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Nobody Will Ever Believe the Official Story of This Epstein Suicide

At post #9 above, mouse click on the blue colored headline inside the box. If you are using an old fashioned dinosour computer, the article should open up in a new window. Cameron’s are inside this article.
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I doubt it. More than likely a hit was procured; Epstein was conveniently taken off suicide watch; and, murder ensued early in the morning while inmates were sleeping.

Thanks. Got it. I had searched on “Linday”…your misspelling of “Lindsay”

Found an answer to this question:
"Heads Must Roll": Outrage Grows Over Epstein’s Mysterious Suicide – Aug 10, 2019 - ZeroHedge

According to the New York Post , “Epstein had inexplicably been taken off suicide watch despite an incident three weeks ago when he was found sprawled on the floor of his cell, nearly unconscious, and with injuries to his neck,” adding “He was being housed in the jail’s high-security Special Housing Unit, in which high-profile or dangerous detainees are kept separate from the general population.”

At MCC, two jail guards are required to make separate checks on all prisoners every 30 minutes — but overnight, that procedure was not followed, a source told Reuters. Prisoners on suicide watch get checked every 15 minutes.

Former US Attorney Preet Bharara tweeted that he was “dumbfounded” by Epstein’s death.

“There should be — and almost certainly is — video of Epstein’s suicide at MCC,” he said. “One hopes it is complete, conclusive, and secured.” - New York Post

He’s buddies are shrugging over a beer, “Hey, he did what he wanted to do; he lived a full life----and now I am not implicated.”


I guess I’m one of the rare folks that do believe that he committed suicide. I don’t buy the argument that suddenly there’s a bunch of powerful people that are in less danger of being connected to his hideous crimes. I think there are now a bunch of powerful people that are more vulnerable to that. It is pretty clear that there will now be more investigations and by multiple groups and with more information to work with. I support those investigations - there are obviously way more people involved than just a few of his loyal employees. Importantly, all of the evidence gathered from his residences will now be admissible in court (before his lawyers were challenging it - but now no such challenges are possible). If Epstein had lived any testimony he gave about others would be completely discounted so the powerful people involved here have more to fear from the physical evidence that is now available compared to the accounts Epstein himself might have given.
Also, I don’t see much evidence that the typical suicide watches they have in prison are an effective tool against suicides (checking on a prisoner every fifteen minutes doesn’t stop a suicide by hanging which takes just five minutes to kill the person).

Anyway, I’d be curious if anyone here knows of any information that really says Epstein alive was more dangerous to powerful interests than Epstein dead. I haven’t seen any to date.


The only conceivable reason for a guard that was working in this prison to refuse to answer as to whether or not cameras in the cell would be if he had to check with his boss first. If you have to check with your boss first it generally means they have to make sure they get the story right.

Here’s an interesting perspective:

Former MCC Inmate Says Epstein Suicide Was ‘Impossible’ – Aug 11, 2019 - ZeroHedge

A former inmate at lower Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center who spent several months in the prison’s notorious 9 South special housing unit for high-profile prisoners told the New York Post that it would have been ‘impossible’ for millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to have killed himself.

“There’s no way that man could have killed himself. I’ve done too much time in those units. It’s an impossibility,” said the former inmate, adding "Between the floor and the ceiling is like eight or nine feet. There’s no way for you to connect to anything. "

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Can’t wait for people to read Nick Bryant’s “The Franklin Scandal” and Noreen Gosch’s “Why Johnny Can’t Come Home” and DVD “Who Took Johnny” and John W. DeCamp’s “The Franklin Cover-Up” and look at the Facebook “The Child Victims Act of 2019” and read “The Sins Of Brother Curtis” by Lisa Davis. What a tangled web we weave when life is so horrible we can’t believe. Child abuse: an American epidemic.
PS: They launder their money through casinos, I think.

Sounds like the testimony of someone who doesn’t know anything about hanging. It only takes about 5 pounds of pressure around the neck to shut off blood flow to the brain. “Hanging” does not mean you literally hang yourself from the ceiling like you see in movies. Prisoners hang themselves while sitting or kneeling or even lying down.

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Ms. Bobbett may be too late! (Can you believe this article comes from a source called “The Cut”)?

Once it started dribbling out that Bill Clinton was also implicated in the sex trafficking scandal, Epstein’s fate was sealed.

This is at least the 3rd suspicious death connected to the Clintons. First Vince Foster, then in 2016, the DNC leaker found dead, now Epstein.

But there are probably more I don’t even know about…

Don’t worry AG Barr is on the case----------WHAT A JOKE! Barr should be the number one suspect doing Trumps bidding----------LOOK AT THE MEDIA PROTECT TRUMP----look every which way but NO —don’t look at the guy in charge of the place. This AG has zero credibility.

No half hour check on this national known person?----BS
It is required that he had a cell mate for this exact reason-suicide-
And now we are being told there were no cameras----


He didnt commit suicide. That is just too convenient. I mean to think that a man who was about to testify against some very powerful people, and a selfish, narcissistic prick to boot, one who has always been able to evade justice and accountability (and there was no indication this time would be any different. He likely already had immunity deals being drafted not unlike Flynn and Manafort etc), would be killing himself is preposterous. How stupid do they think people are? The man was too selfish to off himself. Remember this is the guy who was so enamored by himself he said all his raping and philandering was so he can spread his “seed” through humanity as much as he can. This is not someone who would kill themselves. He was murdered. The only question is by whom , not “if” he was.

I especially like Barr joining the crowd and feigning outrage and “demanding answers.” It’s a very good way to distract attention away from yourself. Remember Barr is a crook and criminal who is acting like Trump’s personal attorney and who has always protected the powerful against accountability. He is not the kind of person who would be outraged at the death of someone who was about to bring down the hands that feed him and give him a job.


lol. You are f-cking insane.

I know right? Barr feigning outrage really takes the cake. Then i guess if you dont want to appear suspicious you have to do that. Remember the BOP is under the DOJ and Barr is the AG of the DOJ. You do the math.

that’s it

Yep, they will.

As a side here, anyone else notice how quickly Epstein and Manafort descended into ordinary bloke-hood once imprisoned. (pics of both showed them unkempt, unshaven, and god forbid blue-haired). Wouldn’t know these two, especially Epstein, worth at about 1/2 billion, had $$$ in the bank. Ah, the perils of having the good life yanked right out from under ya.

Interesting. Guess I know nothing about it either. (-: Makes sense, though…if you’ve that sort of determination. But, I would imagine you’d have to position yourself such that the pressure was maintained when you passed out. Otherwise, you might only temporarily be unconscious?

Sounds right - but since a human head weighs around 10 pounds - that wouldn’t be too hard to accomplish.