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No Way To Treat A Child

No Way To Treat A Child

Citing their mutual experiences of racism and state violence, over two dozen African-American public figures expressed their solidarity with Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian girl facing years in prison for slapping an Israeli soldier, as her trial opened - behind closed doors, after the judge banned the media in hopes of downplaying the travesty. Ahed's father Bassem: "They don't want the world to see this theater, which they call a court."


"After the judge swiftly cleared the court, he slammed the move: “They don’t want the world to see this theater, which they call a court.”

Except for the U.S mainstream media, the rest of the world is well aware of the ongoing ethnic cleansing committed against the Palestinian people.


A child sees how her family is being treated by the “authorities” and responds emotionally as anyone would and is placed under arrest and put in prison to be tried and faced with jail time. What would happen in your little town in America if this happened? Many years ago as a young man I thought Israel to be a good thing, finally a safe place for the jews of the world. I was young and idealistic. I have grown up since then.


Law and Justice are two completely separate topics.

It is nice to live in a nation of laws based on justice and reason.

Israel has made a mistake; reason is needed to find justice for Ahed Tamimi.

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She’s a hero to me. God bless you, Ahed Tamimi. Keep standing up to these oppressors of you and your people. Their crimes cannot last forever.


Reason without human decency behind it is almost worse than useless in the quest for dig
nity for all as Machiavelli clearly showed. The behaviour of the Israelis in this issue is unlikely to serve the best interests of the Jewish people over the long term but myopic pursuit of short term self interest through the oppression and abuse of others has always been one of humanity’s biggest failings.


It’s black-letter international law: a populace under occupation has the right to resist that occupation. Is there any doubt that what Ahed did fits that description?

With that said, it should be obvious that Israel observes international law only if it sees an advantage.


It’s a picture of one pissed off human being and a whole bunch of arrogant, condescending jackasses.


Israel should cease to exist as a legal entity. The country should be given back to its rightful inhabitants- Palestinians (and Jews whose families inhabited the region continuously). All these supposed Jews who are not really ethnic Jews from Europe and Russia and wherever need to migrate out immediately back to their nations of origin or wherever will take them. Have a few countries donate a couple of uninhabited islands in the middle of the oceans. Wherever.
There will never be peace until they are all gone as they are the violent right wing troublemakers. Not pretty but true. The right wing supposed Jewish people who control things Israel are no better than nazis - vicious violent and hateful. Clearly they took Hitler’s methods to heart…
I know this is a little radical especially for me but visiting a Palestinian community refugee camp in Jordan and seeing and hearing what their lives were and are and also visiting Israel and seeing first hand how ordinary Palestinians are treated and talked about has led me to this as the only decent solution.


The Criminal Mobster Netanyahu who runs this Mafia style pseudo government of Israel must go to jail or at least be thrown from office.

He reminds me so much of Noriega, only with SS mentality.

While transition may not change much, we have all seen Greater Leaders emerge in support of Peace.

Pray tell, why can we not surround these poor people with a UN line of troops and have the UN administer local policing based upon accepted Human Rights.

Pay attention America, this is the color of our justice when “Black Like Me” is brought to bear.

We have a number of Minority Citizenry deprived of their Fundamental Human Rights and
We Torture their Lives.

I mean really, who is the true “Spokesman of World Conflict”


I am not sure I accept reason as something that precedes barbarism.

Reasoned barbarism?

Is premeditated crime the same as having used reasoning? There is something qualitative here I will think about for awhile. Thanks.

I sure hope that poor Israeli soldier recovers from the wounds Ms. Tamimi inflicted upon him. Once again the old Nazi trick of putting people in impossible situations and then blaming them when they react. It’s time for the United Nations to really put its power, such as it may be, to enforce the sanctions against Israel and recognize Palestine, period.


Ahed Tamimi is a hero to all of the people all over the world, because, as things have become more and more clear. We are all Palestinians!

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There is widespread support to jail Ahed Tamimi among non-Palestinian Israelis and non-Israeli supporters of the far right wing Israeli government.

This is disturbing, but more disturbing is the silence, among these same groups, to the insinuations of sexual assault, brutality, and death against Ahed and her family.

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