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Nobel Prize Winners Name Trump and His 'Ignorance' as Top Threats to World Population

Knowledge and good will are inversely related to support for Trump.


Me too, but how? Frankly, what really scares me about 45, is he has his hands on the nuclear, trigger!


All students today are taught critical thinking skills. Rational people think the unexamined life is not worth living.

The problem is that not all people are rational and no single person is always rational. Albert Einstein (an intellectual giant) added the cosmological constant to his equations of general relativity so that they would tell us that the universe is static. Ten years later, Hubble showed that the universe is expanding. Einstein called his cosmological constant his greatest blunder.

Einstein also went to his deathbed rejecting quantum uncertainty, arguing that God does not play dice with the universe. I love Bohr’s response: “Einstein should not tell God what to do.”

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$$$$$$$$$$$$$ probably got him accepted.

Your last sentence contains very good advice. I hope everyone gets that far.

Your last sentence is profound!

Einstein ( a very smart guy ) should not have given up on the cosmological constant.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Yeah, yeah. Alternate history. Always a winner.

check out Why Our Education System is Flawed with Neil deGrasse Tyson & Michio Kaku https://youtu.be/5Ow9Tc9GjwU

The madman of the throne is the greatest threat to World Peace and Mother Earth!
He MUST be removed, Now; by reason of insanity!
Any sane and caring person, including the puppets who make up the majority of congress MUST make the removable, NOW! How long does it take to press a nuke button?!

Good job

I agree both psychology and sociology are sorely missing in the conversation.

The fact that the highest effort of the fields seems to be the qualification of what constitutes torture is quite a telling data point…Hello

While I agree that the early imprimatur of faith based thinking is a large problem, the actual methodology of the brain itself is to “fill in” those non data sections of awareness

If we look at just vision. 3/4 of the eye’s receptors are rods used only for night vision. Of the 1/4 left, we view a scenario and focus on only about 25% of what is being received by the cones and literally discard the remaining data or fill in with what we have seen before and expect will be.

Thus we are really only working with 5-10% of our receptors and “filling in” the rest.

This “fill in” function of the brain is very very susceptible to manipulation. It’s the tool of the magician and the con artist

And yet we all feel quite secure in the illusion of what we know we know and nobody is going to tell us differently

Yours is a comment type I look for, child Diogenes (plural) in the darkness that internet comment has become…
Our species has a brain with a very large visual processing area, and I’ve tried to understand some other genera’s foveae (the area in which almost all our own cones are clustered. Those other foveae are shaped differently, while all almost surely be wired to the most focused attentional circuits.
Because I spent his preadult and adult life with a wolf, I may have some experience with night perception allied with exploration of consciousness and attention with which most are unfamiliar. In order to function in the low light of moonless night, we have to fill in our perceptive failures with experience closer to real environmental objects and events than is common for humans.
Experience tells me that this should be the most useful evolved function of that cognitive infill you mention.
Of course, such a heuristic WOULD have so many applications that neurons useful for those other uses would benefit from changing epigenetically to grow the organism advantage.

It’s that which makes biology, and therefore ourselves, teleological. (Stochasticity, therefore, differs from randomness, being a process more like the Greek word from which it’s taken - it’s more likely that persistent changes will cluster in directions that confer advantage.

Which brings us back to Trump.
He’s utilitarian, just as is any living organism. We say with Baron Acton, “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
Because of natural self-interest,those who seek to benefit, will also cluster around perceived power to be effectual. No objective morality exists, although we feel mral when we cluster, coalesce around that which we imagine protects ourselves, relatives, interests.
I might differ from the headline as to what is the top threat;the top threat to world population is ecological overshoot, and by association (i’ll fill in!), the top threat to world population is :slight_smile:world population.

I just came from making a comment on a palaeontological finding (cognitive science includes interest on not only evolution, but also on niche, habitat, behavior and communicationn of every biotic organism), and that comment was made in response to the self-interest bias in EVERY comment I read on the finding.
Almost all those comments were made not for additional information, or even supported speculation, but, instead, perhaps like the vocalizations of shorebirds to establish lebensraum, space.
Tump is particularly aggressive, and has lived his life, absorbing information ONLY for his personal and reproductive purposes, a very raw simplification of evolutionary pressure, within a population which, like all others, fragments to avoid starvation and other stresses of density exceeding that amenable to survival.

MacArthur was fired by Truman, it was suggested , because his desire to use nuclear weapons on North Korea was too much like the recently defeated Nazis and Japanese military shogunate’s methods.
THe whole complexity of worldwide and subcultures’ increadsed negotiation for each their lebensraum, causes the stress and fantasy ideation concerning possible loss, to believe, erroneously, that devastating and sowing salt on competitors habitats, as did Greek city-states to one another andRome to Carthage, is a valid answer.
Trump is merely an unbridled business and marketing ideologist in the wrong position.
The US rejected Ross Perot, and much was written on how predatory business practices made his management style inappropriate for governance. Yet the bourgeoisie so noticed by Marx and promoted as “middle class” since WWII remain the ideal. We should have learned something more from the excesses of the 19th century monopolists, the insufficiently regulated securities traders, the confabulations put forth by slaveowners, not only in the pre-civil war era, but from time immemorial.

So Trump is only a very simplistic vehicle for nature - although I do wish there were no standing military or nukes available to him or any who feel dispossessed or feel threatened by dispossession of their private or group Miss Universe Pageants.