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NOAA's Finding That Last Month Was Hottest June Ever Recorded Bolsters Calls for Radical Climate Action

NOAA’s Finding That Last Month Was Hottest June Ever Recorded Bolsters Calls for Radical Climate Action… AGAIN!

@SkepticTank Yep, We’re Screwed


Near Term Human Extinction by mid-century. Humans are a virus to this planet and the planet will kill the virus in order to (hopefully) ultimately heal itself.


Many people in the US still think that the other capitalist party will fix climate change with more capitalism.


Pretty sure you misquoted me. But unlike the climate, that’s cool.

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The time to change our ways is long past. When large groups of homo sap declared they were not part of Earth and All Our Relations, and that they had the right to take, and take, and take…without giving…that was when we were doomed to extinction. Perhaps, if our children en masse realize they are part of a huge whole, and decide that constant consumption is not a path to happiness, some may survive. We’re facing huge forces that are basically sociopathic. Giving up private cars, giving up urban sprawl, giving up war…won’t happen. See you on the other side of the Sixth Great Extinction.


Humans pump CO2 into the atmosphere at a steadily-accellerating rate,doubling every 40 years, so the greenhouse forcing, and Earth’s energy imbalance, double every 40 years just as steadily. The reason the surface temperature anomaly goes up unsteadily is because more or less of that extra heat (around 90% of it) dives into the ocean every year. From there, tracking where the heat went gets hela complicated: ocean currents are stratified by temperature and salinity in wonderful ways – and some deep ocean currents cycle for centuries. If we were able to accurately measure the whole Earth’s temperature, including deep ocean, then every month would be a new record. The temperature increase, along with its accelleration, is inexorable (so long as CO2 pollution continues).

But the heat we drop off in the ocean doesn’t just stay there. It keeps welling up, as ocean waters do, with inconvenient consequences such as destroying the ice cap PDQ. 2019’s melt season, up there in the neglected Arctic, is turning into a real monster.


How shall we carry this critical information to our leadership? They are busy playing games, name-calling, teasing threats and insisting that they are powerless.

If only we had elections that were not controlled by the DNC / RNC. Where is it written? It’s as if we are rendered powerless into the status quo.

We need a Constitutional intervention on the system, it seems rigged for all the wrong things.

SIDE NOTE: take time every day to enjoy the spiral down.

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Humans - driven to extinction.

I know a couple deniers and every time a report like this comes out or there’s some crazy climatic event, they babble about sun spots, the Medieval “warming period”, Al Gore’s Hockey Stick, ad nauseam … anything but admit that maybe there’s something to this global warming thing. When otherwise reasonable, intelligent beings act like that, I know we are fucked.

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If the planet can recover from country sized meteors it can recover from a plague of arrogant apes.


I feel this interview is appropriate. She does an amazing job of explaining the sheer severity of the issue. I don’t know how people like her can continue fighting when they hear such depressing things as “no arctic ice by 2021”, and these being from scientist’s finding which tend to be conservative as to not raise panic.

In any case I appreciate that she is at least trying. As for me when I see this video and see all the political muck that is happening right now all I can think of is: Buh bye humanity, we will not be missed.

Try thinking of it in terms of the stages of grieving. The loss of the planet is anticipated, but it is the loss of a “way of life” that is being grieved for. We’re still in the denial stage because the propaganda has been saturating for centuries. Question being busting through it. Keep adding to the counter - never give up - seek the healthy tipping point. All is not lost. Become an active contributor and encourage other to do so as well.

You are showing impressive signs of an unabashed optimist. Unfortunately the science facts are rather impressively disputing that concept and are lining right up like dominos in the cynical realist category and falline one by one. Some of us have gone way past the denial stage…to stark terror stage and then the WTF stage. After that it’s a matter of realizing that we are NOT in control. Those that could possibly, and I use that term conservatively, do anything to mitigate the ongoing and coming catastrophic disaster avalanching down on our heads are not going to change a single income-producing behavior. They would prefer to die rich knowing…I don’t know what. I cannot put my mind in such a deep dark rant place to imagine what those people are actually thinking.

We just aren’t an intelligent species. We are clever, no doubt about it. But just about everything that make us proud of our advancements has been just freaking awful for continued life on this planet. For all species! Inventing religions is right up there with the bad industrial behavior because it divorced us from who and what we really are, evolving primates.

Wait until there aren’t anyone able to shut down the 500 nuclear reactors around the world because the engineers are out fighting in the food and water riots of 123’F weather so they might be able to keep their dying kids alive another day. About then is when a crimp in the optimists will really be apparent I’d think!



probably just as well. this species is unfit for survival. to easy to manipulate by its worst.

earth will survive us. she will replace us. and the planet will be the better for it.

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Interesting point about the nuclear power plants. If you remember the book “the world without us” (and it’s accompanying tv specials) they imagined an earth where humans suddenly disappeared. They did not however address what exactly would happen to the hundreds of nuclear power plants and other institutions and naval vessels that have reactors. The meltdowns would be spectacular, and most likely leave large swaths of the earth uninhabitable for any living thing.
But hey, meltdowns may only prove to be the icing on our already over cooked cake.

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The day that they cart an emphysema victim in is a good day for the doctor to discuss quitting smoking with that victim. “Quit now and you can manage your disease, somewhat. Don’t quit and you’ll be managing a much worse disease.”

Today, Friday, should be a great day for writing congresspeople about climate change. Our town is looking at a heat and humidity index of 110 degrees F. tomorrow. Washington, D.C. should hit 111. It’s not going to be a great weekend (in the Northeast) for outdoor activities.

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I have that book and the author Alan Weisman anticipates “if everyone on earth disappeared, 441 nuclear plants, several with multiple reactors, would briefly run on autopilot until, one by one, they overheated. As refueling schedules are usually staggered so that some reactors generate while others are down, possibly half would burn and the rest would melt. Either way, the spilling of radioactivity into the air, and into nearby bodies of water, would be formidable and it would last, in the case of enriched uranium, into geologic time”.

But hey, there’s a fiesta going on this weekend.

A friend of mine is a Captain of a NOAA vessel and he would agree with you.

Thanks for this. I’m there, but was hanging on to some remnants of thinking that if enough people could get together and fight for the change we need, MAYBE we could do something positive to ward off the worst of the climate chaos that is already happening. But now, with no hope that any positive change will EVER come through our misrepresentatives at the state or federal level, it’s time to make adjustments of what the hell we should be doing now.

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Well, this really sucks. I had really hoped that a few representatives of a couple of species might survive this man made cluster fuck. But NOooooo…Billions of years blown to hell, The re-evolution of this mud ball will have to start from scratch all over again. Hopefully no living thing ever again evolves with opposable thumbs and an oversized brain cage.

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