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Nobody Will Ever Believe the Official Story of This Epstein Suicide

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/10/nobody-will-ever-believe-official-story-epstein-suicide

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Well done…yes, we are loosing our mind. “Where is sanity?” 10 Years After.

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Nobody will believe it, but we can expect politicians and the corporate media to start–any time now–telling us we’re all a bunch of ridiculous morons for not accepting the official story.


What was in Epstein’s safe? Where is it now? Will it ever see the light of day? [I know the answer to the last question.]


Yup, NBC is right there at the head of the pack.

Looks like the way they do it is by focusing on one or two obviously absurd theories and using that as a blanket dismissal for all of them.

Any principled journalists out there who feel like telling us they were instructed to ridicule or downplay all “unofficial” accounts?


The Omerta must be obeyed. The hit went out the minute he was put in Rikers. Suicide watch? Puleeze. What did he use? A sheet? And what was the support? A pipe? He was the Man Who Knew Too Much.


Nobody Will Ever Believe the Official Story of This Epstein Suicide

This one will be added to the many events that came before that have an “Official” story that rational people will never believe…


Dear Charles,
How dare you ??
The official version of the deceased guy’s ‘suicide’ is not released yet.
We have written a draft document and it is being edited by various
federal and NYC government law enforcement types. They all need
a reasonable chance to cover their failures up. Or success - depending
on if you have been named, are a victim, or a ticked off citizen.

This is by hand delivered print document. No electronic transmissions.
No phone calls. The press conference will be a hoot !!

Plot thickens:::

Please see Cameron Linday’s remark.

Santa did it. He shimmied his way through the HVAC ductwork and got to Epstein. I’ve been watching the way Santa looks at the little girls at the mall in December as he offers them his lap and grabs them by their prepubescent parts with that wily grin of his. I know it was Santa. Case closed.


He evidently hung himself by the waistband of his prison-issued boxer shorts.
Now, Fruit of The Loom is creating a commemorative short and accompanying commercial in honor of the late Mr. Epstein.
Called simply The Jeffrey Collection -The tagline: " Don’t get hung up about doing a stretch, the snug fit is to die for and appropriate for any strenuous occasion. Get a pair. "
Yes, Charlie is right. No one is buying The Official Story, here.
So it goes…


A complicated story. Who was behind his first plea deal in the first place? Hard to believe it was just corruption of some local officials/prosecutors. The first cover up seemed to be of much bigger dimensions to me. Who was he working for? What with the obscure origin of his fortunes. These are a few of my questions.

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Well yes nobody’s going to believe this, but on the other hand…


Nobody should, just as nobody should ever believe the official stories of the assassinations of JFK, MLK, and RFK, or of 9/11.

For those last four “official conspiracy theories”, there is too much ‘inconvenient’ evidence that debunks them.


Here is Caitlin:

“because the swamp protects itself.”



Ok, if this really wasn’t a suicide I agree that it’s important that the truth comes out, but … I really don’t have a problem with him being gone – I find it wholly unconscionable how many wealthy, egotistical maniacs there are that will abuse women and young girls just for the ‘phuq’ of it, so no, whether he did the honorable thing and took his life, or someone did it for him I am still glad he’s dead; good riddance to disgusting rubbish!

And to add an insult to the story is that Jeffrey was taken off suicide watch just before the suicide.


Sec’y Barr at dept of injustice has issued a request to the doj inspector general to investigate.

we know from experience that this takes about two years and 26 million dollars.
Frugal option:
suggest a pathologist perform a normal, everyday autopsy. Without editing or outsiders review and comments - publish the results by Monday lunch.

Before this becomes a ‘crisis’.
Yesterdays release of info on Epstein has much more coming out from the court.
However, now that he is conveniently neutralized, that info release may be cancelled.

Now reports are coming out that his cellmate Nicholas Tartaglione (Tattaglia?) saved him during his first suicide attempt. This is the same guy who earlier had said he didn’t know anything about that suicide attempt.

Damn, somebody’s desperate for a cover-up.


I’m guessing he’s enjoying his 72 virgins, beside Osama bin Laden… somewhere, where Beluga caviar isn’t radioactive? Remember, when we’d retire drug lords, Baby Doc, banana republic crazy mass-murderers to la Côte d’Azur? Or Israel?