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No, WSJ, Palestinians Have Not Given Up On National Rights

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/09/no-wsj-palestinians-have-not-given-national-rights

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Dear Wall St. Journal:
many Americans who have followed your words of wisdom—have found those words to be utterly devoid of any humanity and any sense,
Perhaps you should read up on the actual issue----do you even wonder why Palestinians of all ages have gone to the fence to Protest Israeli government’s lack of anything other than being a terrorist state? Amazing how many have been maimed by protesting at a fence, wouldn’t you say? You , as a news organization are entirely too BULLISH on Israel to even approach being referred to as any kind of " real news organization. BULLSHITISH, you certainly are—and many of us look forward to the only positive change of Climate Crisis—Wall St. will be underwater.


If a two-state solution based on pre-’67 borders is not allowed, I’m all for a one state solution. Allow ALL Palestinians the right of return, placing the Jewish population in the minority, and let them hope that the Palestinian majority treats them as well as they have been treated by their Jewish occupiers for the past 71 years.


From Truth-out: https://truthout.org/articles/the-treacherous-falsification-of-palestine-israel-history/


A one state solution for both people, given the facts on the ground, would be a good solution but it is also difficult to imagine given the animosity on both sides. A one state solution is what happened in Belgium and can serve as a model.

I somewhat agree. I support a One State solution where all Palestinians in the land of Canaan are full citizens and that Palestinians refugees have the right of return.

I do not think it is enough to just hope the Palestinians will treat the Jews in the land of Canaan fairly. I think structures guaranteeing full and equal rights to all its citizens is necessary and the kind of reconciliation work that happened in South Africa after the end of Apartheid.

I’d also still support the right of Jews, who don’t live there now, to move to the land of Canaan and become citizens too, just as they now can with the state of Israel.

I know. I’m an idealist.

It is not possible to peacefully coexist with murderous right wing extremists, which is what the vast majority of Israel really are.
To give an example, an Israeli soldier was caught on camera brutally torturing and killing an unarmed Palestinian child and was given a slap on the wrist by the Israeli leadership as a result.
This sparked nationwide protests that lasted for weeks, not because he got a slap on the wrist but be cause he was punished at all. These are not civilized people by any stretch of the definition.


I’m an optimist in the sense that I saw rabid racists in South Africa accept majority-rule and in Northern Ireland a situation where ex-terrorists are now integrated in power-sharing. I am sure there are many other examples such closer to the issue, Lebanon. Constitutional arrangements can take a variety of forms…full union in a federation or confederation, rotating political office…

Have Palestinians ceded national rights? I would say those rights are secondary in a possible struggle for civil rights in the one-state scenario. What is accurate to say is that the Palestinian struggle for equality will not be given up.

Having said I have an optimism, I think it is over-optimism. Much of the Israel’s jewish population are not yet prepared to concede citizenship because of their fear of the consequences of the demographic future. Nor because of the West Bank Israeli settlements and any Israeli governments political suicide of compulsory removal makes any sovereign nation two-state solution viable.

The divisive animosity will remain generation after generation.

The WSJ shills for the international terrorist pariah, the zionist entity; how unexpected. The subversion of numerous nations sovereignty and contempt for International Law by that “religious” extremist entity, fomenting numerous wars around the ME/NA, and countless murders of Palestinian men, women, and children, and destruction of their once vibrant culture, can never be forgiven.

Saturday was the 52 anniversary of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty - an attack on the US - that killed or wounded over 200 sailors, that was then covered-up by Israeli nd their lackeys in the US - government, media and politicians!

THAT crime should also never be forgotten or forgiven along with the Palestinian genocide, and much else! BDS!


The Jews are forbidden to settle and even visit many cities in Palestine.
The Arabs in their own way fulfilled the UN decision on the partition of Palestine.
The institution of unified citizenship for the Arabs of Jerusalem, Hebron, Jaffa, Jenin, Galilee, Gaza, Haifa, Beit-Lehem, etc. - will be a fair solution to the age-old conflict.

Hasbara rubbish!

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The Greeks do not give jobs to the Turks.
Azerbaijanis do not build schools for Armenians.
Serbs do not pay pensions to Albanians.
Why do Jews do all this for the Arabs ?

Separating peoples on the basis of citizenship is the most rewarding.
Checked in the past by:
Greeks - Turks, Hungarians - Austrians, Poles - Germans, Lithuanians - Russians, Czechs - Slovaks, Irish - British, Serbs - Croats and so on.

It’s time to release the “occupied” and compare the rights of Arabs in Haifa and Jaffa to the rights of Jews in Ramallah and Gaza.
Palestinian-Jordanian citizenship, Abu Dis and Shu’afat - for Arabs,
Israeli citizenship and Jerusalem - for Jews !

Are you suggesting that the 20% or so who are not Jewish should be deprived of citizenship.

Denied citizenship and so much more - expulsions and ethnic cleansing - to support the “final solution” by zionist racism against Palestinians in their pre-meditated theft by force of all of Palestine to be for “Jews” only… The comment by that person represents and clearly reveals the malignant racist, supremacist, mindset of Israelis increasing in hatred, murders, and oppression since 1948…