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Nobody Knows the Identity of the 150 People Killed by U.S. in Somalia, but Most Are Certain They Deserved It


Nobody Knows the Identity of the 150 People Killed by U.S. in Somalia, but Most Are Certain They Deserved It

Glenn Greenwald

The U.S. used drones and manned aircraft yesterday to drop bombs and missiles on Somalia, ending the lives of at least 150 people.


This shameless fact bears repeating. Thank you, Mr. Greenwald:

"Other than the higher-than-normal death toll, this mass killing is an incredibly common event under the presidency of the 2009 Nobel Peace laureate, who has so far bombed seven predominantly Muslim countries. As Nick Turse has reported in The Intercept, Obama has aggressively expanded the stealth drone program and secret war in Africa."

A/k/a Mars rules:

"... and (4) the complete normalization of the model whereby the U.S. president kills whomever he wants, wherever he wants, without regard for any semblance of law, process, accountability, or evidence."


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Seven countries. How many of you could have named them without following the link? I couldn't. Of course, there is also a coup in Honduras, and a coup of sorts in Ukraine to consider, and a sort of de facto occupation of Haiti after the quake.

  • Syria
  • Libya
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakisan
  • Yemen
  • Somalia
  • Libya
  • Iraq

"Flying killer robots." Flying killer robots. Flying killer robots.


Offthe top of my head, I might have missed one or two. These are the target populations we know about. There are likely others. Sudan was one of them in the past.


Thanks Mr. Greenwald.

The "we don't have a clue who they were, but don't worry, they were all terrorists" chills me to the bone. Lets say, for arguing, they really were all trained fighters. Who where that fighting? Foreign invaders. Who are the foreign invaders? The USA. What would be a far better solution that would spare much bloodshed - and be cheaper too? All US invaders should get the hell out of Somalia!


I collect ephemera. I have a "London Times" from the 1770's or 1780's that talks about the "terrorists." Of course, the newspaper is talking about the founding fathers and army of the United States. Old newspapers tell a lot that the history books don't tell.


I must have missed something. What is the USA's military doing in Somalia? I thought it had left a long time ago (Blackhawk Down etc etc).


If you want more of the same, vote for Clinton.


"the Obama administration instantly claimed that the people killed were “terrorists” and militants — members of the Somali group al Shabaab — but provided no evidence to support that assertion"

Maybe the drone cameras were showing them wearing al Shahaab uniforms and driving military vehicles with al Shahaab markings? Kinda like in the good old days where soldiers wore distinctive uniforms and were not mingling with the civilian population to use as shields.


Don't forget the Maldives and Paraguay. Abortion of democracy during Arab Spring was also grotesque.


Right, see? I can't even keep track. It has become typical if not normal for Americans to not know with whom our government is at war.


They had to be all terrorists...right? Because no matter how innocent, when the US kills anyone in any country in the world, they are all called terrorists or collateral damage. But when any American gets killed they are called hostages and innocent heroes. I suspect that many of these so-called "heroes" are probably clandestine CIA disguised as contractors and many other covers.


It is only technically true that we don't know who they are because we don't have El Shabaab's roster of recruits. What we do know is that this was a training camp for ES and that they have been conducting constant terror attacks setting off bombs in cities killing civilians for years now. We also know that ES was formed and is fighting to establish a government of right wing jihadist clerics to rule Somalia and territory beyond. While this is reported to be only one of several training camps for the group, taking out this many militants had to save the lives of more civilians who would have died in their attacks on cities and villages. They are reported by people in the area to have captured herders in the area on suspicion of them being spies for the US and the Somalian government.


History books are bunk to paraphrase one of the Third Reichs American sponsors, Henry Ford. When I taught middle school I always encouraged any students interested in real history to skip the textbooks and go straight to the original source documents to read the actual thoughts and words of any historical figure. Of course with the advent of the internet this is now much easier to do.


That's a really important point especially this morning Orangutan. As we get more information about Hillary at State, we can clearly see that she is a Major neocon...


"If you want more of the same, vote for Clinton" ... or Trump or Cruz or Rubio. The list of corporate sycophants is a long one.


Nobody Knows the Identity of the 150 People Killed by US in Somalia but Most Are Certain They Deserved It.
Nobody knows their identity but it's much worse than identity theft. The USA kills far more people in foreign countries than the 9/11 hijackers killed in the USA. It's been going on long before 9/11/2001. Most of the American people don't even care about that.


Greenwald — brings us sanity ... vs. the insanity of the commercial media circus.