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#NoDAPL Protests Loudly Declare: 'We Are Not Going Silently Into the Night'


#NoDAPL Protests Loudly Declare: 'We Are Not Going Silently Into the Night'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Both sides in the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) fight dug in on Tuesday, with the pipeline company's legal maneuvering matched by vibrant displays of resistance in cities nationwide.

"What we have got to tell Mr. Trump: We are not going silently into the night. The stakes are too high for the future of this planet."
—Sen. Bernie Sanders


29 people were arrested last night in a peaceful and calm direct action, as the video shows. #NoDAPL, 17-20 were released around 1am last night, with a warm welcome from supporters at Worth and Park Row. This is a pivot point, in indigenous and civil rights, and environmental rights.
There were 300 actions around the world last night. About 500- to a thousand were in Foley Sq. last night, facing the District office of the Army Corps of Engineers. Please, Pres. Obama, before the President-elect takes office in January, help prevent Climate Change's wicked increase by stopping this pipeline of dirty fracked oil. It should not be allowed, through Energy Transfer's sloppy scofflaw construction, without the final necessary permit,, to go ahead and endanger the drinking water of millions, including the Standing Rock Sioux. Thank you Sen. Sanders for a great speech against this pipeline last night in DC.


Warren is right. The company HAS "waited long enough." The plug should have been pulled by Obama long before they excavated all the way to the Missouri. However, without a permit, the risk they took in continuing to dig is all on Energy Transfer Partners. Stop this pipeline, President Obama!!!


Well, after seeing that banks were considered 'to big to fail' Energy Transfer Partners obviously is testing it out to see if they are too big to stop not to mention above the law.

"Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)—who has been outspoken in his opposition to the project": The reasons just keep coming to hate the DLC and the DNC.


Yay! I'll take any good news I can get and this very good news.


I flew into a rage this morning when I heard that the water protectors are being branded as "squatters" on federal land. I'd like to hear the line of propaganda that finds the citizens of Standing Rock to be squatters on their historical land! If anyone is the squatters its the damned colonists who are building the damned water polluter line! The DAPL builders also framed the protest as an anti fossil fuel protest which it is not! Sure there may be fossil fuel protesters there but the citizens of Standing Rock are primarily trying to protect their source of drinking water and the graves of their ancestors which the true squatters already destroyed! I blew up this morning. I totally blew up!


Oh, so they are trying to say Obama's delaying the building of the pipeline is "political interference"? Well then... trump's wanting "this country to become more dependent on fossil fuels" is clearly political interference on the freemarket from developing an alternative energy infrastucture! I refuse to have you force me to rely on fossil fuels! If trump truely believes in letting the freemarket handle it, then he'd better back off from providing any sort of support for the fossil fuel industry!

And when can we have some articles that indicate all the ways the fossil fuel industry is subsidized and given tax breaks and other forms of support from the federal government? I want to write a letter to my senator about some things that need taken off the books- so that the free market can handle it. I want the same for agricultural subsidies. A lot of farmers voted for trump. So, let's end all agricultural subsidies and the government commodity program too. I don't want my tax money going to support farmers who can't profitably run their farms....that's socialism... ewww.... If they're going to be against socialism, I'm daring them to go all the way!


The Army Corp is just the latest surrogate to wage war on the indigenous people who share this nation with us . The U S government has once again sided with rights of Corporations over the most vulnerable and poor segments of this Country . The United States of America is once again ignoring the treaty that they have signed with the Sioux Nation .
You would think that it was the 1800's , as complacent bipartisan politicians tolerate the genocide of Native American traditional values once again .


In 1876, General G. A. Custer in his hubris decided to wipe out the encampment near the Little Big Horn. In defense of their people, Custer's force was wiped out. (That made him an American hero.)
* Fourteen years later, in 1890, the army surrounded and massacred the village at Wounded Knee. Apparently, many of the attackers were awarded medals for their "bravery."
* Now, the Oilagarchy and its minions are once again violating treaty lands and destroying sacred sites.
* Apparently, We the People have no rights but to obey, regardless of race, creed or national origin.
* It is way past time that We the People rise up and take back our country. Peacefully if possible, but take it back we must, unless we are happy with being turned into WW-II German Jews.