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NOAA Research Shows Climate Crisis Primary Cause of 98% of Dead Florida Coral Reef

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/18/noaa-research-shows-climate-crisis-primary-cause-98-dead-florida-coral-reef


Our “economic” system is predicated upon burning as much as we can as fast as we can. Period. From Rockefeller on down that was the goal. Only periods of sane regulation tempered the beast, but the beast always clawed away the chains of restraint. As the masses lost themselves to the distractions of consumerism, the beast ate more and more of Nature. I know what Emerson would think of this, as he had basically had enough back in the nineteenth century, but hyper-financialized capitalism is the beast that must be slaughtered.


Science must take prevalence in government if the Human race is to survive.


Well said. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay compensation, is apt today. One of my friends is a Captain of a NOAA research vessel and he would corroborate this article.

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Beyond all the crises and troubles we focus on, what’s happening in the background is the worst of all: anthropogenic mass extinction.
There are billions too many humans on this planet, and regardless of what economic, social, and technological systems are used, our culture and each human is fueled by plundering the biosphere and killing billions of innocent animals, as well as native ecosystems and flora.
There’s no way to get out of this, and 98% of life on earth will be dead by the end of this century.
We are the gods of this planet, and like the gods we created, we’re relentlessly destructive and crazy.


I only question your time frame - it is perhaps too optimistic to expect civilization and/or life as we know it to last for another 80 years.


Desire we’re told is the cause of suffering. Capitalism aka materialism is a system based on desire and accumulation. It’s a system that is insatiable and like a chain letter is unsustainable. Additionally, far too many people, the ones that subscribe to capitalism, simply don’t see the connection between themselves and the environment. And that is a fatal flaw for everyone and to all living systems. Just ask the coral.


I agree with you. It’s hard to find scientists willing to admit how quickly the extinction event will culminate. We notice they feigned “surprise” that climate change warming is happening way faster than they told us it would.
I believe scientists are humans, and thus engage in feel-good denialism and false optimism inside themselves so they don’t feel too much despair, and then they spread that as propaganda.
The two Endgame books by Derrick Jensen remain the most honest and sobering view of our near future.
Most likely, by 2050, this planet will be a dying husk floating in space, and humans will be living underground, in domed bubbles, in space, etc., mourning the loss of Nature, beauty, blue skies, butterflies et al.
All the other majestic life forms who evolved here with us, except for ones we preserve as pets and to kill for flesh-eaters, along with resilient species such as weevils, will be dead.

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Sadly a lot of people will consider this as another hoax.

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Yes, “democracy” is doing a thorough job of dying in broad daylight.

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Maybe we are desiring the wrong thing as in materialism. Bound to cloud our judgment.It is becoming easier to envision a total collapse, the eco-systems and our life ways.


Scientists often focus on only a small portion of the big picture. That is a major flaw in their thinking. And that is why they find themselves constantly behind and underestimating the speed at which this calamity is unfolding.

" Synergistic effects (biology definition): the effects when chemical substances or biological structures interact resulting in an overall effect that is greater than the sum of individual effects of any of them. Etymology: from Greek “synergos”, meaning “working together”. Compare: antagonistic effect . "


Yet another example of how screwed we are as a species and how we are taking everything else down with us.


The world should react with the same urgency to climate change as to the coronavirus crisis, the Red Cross said Tuesday, warning that global warming poses a greater threat than COVID-19.

All the buzz is "the vaccine, the vaccine, the vaccine!* 95% effective! Woo hooo!
“We must get covid under control!”

What will be effective in keeping a habitable planet? (answer I fear is: nothing at this point)
How will we get ocean acidification, co2 emissions, species extinction etc. etc under control?

It’s always about f–ing humans.

I’m not against the vaccine but I am against the fact that we have an even greater threat that is not being addressed in the same way that a virus that infects humans and slows down their economy etc. etc. etc. is being addressed.

Where is the extinction-of-life-on-earth task force?
As if that would help . . . . :frowning:

This is maddening -----which ties into Jonathan Cook’s excellent article posted in CD’s today.


Next, I expect all of the forests to die.

The problem is, in a few decades every tree on the planet will most likely be in a different hardiness zone and a different moisture zone. Worse, the temperature and moisture changes are having an impact on insects and diseases. Whole sections of forest have been turned into dead white vertical sticks by uncontrolled insect infestations. More often, heavy tree casualties lead to megafires, taking even the fire-resistant trees away.

I can’t see many cases on earth where the rooted tree will still be in its favorite hardiness and moisture zones. Exception: coconuts can float and take root thousands of miles away from their parent trees.

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Though under reported, that is certainly true in Alaska where I own 155 acres of mostly forested land. I fly a lot and I can tell you there are literally millions of acres of forested land dying from beetle infestation.

Not just humans PB.

I used to dive on that reef back around 1970. It was beautiful and very much alive. If you have a chance to see the John Pennekamp Marine Park sometime, I wonder if it’s still there. Don’t miss it.

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Gotterdammerung (“Twilight of the gods”); only 2050, not the end of the century.