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#NoBillNoBreak: Democrats Occupy the House to Demand Gun Reform



And if this weren't an election year?


How about Democrats occupy the house to stop endless war, a possible hot war with Russia. And the illegal occupation of US military in Syria.


It'd be better late than never, but I'm not holding my breath


Good. Now let's see the same to stop climate chaos, endless warfare, getting single payer passed, publicly funded higher education, publicly funded transportation, public banks, action on the greed of Wall Street, emptying the prisons and filling them with the banksters, legalize all drugs...


The Democratic party has been hijacked by Wall Street and the Industrial Military Complex. The only way of getting it back. Is to march on Washington by the millions. And arrest the War Criminals.


It's a start. Can we support them instead of saying 'well, but'?


I agree--it's a good thing--I haven't seen an 'occupation' like this in those chambers, so it's to be welcomed. Maybe Dems will grow more ethics, and care for all the victims of violence--stop the funding of it all over in our name!


How long did they stay on the floor? Just long enough for the photo?

I've become a bit cynical. Why didn't they do this to Protest Pelosi's refusal to even have debate on Single Payer proposed by Kucinich?

Edit.....they will be in chairs by 2 pm PST, and a rotation scheme will soon develop to facilitate late lunch or dinner and cocktails.


As soon as I can disengage my analysis, given past behavior, then I can be impressed by this. I'll update If I can manage this. Chances are very slim.


They're still there, feeding video via Periscope to C-SPAN and joined by a number of senators.


Good for them. Now on to the issues of single payer and demanding criminal prosecution for torture, for starters. Damn that could be a long list. But…

Also.....we will occupy this chamber until mass surveillance stops on all US citizens according to Constitutional protections.

We will occupy these chambers until all corporate loopholes are closed for cheating billionaires!!!! Damn, that occupation could have been in tandem with OWS. Whew!!! What a missed opportunity!

To be clear, my cynicism is not directed at you.


They can only debate one thing at a time. I'm just glad to see some backbones growing.


Pointing out to me that "they can only debate one thing at a time" misses my rhetorical point entirely.

That rhetorical point is much stronger than any conclusion that this is indicative of "some backbones growing".


Indeed. Be interesting to see if there were any supportive statements by these Representatives during OWS. Kind of doubt it.

Be interesting to see, if there were any statements that any of them had a problem with the violent way that OWS was crushed. Kind of doubt it.


That was really good sssssssssss.


Right now I'm focused on the rhetoric of the civil disobedience on the floor of the House. When you're elected to federal office, maybe I'll have time for yours.


Bernie Sanders Just showed-up!


Live RIGHT NOW! On C-Span here: http://www.c-span.org/video/?411624-1/watch-house-democrats-continue-house-sitin-gun-violence&live


Look, I've made no comment that was disrespectful of YOU.

Spare me the fucking insult.


Not to mention about a gazillion other illegal and immoral actions done in the peoples' name by our government.