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No You Didn't Win, Mr. President, Not Even Close: Trump Effort to Steal Election, Sow National Chaos Is Taking Place in Broad Daylight

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/07/no-you-didnt-win-mr-president-not-even-close-trump-effort-steal-election-sow

Trump as usual points to incidents as evidence of fraud without explaining why those incidents occurred.

Just as example boarding up windows or covering them with cardboard.

First the Republicans have observers inside those buildings which they are entitled to under the law.

Under the law it it forbidden for people to take pictures of the count in progress( this varies state to state). All of those people gathering outside those buildings were taking pictures of the count through those windows. They were asked to stop several times and refused to do so . That is why that cardboard went up.

(In some states it is even illegal to take a picture of your own vote)

Trump knows this but chooses to spew lies about why it done.


Ben Tracy’s response to Trumps tweet: “This is getting weird”.

Not really, desperate times call for desperate measures, and Trump is desperate.
With Biden all but declared the winner, it’s time for Trump to decide what non-extradition country to flee to.


It would be superb if the media would call the election for Biden at 11:20 ET, 10 minutes before Trump’s “big press conference” at 11:30 ET. Still a few minutes left for that, as i post this…

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Turn out the lights this party is over! Sayonara, so long, adios, a bientot, au revoir, shalom, see you later mother f–ker!


Someone on BFD´s “team” should let the poor old demented duffer know that there are still and actually people who can count, and then explain to him what that means.


If no one caught on to the term “reality TV”,…

And in 12-24 hours my dog’s kibble turns into candy bars!

Down goes Donald! Down goes Donald!


We should not think the election is over even if the electoral count favors Biden. What we have been confronting is a right-wing attempt to seize control of the federal government by any means necessary. Trump’s constant refrain that the election is “fraudulent,” or “has been stolen,” could be setting us up for another–perhaps final–attempt to seize power. Or at least we should be on guard for further attempts to undermine constitutional democracy.

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has already revealed what the next fallback strategy might be. He echoes Trump’s accusations, but adds that if governors and state legislatures consider the election to be “unfair,” they should consider appointing their own electors to vote against their state’s election winner.

Trump’s diatribes against the election thus serve the purpose of similar lies promulgated by other dictatorial types. German and Italian fascists understood very well that if those in positions of power repeat the Big Lie long enough, it will become truth in the minds of their followers.

Trump’s lies about the elections being unfair or fraudulent are already being echoed by Senators Graham, Cruz, Fox News, and others. If that chorus grows louder, as it undoubtedly will, it is probably not just the sound of disgruntled losers. It could be one final attempt to enlist their easily persuaded followers to join them in undermining the electors who are chosen by the American people and replacing them with right-wing hacks.

We should be on guard and never underestimate Trump’s and his enabler’s willingness to undermine constitutional democracy.


Pretty sure DA Audrey Strauss, Southern District of New York
Will weigh in on his next destination


el foxie jumped Biden to 290 electoral votes.
waiting now for trump’s next step.
concede or …


Trump is unhinged. He needs to be taken out of office now.

At least I will be able to sleep more peacefully.


11:47 am eastern
trump refusing to concede. “see you in court Monday”
releases a couple paragraphs
he is on a golf course.

NBC = 273 electoral votes
MSNBC also
ABC = 273
Associated Press = 273 at 11:46 am eastern

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Looks like they announced Biden wins PA at 11:29 a.m. ET…


After Biden finishes with his let’s work together and let by-gones be by-gones, Trump will be free to continue developing his criminal enterprise without interference.


As elated as I am to see the beginning of the end for Trump, hopefully culminating in his standing before the NYState Supreme Court ( you know, the one not adulterated by the inclusion of a religious fanatic and a drunken rapist…that one) on serious charges of tax fraud and other serious offenses, I do fully understand that, while we have a right to celebrate we also have a duty to continue this fight for our true values.
I am hopeful that folks will not, as they typically do, think their duty is over because they voted. It aint!


Let’s hope so, a long, long, time coming. Let the first domino fall. The cockroaches must be all terrified of what’s coming.


It is sad to know that those “cockroaches” have been working tirelessly through wins and losses. Wish the left was doing so.


Love that “duffer”. Not even a good golfer. LOL

Here comes a two month long temper tantrum. The question is is what will drumpf and the gop destroy between now and January 20th? And somebody had better step up and stop the shredding truc from destroying evidence at the WH like dickless cheney got away with.