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Nobel Peace Prize Goes to Two 'Courageous' Campaigners Against Sexual Violence as Weapon of War

Nobel Peace Prize Goes to Two 'Courageous' Campaigners Against Sexual Violence as Weapon of War

Julia Conley, staff writer

Two influential figures in the fight against sexual violence as a weapon of war were chosen as 2018's recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday.

Dr. Denis Mukwege was recognized for treating victims of rape, while Nadia Murad, a Yazidi woman who has spoken out about being held as a sex slave by ISIS, was awarded the prize for her work as a human rights campaigner following her experience.

"It's not a women question; it's a humanity question, and men have to take responsibility to end it." —Dr. Denis Mukwege

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Will the US, UK, and Saudi Arabia get a Nobel Peace Prize for arming ISIS and giving them military support? The Nobel Prize was show to mean nothing whatsoever when Obama received it for…? for…? It slipped my mind. The Nobel is nothing but another neoliberal propaganda tool.

My heart goes out to Nadia Murad and all of the women around the world that are being abused, and used.

The Peace Prize is what we make of it. Yes, there have been regrettable selections, and we can have differing opinions on some of them, but do not let that tarnish the decision to bring these two heroes to our attention.

I happen to think it’s a very good and wise development that the Peace Prize seems to be turning from grand global gestures made by institutional leaders to recognition of bold individuals who have done their work without position or power other than their convictions.


Unfortunately it will take many YEARS upon years of such prizes being awarded to these deserved individuals , to remove the stench that came about by giving this to people like Henry Kissinger, Menachim Begin and Barack Obama.


Hey, I’ve managed to get past the stench of the whole passel of prizes bearing the name of an arms manufacturer. One of the things I’ve learned from dogs is to live in the moment. This moment is good.

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To the extent that the Nobel is used to make people with good intentions, like yourself, more ignorant ,it is a perverse honor indeed. The truth matters if we want to seriously honor these deserving people.

Donald Trump didn’t win it?! I guess he’ll have to wait, or maybe just settle for Mount Rushmore.