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'Nobody Here Talks About Her,' Claims Conway as Trump Talks About Hillary Clinton, Like, A Lot

'Nobody Here Talks About Her,' Claims Conway as Trump Talks About Hillary Clinton, Like, A Lot

Jon Queally, staff writer

As Russia probe increasingly gives rise to concerns about obstruction of justice, the president continues to bring up his 2016 rival Hillary Clinton

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My question is why does this system not have contingencies - free from politics - that remove people like KAC?

Perhaps I’m missing something in this instance of inversion of Constitutional requirements of an administration. Does this person think a lesson is being provided to we who are on the receiving end of her performances before camera?

Why is it necessary to lie so openly? Why do so many persons (and I feel that the term is used rather loosely here) frame their abuses as somehow being a path to a healthy society?

Perhaps the ‘art of the deal’ is to push every envelope until it explodes. My response is to nurture the relationships in my everyday life, regardless of political views etc., and strengthen respect for the wealth of potential in the diversity that is our differences. If nothing else the veils are dropping like flies on the abusive aspects of hierarchies. Some are welcome and necessary, but as the old saw goes, you know them when you experience them.


Liars lie.

And in other breaking news, dirt is found to be dirty.


And pigs wallow in muck.


And they seemingly enjoy it.


Just another day and another lie out of the yawing maw of the "CON"way. Along with “Huckleberry Hound Sanders” they are masters of their craft of con artistry;

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All Robert Mueller has to do when he gets Trump seated for an interview is to expose any little incriminating fact that worries Trump, then push him on it and get under his thin-skin.

With Trump’s argumentative sense of his own power this is what it will look like:


“I have a great responsibility than you can possibly fathom!”

Meanwhile in other unrelated (but perhaps more interesting) news…

Over the past two decades, the U.S. labor market has undergone a quiet transformation, as companies increasingly forgo full-time employees and fill positions with independent contractors, on-call workers or temps—what economists have called “alternative work arrangements” or the “contingent workforce.”

In America, more than any other developed country, jobs are the basis for a whole suite of social guarantees meant to ensure a stable life. Workplace protections like the minimum wage and overtime, as well as key benefits like health insurance and pensions, are built on the basic assumption of a full-time job with an employer.

In the mid-20th century, the federal government developed a litany of workplace protections—minimum wage, overtime, collective bargaining, workplace safety, tax withholding, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation—that apply to people only classified as employees.


So, what this freak of a public personality essentially said is that Donald Trump is a nobody. This is the first time I have ever agreed with her.

Your comments are excellent. That said, I think that your comments are based on the supposition that these people have totally functioning mindsets. They are suppositions that many of us rely on when analyzing things that happen in day-to-day life and situations. The people in this administration are not “normal” functioning human beings. Whether or not they are even human beings is questionable. They are seriously cognitively disabled and make up their own realities and then pitch them out hoping to see who will “catch” them. They are not what many of us would consider “normal.”

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KA CONartist hopes we believe that Trump’s serial Hillary rants are all in our imaginations.

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It should be obvious by now that what we call evidence has no meaning in the far right alternative universe. In that universe of Fox News, Breitbart News, Rush Limbaugh, etc what Conway says is true. Everything Conway says is true. Everything Trump says is true. Their statements are evidence-free but still true to the right wingers who stick to the right wing echo chamber for their information.

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Speaking of con jobs, the impoverished pair from Arkansas who now have hundreds of millions have scammed the public for years. Time to “Lock 'em up” !

Let’s work on getting the Moron-in-Chief locked up first.

At the head of the Trump cabal: Conway Miller and pretty much everyone at FOX we have a self-feeding echo chamber of insanity. Every Psychology course I have taken, a bunch, define the behavior as projection. Couple this with a total disregard for fact, and we have created a dangerous global joke. As Tom Steyer says:: “Mentally unstable armed with nuclear weapons”.

Conway, Miller, and FOX NEWS, diametrically opposed to reality, truth and fact.