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No You Assholes, Obama Did Not Do It Too

No You Assholes, Obama Did Not Do It Too

Dean Baker

Let's get this straight, Donald Trump did something unbelievably stupid when he tweeted about the jobs report last Friday morning, 69 minutes before it was public. The president gets an advance copy of the report the night before, so he and his staff know what the country will be looking at the next day. They are supposed to keep it strictly secret until after its public release. In fact, the standard practice is that they don't comment on the report until at least an hour after the release.


We are finding out government by mobsters is just as bad as government by money.

Dear Mr. Trump, wouldn’t it be far more inconspicuous to just call your friends at Fox & Friends and have the color of the bimbo du jour’s dress reveal the jobs report data? Think man! Oh, wait. Never mind.

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The securities markets were a rigged game long before Trump, Obama and anybody reading this was born.

Take the greed out of Wall Street and all that is left is pavement.


Yes, you asshole, Obama DID do it, & worse. And he gave trillion$ to the banksters that wrecked the economy, and he punked us into a shitty health insurance scam. And liberals loved him.

Clinton & Obama, like Bush, paved the way for Trump.

The sooner liberals drop their pretense of superiority the sooner we might start thinking straight about what to do about this rolling disaster called the 21st century.


Dr. Dean Baker is a great economist and a champion for working people. Please don’t call him an asshole.

I don’t think you read the article. You would know that President Obama didn’t leak jobs data as Mr. Trump did.


Did Trump finally find something that Obama did not do?


Could it be that the money has mobsters as well as the mobsters having money?

Where was it that Marx used that image of dancing in the top floor of the casino while the bottom floors burned?

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The act of an inside traitor.

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When liberals argue " facts " ( which can be further sourced and more thoroughly deconstructed ) they have an air of superiority ( snobs, nerds, dweebs and twits ) about themselves which kills the message they’re trying to convey. They need to be humble and quit playing " gotcha there " games, pretty much.
OK, then.
If Newt Gingrich, and a transmission mechanic working at a Midas in Alabama, said exactly what Dean Baker stated it would be acceptable. Simply because the messenger has grease under his fingernails, apparently. And, Newt is not a politician, but merely an old history professor from a 3rd tier state university in Georgia.
OK, then.

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How is Newt a liberal?

He isn’t. But he’s a good ol’ Georgia boy who’s screed is " big guvumint " is the problem. He wants to privatize gov’t services ( like libertarians ) and force people into investments whch put their retirement at risk, etc. He’s also a lackey for the DoD/MIC ( look at his old Congressional Dist. ) and Sheldon Adelson, in particular. Just another bigoted pig and opportunistic, lying creep like Trump. A regular guy like the one in Alabama, who just happens to have the same 44 sized clan suit. But, you can have a beer with him and shoot the shit, if that floats your boat. Bon Voyage.

Ok, thought I was missing something there about Newt.

In areas where ethics are frequently sidestepped, Trump does blatantly what others do with finesse, and aplomb. Not mentioning anyone else in particular…

Complementing a woman can be done, politely. Trump can be rude.
Many express their attitudes with a handshake. Trump turns a handshake into a carnival affair.
Many people fire a person on occasion. Trump does it callously and frequently.

It is the same with Trump and insider trading. I would have expected this from him. Insider trading has some very clear guidelines and some instances where it is impossible to work with the guidelines of discreet and secret. Executives ALWAYS know what is going on in their company. But they are not always restricted from trading their company’s stock…