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"No Winners on a Dead Earth": Why We Need a Climate Leader in 2020

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/02/no-winners-dead-earth-why-we-need-climate-leader-2020

Human caused Global warming ,environmental destruction and speciesystem collapse is a symptom of a Cultural Story that has never been seriously challenged.
If only we loved the Sacred Earth and remembered that other humans are our extended family .If we remember our Oneness and that we are ultimately all on the same team.The other team is not real it’s an illusion it’s everything that seperates us and keeps us from unity.
If we could only follow the law of love .
Ahh… who talks about this all the time ?

Marianna Williamson

Time to write that New Story …

Stephen Mills
Member Humanity’s Team
As David says there are no Winners .


Stephen Mills (Hemp), has the vision for what we all must embrace if humanity is to survive.

We must love our Mother Earth and our Father Time. We only get to be with them for a moment, in the big picture.


“By any rational calculation, transformation on the scale required to secure the human future in the time remaining is impossible. Yet it is also imperative. So, we best assume it is possible and get on with doing everything we can do to achieve it.” (David Korten)

A war footing is the only way I can see.

Bernie Sanders is temporarily ‘on sick leave’ - but he will be back, hopefully with a new diet and a reduced work schedule. I am reading Bernie’s book “Where we go from Here” just now, and it is clear Bernie is all about the “Movement” he has championed, and not about him becoming President.

Jim Mattis will be back too. I am reading his book “Callsign Chaos”, and an interview in The Atlantic, The Man Who Couldn’t Take It Anymore “I had no choice but to leave,” General James Mattis says of his decision to resign as President Trump’s secretary of defense. makes it clear he will not remain silent forever.

If a war footing is required - what better man than Jim Mattis to take a principal role in this !

David Korten points out, as have others, that it is only recently, with Greta Thundberg in the lead, that a tipping point in environmental awareness may have been breached.

If so, and I believe it has, then things will develop quickly.

We need experience and competence -

That could mean Warren and Mattis.

These are my thoughts -

Jacques Cousteau said ‘it is only the impossible missions which succeed’ - and I agree with that.

It will be Warren and Mattis’ job to execute the details.


Criminal charges should be presented to the powers that be. GM & Ford are on the upper part of a long list of corporate industries that have fraudulently harmed the public good. All car, truck and bus manufacturers are complicit cohorts. Stockholders who collect dividends should not be allowed to offshore their profits should stock value plummet; they too are responsible for investing in obsolete and/or modern but pretentious technology such as AV “driverless” nonsense. Amazon is bankrupting local business enterprise. That behemoth and Uber are worsening traffic, fuel/energy consumption and reducing mass transit patronage, though municipal transit agencies should be held to account for purchasing obsolete buses and poorly engineered replacements. Corporate Media are beholden to their advertisers, especially automobile sales and insurance. Construction interests continue to build car-dependent housing that bankers gladly finance knowing automobile financing comes with the package.
A vision for the future must begin with: We drive too much, too far, for too many purposes, at too high cost and impact. We fly too much. We truck and ship goods around the world too much.


Korten may be counting his steps in reverse order.

Sanders is down and probably out of the race for 2020–not that he will drop, but that a publicly obvious heart condition in an elderly gentleman will not be a selling point. That means that we do not have a “climate president” in 2020, nor anything similar. Warren’s economic lectures are enlightened and informative (catch the ones before she ran for office), but she is pro-war, pro-industry, and comfortable with dollar sign measures of well being. She is also quite clearly willing to take her orders from corporatists. Any one of those factors would prevent a climate presidency.

So let’s look at this. There’s no climate-oriented federal regime in the US after 2020. There is no indication that any would arrive from the Republican side in the 20’s. A Warren victory is about as optimistic a thing as one might hope for at this point, and that’s dismal. That sets us with a Dem incumbent in 2024, another four years for the DNC to purge the party, with less restraint every round. So presumably there’s no climate presidency in 2024 either. And beyond that, any sort of "climate president’ that might come to exist would be stranded and isolated in the White House. And we might add to that that the ecological problem really encompasses far more than climate–the 6th extinction, the loss of soils, the displacement of water, the poisoning and plastic-infusion of land and soil and water and air, and the still mostly latent prospect of massive radioactive release.

Tick tock.

At this point, and particularly with Bernie Sanders’ recent cardiac-related surgery, but probably even without it, we ought to assume that we are struggling against government and against big business.

No, have to start by acting. These are personal, individual, small group, and community actions. These are actions at the level at which you can talk to the person in charge. Korten’s “building consensus” is optimistic, but one builds towards consensus.

Organizing the homes, then the communities, we might begin to talk about placing people in Congress. With representatives in Congress, we might begin to deal with states and taking control of major political parties. Having control of major parties, we might begin to deal with a presidency. With a government in place, we might be able to deal with the larger issue, the ill defined entity that we might speak of as shadow government or deep state or organized crime and such.

Government will not even adjust in a proper direction until some major catastrophe happens that will disable business as usual. The usual responses to catastrophes or tragedies on a smaller scale involve ramping up business as usual: we get more wars, more invasive policing, more kleptocracy, reduced trust, reduced cooperation, reduced positive action.

