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Noam Chomsky: Edward Snowden a True Patriot Who Should be Honored


Noam Chomsky: Edward Snowden a True Patriot Who Should be Honored

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Noam Chomsky said that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is a true patriot who revealed vast surveillance programs that have nothing to do with combating terrorism.

The noted intellectual made the comment in an extended interview with Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman which aired Tuesday.


I suppose he is a patriot, a rather naïve thing to which one might aspire, in the light of the nearly universal legislative and executive resistance to the very constitution he prizes.
Nothing appears to have reached successfully the US Supreme Court, which itself has denied the letter, and worse, the spirit of that constitution.
The national design, through that constitution, was intended to accommodate technological and social improvement, but since even the amendments made to assure former slaves of equality in citizenship were corrupted by both previous and present Courts, I am not sure if the nation Snowden imagines, has ever existed. After a bout in which some laws imprisoned me, even though the constitution is abundantly clear on “no involuntary servitude” , I have lived disabused of fictions about nations.

Until a sufficient majority (and I am not at all sure that a mere majority is sufficient, in the light of unending violence done to the ideals of representative democracy, when clear majorities, ethical voices, and most who seek justice and mercy within and among this nation or any other, have attempted to voice their views) exists to actually CREATE an ethical, just nation, all the institutional murderers (you know who you are, whether giving or taking orders) live a lie.

Snowden, while some kind of voice in the wilderness, is not comprehended. I believe in the most generous of his ideals, but who of the elected servants, have heard?


rewqski wrote:

'Patriots do not hide in the country which considers US its enemy, while being a dictatorship with total surveillance and almost zero free speech!

‘What joke!’

In light of the US quest for world dominance, EVERY nation should feel that the US is its enemy. The US wrote the book on total surveillance.


I don’t think Snowden had very much control over where he was when the US canceled his passport. He was in route to South America and got stranded in Russia at the airport.


The best interview!

Live long and prosper Noam Chomsky!


Isn’t it sad that the US put this patriot into such a bad situation?


I see that our troll is back.

The best thing that we can do with this unfortunate soul is to ignore him. He will try to be as provocative as possible; please don’t take the bait.



“. . . it’s not that the U.S. is trying to generate terror. It’s simply that it doesn’t care,” Chomsky said.

This is a surprisingly conciliatory note from ol’ Noam.

In truth, the US does care. By encouraging terrorism throughout the globe, the MIC creates an unending market for its deathwares.



Spoken like a true commissar. Snowden’s revelations were directed to the population of the US. If the US is the bastion of freedom that it’s public relations machine constantly states, why would Snowden have to ‘hide’? It says something that Snowden has more security in a country, ‘despite’ that country’s draconian hold on its population and oppositions. Would a Russian Snowden be accepted in the US? Why not? But would he even have the freedom to leave? What do you think, commissar rewqski?


Russia is, at most, a geopolitical adversary, NOT an enemy. They’re not the same thing!


Simple question who is worse in control of its citizenry US or Russia?

That simple question was once simple to answer. Now it is not:-

  • the USA has absolutely shocking incarceration rates - the worst rates of any country.
  • The USA can execute its citizens without trial
  • The USA sends its citizens around the globe to be tortured.
  • The USA abuses its whistleblowers, rather than publicly thanking them. They wont even give them a fair trial. The powers that be in the USA prefer to let its corruption fester rather than permitting the disinfectant of public exposure.
  • USA police seem to be able to kill people with impunity.
  • The USA has a very loud charade of democracy, but it is more of a democracy of money than it is a democracy of people.

The USA has still many good points. One is that the USA is tolerant of dissent on the internet. Given the accelerating slide into despotism, I dont know how long that will last.

But here is the point. While heroes like Edward Snowden are doing their best to lift the USA, there are some like yourself that want to stifle dissent, keeping the corruption covered up and pretending that nothing is wrong. This wrong behavior will allow the USA to continue its slide down into the dark hole of despotism. If the likes of you have their way, Russia will soon be a much better to live in than the USA.


Russia is only an enemy in the small minds of bought and paid for US government officials and their handlers- the ‘defense’ industry. The U.S. Canceled his passport. Apparently you have no idea what that means. You have a lot of unlearning and relearning proper facts and history to do if you think somehow that Russia is the ‘bad guy’ here. Snowden is clearly a heroic individual and this family thanks him for his serivces and his sacrifices. People like you are the ones propping up our kleptocratic oligarchy.


Great post. I agree with everything you stated.


The U.S. IS out to get Russia. We have repeatedly violated the agreement with Gorbachev to not expand NATO. We are not only taking that illegal action but we are doing it in Ukraine which has virtually always, in recorded history, been a voluntary vassal state of Russia and populated by a large percentage of Russians. In fact Kyiv was the capital of the Russian empire until it was moved to Moscow as a more defensible location.
You seem to be supremely unfamiliar with laws in the US. No one’s passport is EVER invalidated because they are accused of a crime. He did not flee to Moscow either. He felt unsafe in Hong Kong and was transiting through Moscow on his way to a nation in South America when they canceled his passport rendering him unable to get on a flight. And whistleblowers to illegal actions by your government is, under US law, a protected class.
And please tell the class how you are so very familiar with Russian surveillance policies. I highly doubt you know anything about it one way or the other.
Mr Snowden is an American hero. Period. End of story. You’re a tiny minded person who cannot even manage to get a few basic bits of easily obtainable information straight.


You spent a lot of time posting complete fabrications and fantasy. I guess you have more time for nonsense than I do. Good luck with your willful ignorance of facts. And maybe reduce your meds - perhaps you will be able to think more clearly and differentiate the two…