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Nobel Hypocrisy as Marxists Excluded from Prestigious Peace Prize


Nobel Hypocrisy as Marxists Excluded from Prestigious Peace Prize

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The announcement that FARC rebels were excluded from the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Friday was met with some shock and outrage by observers who argued it was a "cowardly" move on the part of the committee.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the prize to the conservative president for his efforts "to bring the country's more than 50-year-long civil war to an end."


Awarding the Peace Prize in this way makes sense.
Sure it short-changes the Left, but so what?
The guy that needs the help here is President Juan Santos.
He needs all the help he can get in trying to beat back the fascist forces in Columbia in order to secure the peace.
This prize will increase his personal credibility and popularity. Hopefully allowing him the room he needs to crush the Right in Columbia and end their obstructionism.


Give me one example in its long history that it has not been used as a political tool? Which peacemaker was that?


This is the same organization which gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize for absolutely no good reason. Enough said?


agree with above comments. The Obama award did it for me. what a bunch of old world hypocrites. still living in the age of imperialist notions that white men know best.


daddy can baby have a nobel pp, pretty please?
A nobel pp is to encouragement of just peace, as a grenade is to whipped cream.


Anything but prerstigious!


Peace Prizes adorn many a bloody mantel


Just like the Time "Man of the Year" covers.


You have to understand the problem faced by the Nobel Committee. They simply ran short of prizes, having mistakenly given a Peace Prize a few years earlier to a budding war criminal up in that big country in North America. Rather than risk a drone attack by trying to get their prize back they decided to wait and stiff some little nobody who couldn't hurt them.


The Nobel Peace prize has not been worth the paper it is written on since the day when it was awarded to Kissinger and Nixon.Obama was the final nail in its coffin.


I have not taken the Nobel Prize seriously after Le Duc Tho of Viet Nam and US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger were the announced recipients of the award in 1973 for negotiating a peace agreement to end the US war in Viet Nam. Le Duc Tho refused the prize and explained that they had not yet achieved peace and that the US had already violated the previous truce.

This occurred the month after the Chilean military overthrew the government of Chilean President Salvador Allende and the oldest functioning democracy in Latin America in an operation that was overseen and planned by Henry Kissinger and his '40 Committee' in the National Security Council; four years after Kissinger oversaw the secret air wars in Cambodia and Laos; and also after Kissinger and Nixon's Christmas bombing of North Vietnam which was an 'honor' bombing designed to make it appear as though Hanoi had been forced by the American bombs to sign an agreement they had essentially already agreed to.

Le Duc Tho refused the prize but Kissinger was all 'Thank You, Thank You, I'm so great, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!' What hypocrisy. Kissinger, truly one of the most evil arch-villains of the 20th century -- now mentor to Democratic mega-warmonger Hillary Clinton. Made me want to vomit then. It still does.


Just to be clear contrary to the headline saying FARC are Marxists does not actually mean that the FARC are Marxist.


Although we owe kudos to "Mr. Nobel" for inventing dynamite that is much safer than black power for blasting, Nobel's peace prizes has created a dismal track record that demands that the prize be consigned to the dustbin of history, post haste.