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No, Young People Aren’t Poor Because They’re Not Married


No, Young People Aren’t Poor Because They’re Not Married

Melissa Boteach, Anusha Ravi

In an op-ed last week, Washington Post columnist George Will deplores the culture of today’s young people, blaming their disproportionate poverty on the fact that too many don’t get a high school diploma, a good job, and a spouse before they have kids.


I watched a commentator on a business channel saying young people needed to get married,have lots of kids,and go out and buy lots of crap. A nice little trap so the people on wall street can get richer.
I think people who have more than two kids should be taxed not given a tax break. And we need to re-think our economy-----what is economic freedom-----if housing,food,water and healthcare are affordable people would have a good standard of living-we should all work to make the basics available for all-then if people want all the other crap let them have at it. SUPPORT THE COMMONS!


I think younger generations cannot see themselves being economically comfortable even after they get married to someone with similar (or sometimes much higher) income. The prospect of living with someone who may not share your financial rhythm, or may abuse your financial abilities, is so much scarier than having someone there for the good old hokey pokey (and other small joys of life) on a permanent basis.

Let us completely ignore the fact that the prospect of ending up in a highly dysfunctional court system has absolutely nothing to do with the younger generations going their own way.


George Will is dead wrong about virtually everything, except his statement about the Trump "presidency":
"We've been had." Tasteful, George. Tasteful and true.


George Will is totally out-of-touch with life in working-class America today!


I'm glad to see an article actually sympathetic to the working class, rather than making fun of them.


An added detriment for all workers, especially younger workers is that each passing year finds a higher percentage of "family wage" jobs in high cost towns and cities, so even many of the folks that do have good paying jobs spend a heap of dough just to live near where the jobs are.

For at least the past decade many of the young workers in my workplace have no intention of EVER getting married. Some even intentionally have children with a partner whom they never intend to marry.


The real reason they are poor is because they don't put in the same effort per hour as Bill Gates who clearly works billions of times harder in each hour than other people. He's really superman in software. He knows how to use those hours unlike us poor folk who only know how many jobs we have to have to get a simple meal, or health care or ....
(yes, I'm snarking a bit, no one works that much harder or better than anyone else and no one "earns" so much money as opposed to those who earn a lot more than they get from working so much harder)
The real, real reason is that "they have a club and you're not in it" as George Carlin said. The supposed rules of hard work, saving, etecetera only seem to work for a while. The real rules are about connections and in particular closed-off connections (their club).


George Will is and always has been out of touch. He is too in love with his self-seeming cleverness and facility with words to see that his cleverness is really just a distraction which keeps him in the wrong.


Look up his essay where he crafts the whole thing just to use the word "anti-disestablishmentarianism." It's precious.


Mr. $100K College Debt, do you take Ms. $100K College Debt, from this day forward...to...WHAT?


It's thinking like that, become parents and consume until the cows come home that gets folks in trouble. Education these days,(high school, some college) doesn't assure a better standard of living in these trying times. I stayed single my whole life so I could live on my modest cook's wages. Something these days that, most likely, isn't possible anymore.


George Will is a crotchety old disillusioned conservative that has not a clue how hard it is for working folks just to get by and survive. They think having a job guarantees a reasonable standard of living. With the neoliberal economics firmly entrenched all we get is more austerity and a harder time just to make it. Most folks are one or two paychecks away from disaster. Wake the f*** up George and see all the suffering now being proposed by the new administration. We can only hope to get a semblance of dignity by keeping the meager standards in place, certainly not cutting them. Oh yeah, they added another $50+ billion to the insane military budget. It's truly gone mad.


George Will is deplorable, if I may borrow that characterization from the Queen of Darkness's "basket of deplorables". Also both the NYT and the WP, although one occasionally gets reasonable reportage from those news papers, regurgitate barrels full of garbage. I have traveled about the world and the only US newspapers among all the others I think worthy to be called a "newspaper" in these times (Sargent Friday used to say, "the facts mam', just the facts") is the Newark Star Ledger. There are a few others out there.


The reason why more Americans are poor now is trickle-down politics.
It is unjust that the economy is run so that many people can't earn
enough to live a decent life outside precarity. And marriage is not a
guarantee of a stable and calm relationship (especially if you're

However, as long as atmospheric CO2 and the human population keep
rising, they will generate more poverty than we can cure. Even the
best social safety net can't hold against a disaster that is bigger
than all of us.

Thus, George Will has shown us one valid point (though perhaps not the
one he intended): if you can't make enough money to support children
out of poverty, you have a responsibility to avoid making children
that will be raised in poverty. That can be done using birth control
and/or abortions, or celibacy if you prefer (but there is no reason to
insist anyone use that method). Those of us who are not poor have a
responsibility to provide the birth control, and abortions when the
birth control fails.

Saying this does not mean blaming the poor for the situation we are
all in. They didn't impose the policies that push us towards
disaster. The Koch brothers and their Republican denialists did that.
But we must all help reduce the disaster.

Each child avoided will help reduce the disaster.