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Nobel Laureate Angus Deaton Says Covid-19 Crisis Threatens to Exacerbate US Inequality

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/16/nobel-laureate-angus-deaton-says-covid-19-crisis-threatens-exacerbate-us-inequality


You don’t have to be a Nobel Laureate to know we’re fucked as long as the Duopoly keeps us under their Status Quo.


One article detailed as to how a man who was treated for COVID in a US Hospital received a bill for just over 1 million dollars.

The insurance company would not pay it but the Government program introduced in that first bill will pick up most of the costs.

The Hospital knows this the case so jacks up the prices on all services. The for profit providers in the USA engage in price gouging. They sell $10000 dollar toilet seats to the Pentagon and they sell $800 dollar aspirin to a patient because they can get away with it.


Not that I can see. That’s why I plan to write in Bernie Sanders in November.

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It’s not true that anything would be better than the current system. The people who devised it and those who benefit from it could come up with any number of ways that are worse. We can’t give them the chance.

Universal health care would be better. And a universal income would protect workers from having to choose between their jobs and their lives. We’re a fabulously wealthy society that can afford to take care of everyone, including those with mental illnesses who are ruling the country.

The idea that a college education necessarily protects anyone from having to make that choice is incorrect. The dividing line between predators and prey is constantly moving upward.

Billionaires have now made more than $565 billion during the corona crisis.

“Healthcare is the U.S. “a major source of inequality,” said Nobel laureate Angus Deaton.” (caption & text)
You mean "Healthcare IN the U.S. IS “a major source of inequality,”?

I wonder if trump’s second inaugural will be any bigger than the first.
Of course with a second one we will keep hearing about how he has a mandate.

I voted for Jill Stein for president in 2016 and Sanders in the primaries in both 2016 and 2020. The Democratic party cheated me out of voting for Sanders in the general in 2016, but not again.

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Even Bernie is part of the “go along to get along” crowd, but he never compromised his beliefs. A part of me died when he stood on the stage in the last debate repeatedly asking Joe to repeat his lies but never came after him. He could have cut Biden to the bone, but that’s not the way Bernie does things. He never had the fire in the belly to become president, but he has done more to change the political landscape than anyone since the war criminal Reagan. Most Democrats think they deserve my vote, Sanders worked hard to get mine.