It’s time to take life and economy back from government and business. We cannot do it all at once, so this will take steps. We cannot just open fire on the US government and shouldn’t. And we cannot simply walk away from an economy on which we depend.

But we can begin to create a green economy piecemeal, in homes and backyards and schools and parks and green belts. And this is part of getting a closer approximation to that consensus that Korten talks about, and without which any talk of a "climate presidency’ Is just whistling as we walk past the graveyard.


Very moving. Thank you

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That’s what I see.

Is Warren adaptable - can she rise to the occasion if climate threats become unbearable ?

Pity that fellow Jay Inslee dropped out. He could be brought into a new administration, couldn’t he ?

I think Trump will lose the next election. You just don’t need that many who voted for him to turn tail.

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I read that excellent article in the Atlantic when it came out. Mattis reminds me very much of Smedly Butler’s integrity, devotion and allegiance to all of his front line troops first and foremost. He doesn’t “do” politics. But another quote from the article “There is a period in which I owe my silence. It’s not eternal. It’s not going to be forever.”

Yesterday I watched a forum about the making of a new movie to be released soon - “The Irishman” (JFK). It stars Al Pacino as James Hoffa. There was also an interview with Pacino in which he describes how he researches the real life characters he has to play. He tells of his talk with Serpico when he was preparing to play him in the film (link to clip below).
Pacino asked him why he didn’t just take the money and get on with his life and the job that he loved. Serpico’s response was much like that of Mattis, : “If I’d have done that, who would I have been when I listened to Beethoven?”

Complete interview - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2KgrVf_1zQ
About Serpico at 5:18 - https://youtu.be/O2KgrVf_1zQ?t=210

Mattis should be Sec’y of Defense if ANY Dem is elected Prez in 2020. It isn’t even clear yet who the DNC is going to pick to run. It could very well be the warmonger, Witch of the West, HRC.

As to the Climate Crisis, I agree that we have reached a tipping point of awareness. As to Climate Action, that must led by the youth of the world with the adults supporting their Climate Strike Coalition Demands issued on 9/20/19 (See here: https://strikewithus.org/#demands ).

It is our job as adults to work with youth in our own communities and help them fight for their Demands in any way we can.

Just my two cents…


I like your ‘two cents’ !

Is Hillary really a possibility ? Or Bidon ???

It’s like living in that old show ‘The Twilight Zone’ - non-stop ~

I have to think & hope that events between now and the time you select a Democratic candidate are such that sanity will make a comeback.

Here in Canada, there are no candidates fit for office. Our election is this month, Oct 21.

Very wonderful put. But how do we overthrow the corporate structure which has all the power and money? For money is king and greed is good. How do we get the people who don’t participate to join in, for they have lost hope in a political system that steals from them?
This country has been ruled by the rich since the beginning of it’s founding. The founders wanted the elite to rule over the masses.
When will the workers have enough and do what they did back in the late 19th century? Where is the mass movement to change things? And don’t forget these people were voted in by gullible people who believed in the lies they were told.
The people in the middle class want security and whoever promises them that will be listened to. Trump ran on fear, not just of the ‘others’, but also on security. He promised strength, jobs, healthcare, none of which he delivered. But the next person who promises the same thing will win. And with trump’s rabid base, maybe he will win again.

As usual, David Korten hits the nail on the head. I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting him years ago, when he spoke @ my annual International Conference of RESULTS volunteers from around the world. [www.results.org.] for a quarter-century, as a volunteer, I lobbied MOC foor low-cost, high impact solutions to hunger and the worst aspects of poverty.
Before we were invited to participate in this organization that empowered me as a citizen and in my personal life, we had to pass a Basics test. Much of the information was based on old-fashioned civics as well as specifics on how our national budget is parceled out. We allow far too much to get lost, wasted, unaccounted for; most of our tax dollars enrich the MICC. I encourage all w;ho post here to learn what I learned as a citizen activist. RESULTS’ work has had global impact on poverty through its empowerment of microcredit, sometimes called “microenterprise.” Dr. Muhammad Yunus, a Vanderbilt PhD in Economics, returned to Bangladesh and created “village banking,” which spread worldwide. His concept empowered the poorest of the poor to lift themselves from nothing to self-sufficiency and self-respect. Along the way, they lifted their families into wealth, health, and community solidarity. For his vision, Yunus was awarded the Nobel Prize.
but I digress.
Korten founded the magazine “Yes!” which promotes the positive in our world. In that role, it recently sent me a “revolutionary” book, “Growing A Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life” by Dr. [Professor @ the U of Washington] a geomorphologist.
Healthy soils can be deep carbon sinks; i.e, they “capture” carbon, thus providing a powerful tool to help lower our Eath’s temperature. [published by W.W.Norton, available widely] Read this engaging, enlightening, thrilling IMPORTANT BOOK.

The author of “GAR:BOSBTL” is Dr. David R. Montgomery.
ISBN 978-0-393-35609-0
Montgomery can be reached @ www.dig2grow.com/@ dig2grow
apologies for typos; tried to catch all-to no avail.

An Evolution Revolution is what we must achieve .
A New Guiding principle based in unity .Acknowledgment of the Oneness ,and sacredness of all life.
Advanced Technology without advanced thinking leads to demise .When a society becomes a product of its own technology ,it destroys itself.
We are on this verge ,it’s very important we get the balance right here .