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Nobody Expected We Would Pay Such a Steep Price for Electing a Mentally Ill Criminal as President—Can We Recover?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/10/nobody-expected-we-would-pay-such-steep-price-electing-mentally-ill-criminal


It’s time we Progressives suck it up and do the LOTE thing. All in.


Because the DNC is blackmailing us to do so by insisting on a poor candidate, and because the last several elections we did the LOTE thing and as a result we do not have a strong 3rd party that we can support in this election. When exactly will it be a good time to push for what we want and need?


The big questions now are whether the domestic terrorists Trump has activated will realize he’s been playing them for suckers, or will their loyalty to white supremacy cause them to stick with him?

White supremacy is paramount; it’s sacrosanct. They’ll stick with him.

will he successfully reach out to them and ratchet up racially motivated violence across this country as we go into, through, and past the election season this year?

Yes, he will. They’ll gradually turn their attention to the climate crisis - and their “final solution” will be the extermination of all POC under the guise of more lebensraum and less expenditure of dwindling natural resources.

*And you “progressive” (white) pacifists will do what you’ve always done: appeal to the conscience of psychopaths while encouraging me to be a “good” martyr for the cause - yep, i see you guys for what you are, too


I have voted third party many a time. Did not work. We’re screwed.


Was your vote counted? The machines probably said they were accurate. When do we push for what we want? If we had a strong 3rd party then they would need to negotiate with us, i.e. compromise somewhat.


I think we are on the same page!


Well Thom, you lost all credibility with what should have been a good story, with the words “Russian election meddling”, enough with this democratic party cover story. It’s been proven false Thom, look it up, please stop confusing the readers acting like it’s true.


The Duopoly always seems to keep the population divided. US versus THem.

At home, at work, at the Food Store, at the Restaurant. We cannot get away from the Duopoly’s actions to keep us in one camp or the other.

You’re right Owl, in the end, this time around, we are presented with a man and a political party that doesn’t care how many of us they end up killing, and another man and a party who represent the 1% and themselves before the masses, but don’t openly seem to want us all dead.

Yeah, it sucks to be us in this country at this time in history being presented with these two horrific choices.

The phrase, “Hell on Earth” has never been more appropriate than right now.

I’m really ashamed of myself for believing that I am going to “once more” succumb to LOTE.


I see it the way you do. Did Russia try to influence elections? Of course it did–and so does Israel, so does China, so does the United States of America. The DNC elevates this non-issue into something enormously important in explaining Clinton’s failure in 2016. There is little doubt in my mind that Democrats in power will revive the Cold War, thereby juicing defense spending.


Exactly, the US government applies way more influence over many other countries elections, than we receive from those countries in our elections.
Happy anniversary.


I wouldn’t say that Thom “lost all credibility”, but the Russian thing was upsetting. First of all, how do Russians meddle? To help either Trump or Biden get elected? Both of them are corporate stooges who represent a threat to Russia. If the Russians meddled, it would be to get a democratically elected government in power, but Russia or anyone else for that matter, will never have enough sway or enough money to bring about such a result. In fact the entire world (with the lone exception of Israel and Saudi Arabia) don’t want a Republican or a Democrat to win the Oval office or control Congress and that is simply because those countries align themselves with corporate power at the expense of the public.
I’m not sure why Thom continues to speak of “Russian meddling” as if Russia has even had a fraction of the influence of AIPAC or some other nefarious, anti-democratic organization has. However Thom is ‘spot on’ with the rest of his points.


“Happy Anniversary Drosera.”


Let us step back on the nuclear issue.
Our SALT treaty with Russia expires Feb. 2021.
We have 1,600 nukes.
78 used will murder 250 million Russian peoples.
Plenty of elbow room for us and the Russians to negotiate,
give up # of bombs, delivery methods, and most important –
gain instant, continuous communications. Americans like Sam Nunn
and Richard Lugar inside Soviet and their guys here.

Notice that the Woodward recording Trump story from only
yesterday has faded into the deep DC backwood swamp already.
americans and drive bye news!!


I thought Thom was directing this article to the Electoral College since they are the ones who elected Trump.
Hartman continues to pretend the dems are the only solution to our fake democracy.


Nobody expected we would have to pay such a steep price for electing a mentally ill criminal as president.

Horseshit. Many people expected it, including me. We were told he’s “only a businessman,” that we were slaves to Godwin’s Law, and that sensible Republicans and centrists would right the ship. This has been going on for years. Obama was part of this narcotizing, as Paul Street details in his new book. Liberals bear a huge responsibility for the predicament we’re in.


This is not directed at DC rez. Its a stand alone comment.


The result over the short term is the end of the American Dream and American Exceptionalism.

The American Dream is truly dead; but American Exceptionalism has reached its pinnacle in the covidiot – when my son was a child the popular term for children like him was ‘exceptional’, just another word for retarded.

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My dear, dear cyber pal, I think you reside in PA. We are one. We are always one.


Unconventional wisdom–in this case, Greg Palast’s facts–argue that election goon Roger Stone is all in for creating Election Day chaotic antics to close the margin of error gap where Biden presently leads Trump, closing enough to steal the 2020 Election.

Boy, did I lose sleep last night.