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No, You Cannot Know Gitmo Detainee's Account of His Torture

No, You Cannot Know Gitmo Detainee's Account of His Torture

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Guantanamo prisoner Abu Zubaydah detailed the torture that the CIA inflicted on him to his lawyers, but that information won't be making it to the public eye.

Reuters reported Thursday:

U.S. government officials have blocked the release of 116 pages of defense lawyers' notes detailing the torture that Guantanamo Bay detainee Abu Zubaydah says he experienced in CIA custody, defense lawyers said on Thursday.

If what you do to other people is so horrible that you need to hide doing it, then maybe it’s a good idea not to pull shit like that.

Stories like this will be used to justify the crucifixion of westerners in the future. I say crucifixion as it’s the most horrid torture I know of. I’m sure the people who capture the ‘proxies’ will be creative though.


The CIA was founded on the old WWII Nazi spy network with the help of Prescott Bush, George’s grandpa. Same skunk, different stripes. CIA pigs.


“Guantanamo prisoner Abu Zubaydah detailed the torture that the CIA inflicted on him to his lawyers, but that information won’t be making it to the public eye.”

What is the definition of “public”?


“You want the truth…you can’t handle the truth”


Why we need Wikileaks.


These attorneys have received detailed information about his torture. The “government” says it is classified.

  • What I can’t figure out is why none of these shysters have the balls to make it public. Even if the CIA has picked up the papers, these guys certainly have some memory left to quote from. Of course, perhaps the CIA has made them all an offer they can’t refuse, but there has to be at least one maverick out there willing to put the truth out in front of the people.

Senator Mark Udall could have released the full torture report before leaving office. He sat on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and helped work on the 6,700 page report. Ex-Senator Mike Gravel ( who released the Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam era to the Senate ) urged him to do so but apparently he didn’t have the cajones either.


It will be quite interesting to follow how well the book “Rebuttel” written by the boys from the CIA on the matter sells, or whether it sells at all.

Watched the relatively new movie, “Camp X-Ray” recently.

While I had the feeling that scenes of torture were left on the cutting room floor, I recommend the film for all concerned with this issue.

IMO it would make for great viewing and discussion in Psychology classrooms…

Secrecy for the government, vs ‘collect it all’ for the people. Why is this do you suppose? And how do we get it to stop?

  1. It is because the government is doing some very unconstitutional things. So very big that it must keep it all secret. If people knew what they were really doing, there would be a revolution immediately.

  2. The way to get it to stop is to demand - on a large public scale - that it stop. Support the aclu and ccrjustice.org in their efforts to do this.

This one issue, secrecy by the government, if changed, would change everything. It is the key to unlock the door to the abuse of power.


Oh, and if you want to know what unconstitutional things it is doing as regards to torturing Gitmo detainees, just start looking into the black hole of targeted individuals. The brain files they ‘may’ have made off of those being tortured at Gitmo ‘may’ be being re-purposed and re-used on those targeted individuals, remotely, in there homes when they are all alone. Screaming at the tops of their lungs where no one will ever hear them - except some neighbors who have been told to be quiet, and have secret clearances.

The voice of protest…is never more needed than when the clamor of fife and drum…is bidding all men…obey in silence the tyrannous word of command.
~Charles Eliot Norton


We know what our government has been doing with wars of aggression,
with coups all over the world, with lies and disinformation –
and what the history of our government is … bombing innocents at Hiroshima
and Nagasaki with atomic bombs …

We know the many tortures of those who invaded this land to enslave the
Native American and the African – good “Christians” who followed Papal

We know the many tortures of the Inquisition which set new precedents
for torture.

What we don’t know is how we are going to regain control over our people’s
government from these fascists.

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