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Noam Chomsky Predicted the Rise of Trump Six Years Ago


Noam Chomsky Predicted the Rise of Trump Six Years Ago

Jake Johnson

In an interview with Chris Hedges in 2010, Noam Chomsky, the world-renowned linguist and dissident intellectual, remarked that he has "never seen anything like this."

By this, he meant the state of American society, relative to the time in which he was raised — the Depression years — and to the tumultuous state of Europe during that same period.


As far back as 2003, James Howard Kunstler and others were predicting the same thing as Chomsky and it has been a fear I shared with them. Many of us have watched our descent to our current predicament over the last 35 or forty years with alarm and disbelief. But oddly enough, now that Trump is upon us I actual find myself fearing and disliking Hillary Clinton even more. Trump is too obviously an idiot and megalomaniac. I think true evil will present itself in a much more palatable and benign package. I expect to get a lot of blow back from expressing these thoughts (I certainly do in everyday discourse) but nevertheless, there it is. I just can't ever get myself to vote for HRC because of fear of Trump. And, of course, I would never vote for Trump. What a disheartening and disgusting "choice".


Trump would be another Reagan, delegator in chief. Lacking a real political base, Trump would have to reach out to party apparatchiks who would help him drive the country further in treasure for few and dystopia for most. The Republican establishment may be using Trump as a Trojan horse, feigning indignation before the public while plotting their return.


My feelings are identical. I fear Trump, but I honestly fear Clinton even more. The reason I fear Clinton more is that she guarantees that nothing will change where as Trump may actually fight back a tad. Neither one will advance the needs of the 99%, but perhaps Trump will resist the temptation to bomb innocents around the world a little bit less than HRC. As you said... "What a disheartening and disgusting choice".




Now, now Siouxrose, no reason to start hurling insults at one another. Wicklund is merely expressing a feeling many Progressives have discussed in which Trump's rise may very well galvanize the 'sleeping' Progressives to rally around Sanders or any other Progressive candidate by accentuating the demise of both mainstream parties. No one here at CD is giving up on Sanders or his revolution, but we all realize that Trump has garnered the focus of millions of people who might otherwise remain apolitical. If Trump does become our next President, I suspect that the revolution will turn its attention to Congress (whose importance has long been overlooked by the general populace) which in turn could be an even greater accomplishment if by some political miracle we were able to collectively jettison every corporate sycophant in the process. If the cleansing of Congress were to occur, that would actually be a bigger revolution than electing Sanders as President IMO.


SR: The man isn't Hitler. He's not a Klan leader. What do you suggest, SR? Clinton, the sociopath, the purveyor of all things violent and corrupt (plus you get her husband! Yippee!)? Sanders? Great, but he's gonna lose and he'll have zero leverage after the Kabuki Theatre plays out in Philly. Consult with the heavens? Wait for universal karma to fix it? What? Who? Where?


What happens after Sanders, SR? He's not going to be the nominee? HRC? No? Then just who? Jill whats-her-name?


In the 1960s there was George Wallace. In the 1990s there was Ross Perot. Now there is Donald Trump. Wallace actually won five states as an independent. Perot actually won about 20% of the vote. As the nominee of the Republican Party Trump is likely to do much better. If he can win one or two of the usual blue states or Florida he could defeat Clinton. The US could go over the proverbial cliff.


Was a Trump presidency predicted on "The Simpsons"?


Kunstler indeed did. (thanks for the reminder. I must go back to reading his work).

It's a sad situation. Helluva choice. There is only the Warmonger vs the Unknown. I'll be forced to go with unknown.


Well said.


I've wondered, after being basically booted from the democrat party during the convention, what Sander's best course of action would be should he be convinced to soldier on: run as the Green Party candidate (would he be on every state ballot and what would Jill Stein do?), run as an independent (again, would he have time to get on every state ballot?), or run (or not run) as a write-in candidate.


You two creeps present a perfect example as to why I challenge the WE frame.

What part of solidarity is it that:

  1. MOCKS (as in zero empathy for) the Black Lives Matter movement?
  2. Thinks a wall should be put up to keep out Mexican "rapists"?
  3. Sees Islam as the enemy?
  4. Views women as objects without freedom to determine the rights of determination over their own bodies (as in reproduction)

Trump speaks in the IDIOM of the white male. As if ONLY white males matter. That's why there are quite a few white males in this forum who push Trump. And some of you do this by suggesting that it's the only choice given the comparative evil of Hillary or Democrats, in general.

Your idea of the "only if we" work together is WE --as in white males.

This is the demographic that's run the world... to ruin.

So guess what, it's time for OTHER. And that means a truly diverse society.

Trump does not represent that.

And you fools obviously see no problem with a billionaire running things. You, who speak of Socialism and Unions and Solidarity.

And you clowns have ZERO understanding as per global warming.

