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NOAA Issues 'Jaw-Dropping' Assessment on 'Unprecedented' Arctic Warming

NOAA Issues 'Jaw-Dropping' Assessment on 'Unprecedented' Arctic Warming

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

If President-elect Donald Trump's appointments of a "band of climate conspiracy theorists" weren't already stoking fears for the ever-warming planet, the latest Arctic Report Card from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) may well provide the ignition.

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It appears that we are toast and the proposed Trump administration is turning up the heat to make us burnt toast.


Its all a Chinese and environmental leftist plot! There’s no proof to show MMGW is real, or will have any real consequences, and we have the experts and scientists (same as refuted tobacco cancer links/causation) to prove it!
Drill baby, drill! Gotta make those private profits before the world wakes-up! Even if we continue to destroy the planet, wildlife, and clean air and water, Jesus will come-back and fix it all…right?


The destruction of our current climate here on Gaia has gone beyond the point of no return, as this article clearly demonstrates. There is nothing Trump, or anyone else on this planet, can now do to stop our near term extinction as Gaia reconfigures to a vastly different stabilized climate in an incredibly accelerated manner.

Just relax and be kind to everybody you meet, try to help others, and reach your personal spot of inner peace.


With cigarettes most people choose not to smoke instead of demanding a "cleaner"cigarette from those that produce them, if they believe in and care about it causeing cancer.
With climate change, those that believe in it still choose to buy oil and gas, live in climate controllled buildings, buy food and products made/grown with and shipped with oil and gas, use transprtaion and other utilities that rely on oil and gas, while hoping they someday those that make it are able to make it all “cleaner”.


Some truth this one speaks, much pessimism too, another copout i hear like blaming “them” we have no power? If most said no to all our essential non essentials(mark twain) we could still save much…

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Recognizing reality is not pessimistic. Near term extinction is simply a reality once the ‘point of no return’ has been breached, not a paranoid or pessimistic psychological reaction. Deal with it, Farmer…


I am truly concerned that global warming is entering an exponential phase, and the timeframe given by the scientific community is far too cautious. The graph in the article shows a worrying turn in that direction.


Our fate was sealed in 2007 when we passed the ‘point of no return’. Civilization is to blame, not individuals, and especially not individual politicians. The blame rests with all of us, including you and me. Period.

See my reply to Farmer.


You present the argument designed to make hypocrites out of anyone who at least recognizes, or actually is working toward a cleaner energy future, if that future is indeed possible at this point.

Your argument is bunk.

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As an inventor I say that we can turn this massive Arctic warming and methane release around somewhat.

  1. We need to pull heat out of the top 100 feet of the Arctic Ocean in order to grow the Arctic Ocean’s ice pack back to its normal 14 foot thickness. Thermal loops can do the job.

  2. We need wind-powered snowmaking machinery on the tundra and on Greenland’s ice sheet to restore the Arctic’s white albedo.

Now I turn to look at Washington, DC.

Um. I just changed my mind. Our human civilization is going to have quite a bit of starvation in the next century, and there really isn’t anything we can do about it. Pharaoh won’t act until after his own firstborn son is killed by an act of God. Well, Pharaoh is going to have himself a deal.


Now that the polar vortex is meandering further and further south (and warmer air replacing it), and much more often, because of the weakening of jet streams resultant from AGW, outright deniers or the willfully ignorant have yet another stupid refrain…

“I wonder if Al Gore is noticing record breaking Arctic cold air all the way down to Florida, yeah right, Global Warming”

And other such clucking nonsense.


"With climate change, those that believe in it still choose to buy oil
and gas, live in climate controllled buildings, buy food and products
made/grown with and shipped with oil and gas, use transprtaion and other utilities that rely on oil and gas, while hoping they someday those that make it are able to make it all “cleaner”

Your argument as stated (if it is to be a an argumentative (rhetoric) is an ad hominem fallacy, even though as an observation it may be true, but painting with an extremely broad brush.

Without massive representation and agreement with TPTB, it is highly ineffective to point the finger at consumerism. How many people can afford an electric car? How many households have 20-30K for solar panels on rooftop? (if they even own the roof). What about the poor masses? What about people who are prevented solar/wind/hydro by HOA rules or water regulations? or do not even live in a home? Where does this battle of individual will toward renewable energy take place?

If the general public is not heavily aided at the federal level, individual choice becomes almost irrelevant.

This is how Germany did it, and we are 25 years behind them.

Meanwhile, our leaders are living in the dark age of non-climate science.


Not quite sure how to integrate all of these losses into the psyche and still function with any measure of joy.

It is getting more difficult as each day reveals more horrific details regarding the human caused destruction of life on earth.

It’s not possible (for me) anymore to take brief escapes into temporary denial-----the seasons as we knew them are gone. All balance has been disrupted. When outside or even looking out a window, if you have any senses that are functioning you can feel/smell/hear/see the level of ecosystem collapse that is everywhere apparent.

Being in the “natural world” offers no solace anymore---- for it is tragic.

The weather in Wisconsin right now is beyond bizarre. It feels like we are in exponential environmental collapse. Will anyone let us know if we are? (i.e. if the clathrate gun has officially fired).
Not that it will make a difference . . . .


This past election was a choice about our future and too many Americans made the wrong choice. Our friends and neighbors who voted for Trump and millions of Americans we don’t know are to blame. The choice could not have been clearer. One candidate was absurdly claiming climate change was a hoax started by the Chinese and the other candidate claimed to believe in science and had policies for a green energy future. So which candidate should you choose? One is saying things that could lead to the destruction of civilization due to climate change and the other is saying things that might give us a chance of avoiding catastrophic climate. The choice certainly seems easy but too many people got it wrong. Sorry, no reset button.

"“persistent warming” is driving “extensive changes” to the region.

No no no. It is a plot by Putin to unleash weather-war on the USA. Putin is doing it by devious means. Haven’t the Russians been doing unfathomable things in the Laptev Sea for many years now ?

Beware of Clintons bearing gifts. Quite frankly, you lot over there completely stuffed your chances of a sane future when both Clinton and Trump were nominated as POTUS candidates. It is clear from this year’s event that your electoral system is based on hysteria and is also corrupted by donors and also by built-in biases.


The meaning of ad hominem is OFF TOPIC. My comment was exactly the topic. Buying what is destroying.
The meaning of rhetoric is inform, persuade or motivate particular audiences in specific situations. Skill in art of language.
Thanks for the compliment.
Arguemntative ? No, stating facts. You purposed an arguement AND used adhomenum attacks, you sir or madam Attacked the messenger.
Your example given is weak and misleading.
Germany spend over 200 billion dollars over 15 years, employed 400,000 people a massive investment for even a rich socialist county to make to achieve12.5 % renewable energy, 12.5%. One country. The leading country.
The money probobaly came from interest on debt from poor countries cutting basic services.

The arguement is that we, us almost all of us are unwilling to give up on the luxuries yes luxuries of electricity, climate controled (haha) built environment, huge supermarkets full of every imaginable type of food trucked and flown innfrom mainly indentured servants around the world. and fast mobilty to mostly buy stuff we dont need anyway.


What’s your evidence for the claim of being beyond TPONR?

I, too, hope the young of today may be able to turn this around. As to “sorry for” I am sorry for the youth of today who are inheriting the mess we the elders have left them. We are leaving them with a big bag of lemons and I hope they will be able to turn it into lemonade before it all rots.

  • Love, hugs and prayers to all!
    ;-}) and Mrs. ;-})
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