles is that Iran can collapse the world economy by blocking the Strait of Hormuz where a large portion of the world’s oil is shipped through. The only reason they haven’t done it yet is because they ship oil to China and because they need the revenue from China to survive. The crippling sanctions reapplied after the US trashed the JCPOA(Iran nuke deal) hurt them severely. Bomb Iran, the world economy collapses and no amount of bailouts will recover things. It might be an end to capitalism. Nah, that’s wishful thinking on my part.

If Fox Noise were to egg trump on, who knows what could happen. We made a tough decision to shoot down their airliner and kill 2-3 hundred passengers. But somehow we can’t give at least as much latitude over a drone? Absolutely absurd on our part.
Considering our position with Iran I would expect them to welcome a nuclear capability, homemade or purchased, or a donation.
The bully must be punched at some point. Let’s hope we don’t force a move on NYC, Boston, or a city near you. War mongers are so selfish.

I believe it is more like a million or more overall in the middle-east, and a million or more in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia combined.

“it makes absolutely no sense”

It makes sense for Israel, and Bolton is an Israeli. Pompeo is on board for Israel with the evangelical nonsense. For some reason, Trump has been jumping through hoops meeting Netanyahu’s wet dreams, and Netanyahu who would like the U.S. to remove Iran as an effective Israeli adversary, one way or another.

This is one giant scam, and it’s a repeat.