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Nobody Should Have Hog Poop on the Walls of Their Home


Nobody Should Have Hog Poop on the Walls of Their Home

Krissy Kasserman

Hog Poop on the Walls of your Home Is More Than a “Nuisance”

One year ago we asked what you think of when you hear the word “nuisance.”


From the article:

“North Carolina’s General Assembly sought to block existing lawsuits filed by North Carolina citizens who are being hurt by factory farms in order to protect a Chinese company.”

The first American revolution was fought, at least in part, against the tyranny of taxation without representation. Let’s hope that the second will be fought against the equally tyrannical representation without taxation, as enjoyed by the Chinese parent company WH, and far too many others both foreign and domestic (yes, I’m looking at you, General Electric).


If you eat meat, try to buy from a local farm where the animals are raised humanely. Go to localharvest.org and type in your zip code and you will be amazed by the number of farms and the descriptions of what they offer. An added benefit is that the money you spend stays in the community.



I am not a lawyer, but the entire article reads like super turf when you get to link near the end - which is to an ALEC piece of boilerplate legislation.

Sorry, ALEC lost all credibility LONG AGO!!

Please someone prove me wrong!

These operations are transnational, intertwined with IMF and WB policies and the Monsantos and Syngentas of the world. Its a toxic mix straight from hell IMHO.


posted a few days ago - corporate agribusiness is destroying the world
“You can’t protect what you don’t know”. Ignorance in these cases is not a accident.


Please explain the link to ALEC. I’m a little confused about this reference. Why would you end an article with this ???


Reading ALEC’s right to farm act which should be called the RIGHT TO HARM ACT I see that all 50 states have passed some form of the right to harm act. With the federal law that corporations are people, corporations have taken Control. Does a federal lawsuit protect international corporations from buying federal elections ? Does a federal lawsuit need to go to the ICC for vindication ?

No place left to hide.


We all ought to mail a large package of hog poop to every one of those stinking foul pieces of cr** republicans who voted for that bill and let them experience some of the stench for themselves. The amounts of domesticated animal manures in some of our states is so massive that it is actually contaminating all of the underground water supplies n those states. This is exactly why animals should never be separated from farms that grow crops, because formerly that manure would be put on the fields as fertilizer in smaller amounts than the excessive amounts being produced by these massive intensive animal factory farm operations. This is a terrible mess and a waste of valuable manure.

Instead of allowing these companies to continue their horrible practices, the state legislature could have sought out better solutions such as making better use of all of that manure and methods to protect the environment from harm. In the end, it will be much more expensive for everyone to have to fix this problem unless proper measures are used to address these problems before they get worse. All of the water supplies in the state will now require filtering to get the e-coli out of the water and North Carolina could become a state with an epidemic of deaths and serious sickness caused by massive e-coli pollution that could result in an epidemic that could destroy lives and cost many milllions of dollars. They are really playing with fire here, if they don’t know it, and I’ll bet that these republicans are just as stupid, greedy, self centered, and ignorant as the rest of them are.

This is outrageously shameful! I am personally boycotting Smithfield ham.


Yes, you are absolutely right! These guys are SOBs from hell. More heads for my wall! We must fight these guys with everything we have got. NEVER ever vote for ANY republican! Vote out DINOS in the primaries! Vote Green when you can. Those responsible for this ought to be drowned in a vat of this very hog poop themselves and even that would not be punishment enough!


ALEC is the legislative arm of the evil twins, the Koch brothers who have spent hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars to basically buy the entire Republican Party. ALEC writes prepared bills that are carefully crafted to allow Koch affiliated corporations to get away with absolute murder and to poison and pollute up our country and many other countries worldwide for massive profits at the expense of everyone else and our environment. These republicans don’t even have to do any work to actually write any of these bills they are all written for them in advance to be as horrible as possible for the people of the state or federal governments involved. The republicans are told to pass these bills in exchange for massive campagn contributions that make the influence of the NRA look like child’s play.

The evil Koch’s have infiltrated every state and federal legislature with their billions and they are working overtime to change our Constitution permanently so that average Americans have no more say over our government and laws, but only guys like the Koch’s will have absolute power, like in Putin’s Russia, hence the Russian connection between the oligarchs in Russia and their counterparts in America, the Koch’s and others. The end goal is totalitarian oliogharchic dictatorship, our country run by the likes of the Koch’s and for the Koch’s.

We must stop this tyranny before we lose all of our freedoms. These guys finance the lying right wing media that falsely accuses the democrats of doing everything that they are actually doing. For instance Obama is being falsely accused of trying to change the Constitution to give himself and the democrats absolute power when this is actually true about the republicans and the Koch brothers. You may notice that right wing media constantly rants on and on about George Soros being some kind of bad guy but they never mention the much wealthier, and much more evil Koch brothers. This is deliberate. Limbaugh and Hannity and all their ilk know about the evil Koch brothers but they are taking their side because this is where most of the money is located. They are just feathering their own nests at everyone else’s expense and lying all the way to the bank.

This whole arrangement is the most underreported conspiracy of corruption in American history and no one reports on it because the Koch’s are private citizens and have the means to sue anyone that they want to for defamation or libel. People are too afraid to speak out about them on TV or radio. They probably own many media outlets as well. They are good friends with the Mercers of Britebart, Rupert Murdock of Fox News and
Sinclair. These guys make Hitler look tame. Read Democracy in Chains. Read about the Koch’s on Wikipedia or online and you will find out how many times they have been held responsible for massive pollution. If they could, I am sure that they would reinstitute slavery and not just for African Americans this time. Whatever bad you find out about them is just the tip of the iceberg here because their motto is: All for me, and nothing for anyone else." The vile maxim. These guys are very serious and are a very serious threat to our democratic republic because they want to end the democratic part and make us a dictatorship run by them and for them. They can do it if we don’t stop them!


Yes, it is stunning how little TV and radio reporting is allowed to go on about the environment and the destruction of wildlife. This is because huge corporations and wealthy oliogharchs own most all of our media and it is getting worse every day! We can’t fight what we don’t know. Now they want to end funding for PBS because PBS tells the truth about these things once in awhile and they can’t allow the truth to be told to the public. So much for freedom of the press in today’s America!


SUPPORT THE COMMONS-SUPPORT INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM. People have a natural right to clean air water and land.


Additionally, trade agreements such as the TPP and SHAFTA have provisions that protect corporations from these “nuisance” suits and abridge our civil rights. This of course due to the incredibly stupid concept that money equals speech and that corporations have any rights concerning the influence of our elected representatives.
I wonder when we can expect the emancipation of AI? What will excite the robot sector or will they be indifferent to elections?


I think the link got misplaced. It should have been associated with the end of the preceding sentence.


Au contraire. I can think of some people who deserve to have their houses filled with hog poop.


Hey, these are the folks who elected Jessie Helms year after year.


Good post! Thank you!


My first thought was to boycott pork. But really, I suspect Smithfield is exporting a ton. The news
I have read in the past is that farms have used supposedly treated waste from waste water treament plants.

The problem I read elsewhere is that these units are actually at a loss for how to deal with all their manure, so that they are actually SPRAYING it over residences and fields. The farms are not necessarily NEXT DOOR, as the article suggests… The sanitation as well as the smell, just unbelievable to imagine.