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Nobody Expected We Would Pay Such a Steep Price for Electing a Mentally Ill Criminal as President—Can We Recover?

You’re running scared. Just like the duopoly wants you to.
You once talked a good game against the duopoly, now you’re telling us to support it.
You can’t have it both ways, Pony.

Maybe it’s you who needs to choose wisely.

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Have you ever seen so much learned helplessness from a crowd who keeps claiming they’re going to organize to put pressure on ________?

I’m sure the d-party establishment is shaking in their boots watching these weaklings repeat their pattern.


The title is misleading, as usual for this writer, and some others. The ones who mattered knew very well the sort of monster DT was/is, and got him elected as the very “Useful Idiot”. They got judges, tax write-offs, more tax cuts, more raiding the kitty as the profiteers they all are, etc. They all hated H. Clinton far more than DT. She was never t hat like-able most of her adult life. Elsewhere…

I fail to comprehend a 40% voting block in the military for DT, enlisted service-people, not the brass. DT is gutting the VA and taking it private which will be very expensive for all of us survivors. I get it. He hates survivors and dying for your country is for “Losers”. Go serve, die, but don’t come home expecting us to take care of you for your sacrifice. He is determined to destroy Social Security for all of us, and still he has that base that refuses to abandon him. I don’t get it. How can they be that stupid? They are supporting him while he is gutting their best interests across the board: Food safety, environment safety, work safety, health safety, unions, and, pensions. It seems they really are that stupid.

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Totally agree.
The dems would rather lose to Trump than work on giving citizens healthcare.

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Sorry Thom, we knew it could be this bad. At least some of us. What is the state of the union?

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12:05am. Happy Anniversary Gandolf.

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Do you mean we can expect to recover and survive with the LOTE Biden?

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I’m starting to believe I desperately need to rid my life of the trumps. I can’t tolerate it any more.We’ll deal with the rest. Its not going away. Moronomania is destroying everything more than ever.

“actual progressives”

My point was that there evidently aren’t too many of those in the USA today. Must’ve went over your head