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'No Wonder the US Leads the World in Covid Deaths': Trump Mocks Biden for Vowing to 'Listen to the Scientists'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/19/no-wonder-us-leads-world-covid-deaths-trump-mocks-biden-vowing-listen-scientists

And because the military listens to the scientists, you, Donnie Delusion, will never see an actual working nuclear code–Ever. Thank Dog for that!


Trump is totally fixated on the stock market and if the value of stocks are going up for the one percent then the economy is doing great. The record number of unemployed is of no concern to him. Science often gets in the way of the rich getting richer so it is something to ignore.


Thinking how fun it would be to “WaterBoard” the trump monster! Yesterday afternoon, felt, and smelled a very bad stench, turns out it was the orange idiot monster infecting Carson City, way too close for comfort. What a pathetic, dangerous plague that mindless parasite bastard is!


Trump: “We’re like a rocket ship, take a look at the numbers”

Yeah, I am looking at the NASA Challenger’s numbers right now…


Typically when there are layoffs, the stock market goes up.
So yes, for the those holding silver spoons things look great.
We just have to get those pesky homeless people out of sight.


Well gee, who are Americans going to believe? Scientists at the CDC and elsewhere who have studied pandemics for years or the Fool in the White House who basically knows nothing about anything.


All too true. It is his lack of filter and propensity for removing the mask from the GOP and elites that is the biggest reason any of them dislike him. That and his utterances about scaling back or ending wars, which is the most unforgivable to them. His anti-war rhetoric also is the biggest reason dem establishment hates him, as they are definitely to the right of Trump on endless war.


Unfortunately the problem is that there are many deluded Americans who do not believe in scientists while so many people are quick to believe the rantings of a demagogue. A week ago I was shopping at a large grocery store in Wa. state when a middle aged woman who was wearing a face shield said that she was wearing one only because other people could see her lips move when she talked which is not the case when one wears a mask. She did not like the fact that she had to wear one for health reasons and that she felt her “freedom” [apparently the freedom to infect other people with the virus] was being infringed upon by the state. What really stood out when she was telling me this in the produce area of the store was that she very much resented, as I tried to point out to her, that people should put aside their libertarian views, especially during a pandemic, and do something for the common good. That struck a nerve with her, she began cursing, and stormed off to look at some green peppers.

If Biden manages to somehow beat Trump, even when voter suppression tactics and intimidation are being used against voters, then the media and the general public have to be made aware of people like this woman who may very well allow their emotions to overrule their intellect when they will not allow Trump’s defeat to go unnoticed. Trump’s fanatical supporters and white supremacists will not take Trump’s loss lightly. And one cannot rely upon the Democrats to raise this issue as top Democrats like Biden and Harris still refuse to say that Trump is a fascist and that his loyal and devoted followers are also fascist. If Biden manages to beat Trump then the Democrats and law enforcement better have plans in place to make sure that Trump’s fanatical supporters do not turn this country into a bloodbath both during and after the election and also up to inauguration day on January 20, 2021. Joining the ranks of banana republic countries is not something which the allegedly greatest country in the world should be doing as the rest of the world will be watching how the United States is handling their tenuous election process.


Yep, it’s up ~0.75% now, online, cloud & AI equities. But, LLY, GILD REGN… ain’t up there with the hippy-dippy (now, mostly Asian based) efficiency, renewables, regenerative & smart grid equities, his buddies forgot to buy up, before feeding us all to FIRE, PhARMA & private equity looted ‘health systems.’ Our tag-team Idiocracy will have to figure out some damn way to cover their asses from liability, tort suits; find marks STUPID enough to bail-out their inbred trust-fund morons?

Hey, WAIT!?! ~https://www.desmogblog.com/2020/10/15/bankruptcies-oil-gas-multi-billion-cleanup-bill-public

Yeah, exactly HOW do taxpayers “plug” scores-of-thousands of leaky, kicked, abandoned, blown-out directionally drilled fracked, re-fracked methane & ETHANE wells, 10K’ deep & miles out, overlapping and intertwining all SORTS of strata?


He’s such an ass.

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The fossil fuel industry must love this monster who continuously ignores science and hard evidence as if he is living in la la land of Oz where the Tin Woodman doesn’t need air to breath. Drill and kill, the temperatures are rising year after year before our eyes but Trump’s followers are looking to the skies for Jesus. Go see and hear how dumb Americans waiting for the “rapture” while they are stupidly cooking the planet with over consumption and trash with all of us onboard.


Yes that is true and deadly simultaneously, true because corporations will gain value since less employees makes the numbers look “good”, deadly because in the longer run no employees no public spending = dead economy for all.


And, starting unnecessary wars of prehistoric thought, with modern weapons.

Remember the old Charlton Heston “Planet of The Apes” movies?

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True and that’s the reason lion’s share of covid relief funds went into pumping up corporate stocks so his casino house of cards gain value. There is of late a stark disconnect between real American economy and the stock market. The US adversaries must love this idiot Trump because he can and has caused more damage to the American economy than they could accomplish with 1000 nukes.


You know you’re living in an alternate reality when scientists receive death threats, but a mealy-mouthed Handmaiden gets a seat on SCOTUS.


Easy. Plug them with members of the GOP and Trump’s family, headfirst.


That is a great argument that can be successfully used against these “freedom” loving idiots. They fail to realize that air is a shared free for all life saving commodity for all to breath. No one has the freedom to deliberately infect others or foul the air we must breath by their smoke or covid-19 virus.


He is such an idiot. Tells on himself all the time by projecting on to others. The fascination with low flow toilets that need to be flushed 15x suggests that he and he alone has this problem. Omg! The housekeeping in the White House must detest him. “You’re a foul one,” mr trump.


I’d love to waterboard him with urine. Then again, he might enjoy that!