Do you think Trump and his Republican supporters give a shit about THAT?

And why are you here... why don't YOU have jobs. You sound like a bunch of 25 year old kids in UNIFORM. White boys... who are paid to push this Agenda.


You know damned well that this EARTH does not have 4 more years to allot to climate-change denial ding dongs at the wheel.

And as for the quote above, I just read the 166 comments on the thread where a majority bash Elizabeth Warren. PLENTY of the comments openly support Trump, and quite a few more do so by defining Hillary as the greatest evil.

Insults are apropos when those who pretend that it's just a political posture identify with an individual who has cast major scorn upon people who are not white males.

Wicklund, wereflea, michael and the rest of the little military clone-boys all sound alike. I am TIRED of the dishonesty that allows a team of fools to use many screen names to push their opinions.

Like all of the other unfair metrics shown in this pre-election run-up, this is another disgusting use of false messaging.


What do I suggest? Vote for Sanders.

And if the elites force the envelope by ONLY offering Clinton or Trump, then write in someone--i.e. Sanders or vote for Jill Stein.

During Occupy Wall Street, there was an item known as "privilege check." Understanding the primacy so long allotted to white males, it was women and people of color who got to use the mic check first.

You boys are LONG overdue for a serious privilege check.

Your choice--in Trump--is a choice AGAINST Blacks, Latinos, Muslims and women's rights.

It's such transparent egotism.

And while I hate Hillary Clinton's policies--which are a carry over of YOUR boy Bush's,--the hatred of the woman is definitely infused with tons of raw sexism. And it's disgusting.


The article expects the reader to have a modicum of historical knowledge... which obviously you, who bleats at the sheep (not recognizing himself to BE one), do not.

Hitler filled a gap that drew in the angry workers...

Germany's defeat in World War I was a massive wound to the pride of a very proud People.

The financial fallout from the war's outcome was devastating and left many skilled workers without a means to feed their families.

Anger was rampant.

Anger is a powerful energy when it's shared by millions of people, and Hitler knew how to speak to that anger and channel it.

The use of a scapegoat is a formidable application of that raw collective fuel.

Trump has explored using Muslims and Mexicans as his preferred scapegoat populations.

Hitler's brown shirts didn't start out with massive murders.

Trump's rallies are creating the beginning stages of tolerance for thugs beating on those groups targeted as "less than," and/or the reason for America's "not great now" problems.

Hitler was seen as a nobody initially.

I've mentioned this before. I recently did an astrological study on serial killers and the sign that showed up highest was GEMINI. That's the sign of Kissinger, Bush, sr. and Trump.

There is a Divine Order to the Zodiac's 12-sign evolution and it begins with Aries--the me first sign of self interest and self-defense. That's also the sign of war.

It moves next to Taurus, where the individual must plant himself or herself and ground their interests in order to support their material needs (like food and shelter).

Gemini comes next as the originator of language, the articulation channel of ideas, the deal maker.

Cancer, introducing the WATER element which is the source of FEELINGS (starting with empathy) comes next.

In other words, Gemini represents the state of being which is divorced from feelings of empathy because they are not yet within the experience of the individual.

Obviously, not all serial killers are Gemini (or Aries), nor are all Gemini natives prone to killing. But the missing empathy qualifies statistically as a factor.

Trump would not feel the pain his policies would cast upon others.


I guess there's more funding during election season so that in ONE thread I--as an HONEST, actual poster--have to duel with Wicklund, Michael, andrew boston, and Space Cadet (who gets some things right some of the time).

Your little cabal can turn me into the "rude" outsider for not marching lockstep with your military kinder, gentler marching orders... in the way of securing a message perimeter.

Then you call me "Susan" which is so patronizing.

How about I call you "Dick"?

Is this you, Kem Patrick? That person liked to call me Susan?

All the name changers. I may have been intellectually dueling with the same 20 people for the last 9 years... only each of them has used anywhere from 5-15 alternative screen names.

I have a file of my own. Just as people have finger prints and writing experts can identify whose script signed a document, word patterns function in the same way.

More than 20 screen names make the same mistake with names and I think it's the SAME poster.

One day, when transparency replaces this surveillance crap, I will have a body of EVIDENCE through which to expose you cowards.


" Hitler filled a gap that drew in angry workers."

Boy! Does that ever sound familiar!

One thing that is left out a lot in the Nazi Germany narrative, is that one reason the German people embraced Hitler is he brought Germany out of a depression and many angry workers were given full employment in munitions factories, ( sound familiar) and in fact, in the late 1930's Nazi Germany was " MADE GREAT AGAIN" and had a very high standard of living.


Prescient, to say the least Mr. Chomsky!
But I would hope this quote by Chomsky is not prescient!

" To have somebody who's kind of a wild man with his finger on the button that could destroy the world or make decisions with enormous influence is an extremely frightening prospect."