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Nobody Cares When A Muslim Dies


Nobody Cares When A Muslim Dies

Barely reported or grieved except by those enduring it, the brutality against Palestinians goes on apace. In besieged Gaza, amidst a tenuous ceasefire, no electricity and incoherent U.S. threats to halt an already imperceptible "reconstruction," Israeli soldiers just killed four more unarmed protesters. In a West Bank refugee camp, they shot and killed 15-year-old Arkan Mizher. He was throwing rocks - to Israel, clearly a crime worthy of death.


I care, but I am not sure what I can do. I cannot imagine what life is like for the Palestinians living in concentration camps for the last 70 years. And too seeing their family lands stolen and their freedom denied. Everybody in America has read about Anne Frank, and what she could have been.
I wish the world would remember that Jewish girls in German concentration camps are no different than Palestinian ones in Israeli concentration camps. Does anyone know what has happened to Ahed Tamimi?


I care enough to inform my representatives in DC that I vote against anybody who votes to send any money to Israel, and to not buy any product from Israel when I can tell. I don’t know if South African snipers targeted children and medicos for cold blooded executions, so I count Israel below the old SA regime in humanity.

We get as much sleaze as we tolerate, and we in America have been accepting sleaze for so long we think it’s normal. It doesn’t have to be.


Organised Religion gets to kill with impunity …It doesn’t matter the religion they all kill and have no regard for LIFE.
The great threat to religion is Secular Humanism ,God has no enemies ,because God cannot be hurt ,damaged ,or destroyed.
The greatest interest of all humanity is Life This is the greatest interest of God as well ,but they claim otherwise…You imagine that God has a greater interest than human life, and that us what allows you to waste it with impunity.
Pure humanism would never allow you to destroy life sanctimoniously .Only organised religion could justify such a travesty.
I urge the young people of our world to question their leaders and nationalistic agenda .Their cultural stories are based on mis understandings and fallacies .
The truth is We Are All One …this is the message of all of those that have come to evolve humanity from its primitive belief system and malevolent two faced god .


According to a post on FB yesterday, “Ahed al-Tamimi, 17, will be released from the Zionist prison on July 28, 2018”. Of course, that was yesterday. Haven’t watched for further confirmation today…


Thank you for your truthful observations.

The actions of the State of Israel prove your points.

And, incomprehensibly, our media (mostly), will continue to blather on and on about Russia,
with nary a word of criticism of Israel…


What needs changing is the parts added to Qur’an that tell people to hate Jews as the most evil, despicable people who Allah has cursed. Its from Warlords 700AD. Islam Obsession with replacing Judaism as the ONe and ONLY Abrahamic Religion is pure Supremacist and the constant provocations and murders cause Israels Defense. Talk like you do, actions like Muslims in Palestine-(the GREEK name for Ysrael) is only attempting to make the world hate Jews too and help you destroy them.This is not the way to handle problems. I have noticed this site to be very antiSemitic and printing many many lies to incite violence against Israel.This is as bad as electronic intifada with the myths & making the real aggressors look like victims. I am not Jewish, not religious but I was curious so I studied all this, researched records looked at both sides and Muslims are demonizing and making Jews victims Again and its all in the Qur’an. I read the bigoted book. It explains all these problems.


All the old books from the main Organised Religions condone violence in God’s name …

We have to transcend these teachings.


I wonder what Hanan Ashrawi would make of your “theory.”