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Nobody Will Ever Believe the Official Story of This Epstein Suicide

Ask; and, ye shall receive – Current count is at 47:

Complete List Of Clinton Associates Who Allegedly Died Mysteriously Or Committed Suicide Before Testimony – Aug 11, 2019 - Jim Hoft - GatewayPundit via ZeroHedge


From [Moonofalabama.org](http://Moonofalabama.org, August 10 and 11, Moon cites that the New York Post reported that Barr VISITED the jail at about the time that Epstein had the first problem with bruises on his neck. And the attorney general never visits jails…
Also that Epstein was in good spirits.
Also that Epstein believed someone had tried to kill him while he was in the jail.

If the FBI was really good, they’d cause dental x-rays and finger prints of the deceased body double to match Jeff Epstein’s rap sheet.

a co-incidence ?
Watching the hong kong airport demonstration live on TV an hour ago.
Teens tied an adult to a baggage cart !!
Reporter said that he is an undercover police.

I asked myself what would progressives Bobby Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt or her cousin Teddy have done in the hong kong situation. The local gov’t already has backed off sending citizens to mainland china for trials.

I already know what Bobby would do - because he did it in Alabama and i was there, in person. Further, he had only ten civil rights lawyers and they brought suits for voting rights in the southeast states and WON before Eisenhower appointed republican federal judges.

Moon is a one-man show. His info, I think, is reliable. His topics usually include the details that other sites are afraid to print.

Sott.net’s most interesting comments to me are in regard to Trump’s latest, “full investigation” remark. Right now, Trump possesses all of Epstein’s buttons. Of course the Barr remarks are pure blather. But Epstein’s power belongs to Trump now.