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No Worker Left Behind

No Worker Left Behind

Bilan Arte

Everyone gets a day off for Labour Day, right?


There’s no doubt the labour movement in North America has made countless strides and gains over the last century, from the weekend to the eight hour work day, to paid maternity leave and increases to minimum wage. But there are still too many workers left behind.


The Leap is good. Click the thumbnail at the bottom of the article. “NO IS NOT ENOUGH” (sic!) was only published in June, and while the gathering that produced the Leap Manifesto occurred in the spring of 2015, the attention it is receiving and the actions based upon it worldwide seem to be growing by–well, leaps and bounds.

The idea of a worldwide “movement of movements” to facilitate the transition in the way that human beings live upon the planet that is clearly under way occurred to me five years ago. (Do a web search, preferably NOT using “Don’t Be Evil, Inc.,” on “transition movement.”) Since then I have seen it used many times. That so many people and groups are seeing this happening and talking about it in the same terms is strong evidence that it really is happening.

The Leap could be seen as the broad-based, big-picture counterpart of 350.org, which is similarly embraced by millions of people worldwide but is narrowly focused on what many people agree to be one of the two most critical challenges we face as a species, the other being nuclear weapons. Two movements among many thousands, but two big ones that many people can understand and identify with.


Bilian, thank you for mentioning the laborers who are still laboring on Labor Day.