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Nomadland: The Lifetime Impacts of Gender-Bias in Wages

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/02/23/nomadland-lifetime-impacts-gender-bias-wages


Really good, albeit sad film.
Did not realize it is based on a nonfiction book.
Our leaders and media are so skilled at hiding and ignoring the nearly 50% of citizens who live at or near the poverty level.
FYI the poverty level in the USA is set obscenely low:

  • $12,760 for individuals
  • $17,240 for a family of 2
  • $26,200 for a family of 4

In Canada, the Canada Pension plan is based upon earnings through ones lifetime. While the amount paid out capped (1175 a month at this point but will rise) most earn far less then that cap due to having earned lower wages through their working lives.

While this is supplemented by OAS (607 a month for everyone no matter their earnings while working ) and the Guaranteed Income supplement (maxed at 900 a month premised on all sources of income being less then 18200. The closer to that threshold the less you get) , the fact remains that Canadians who earned higher wages get more money from the CPP in retirement.

I really think that has to change and there has to be more equity . Where the max CPP is 1175 at this point , the average a Canadian receives from this is 629. What this in essence means is women will always have a lower income then men when they retire . Added on top of this the Government expects monies put into RRSPs (registered retirement savings plans) and TFSAs (tax free saving accounts) will supplement earnings in retirement years. Again these latter two see persons who earned higher incomes do better as they are able to save more money.

Ultimately a UBI is the way to go IMO one where all receive the same no matter how much they earned in their working careers.


This is just more division which plays into the plutocrats’ hands. The plutocrats’ explanation of our social ills is that the little people:
(1) are not divided enough;
(2) are not distracted enough;
(3) reproduce too much;
(4) have too much money and waste too many resources;
(5) have too many rights;
(6) communicate with each other too much in an unfettered fashion;
(7) ignore the guidance from their betters in corporate media too often;
(8) think for themselves too much; and
(9) are not surveilled enough.


I think that would make them our “oppressors” and not our “leaders”.


The open road to ruin

I saw the movie and had no idea it had anything to do with gender. I thought it was a depiction of America and the way we treat our seniors of both genders. There were both men and women who were nomads in the movie. It is a way of life for many of us. The American Dream is a Nightmare.


Not that you can blame Chloé Zhao, but we’d wished she’d added a disclaimer, that DYING for Jeff Bezos isn’t exactly as pleasant, life-affirming and fun as portrayed in the film? I’d recommend it to a poster (needs to be lots less white?) For weeks, Amazon warehouses= most COVID cases, in PA

@WiseOwl maybe, if we’d think of “our leaders” as horribly shriveled, rabid vampires, infecting us all as they SUCK?

~https://khn.org/news/article/its-time-to-get-back-to-normal-not-according-to-science/ (where’s my BRUNCH!)


~https://prospect.org/labor/remote-controlled-workers-digital-surveillance/ (back to your robot boss, ESSENTIAL!)

~https://www.dailyposter.com/p/dems-gift-health-insurance (forking us all to FIRE Sector sharks)

~https://dissenter.substack.com/p/ny-ag-amazon-lawsuit-whistleblower-claims (EBay works better & is cheaper)

~https://mronline.org/2021/02/23/what-coronavirus-taught-us-about-the-ruling-class/ (We die, They LIVE?)

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Heck, this just made me actually have to THINK? I’d lived right around Hazelton’s Amazon break-bulk & passed the ENORMOUS Allentown warehouse going to their airport (both, in the middle of nowhere). As part of questioning why Ms Zhao included so few Black, Latinx or refugees in this otherwise SPLENDID film), we’d discussed what I’d picked up, knowing so many “retired” ethnic NEPA hillbillies, living in Amazon-ia RV, trailers & minivan hell? Area employers have a tsunami of refugees to oppress, infect and indenture into 1099 virtual serfdom (remember the “dead peasant” policies?) Does her film perpetuate Yuppies’ inaccurate stereotypes of all white, mostly retired boomer Amazon die-aspora (the COVID nightmare, here in NYC, consisted of a pretty mixed-up workforce, working, striking and infecting loved-ones of all age, colors & creeds?) It’s likely an artifact of filming locations? Bessemer or Fontana would differ; but we wouldn’t be discussing it HERE, since Google would SEO it down their memory hole (dying Black & Latinx peons, peh!) ~https://www.newscientist.com/article/2268014-exclusive-two-variants-have-merged-into-heavily-mutated-coronavirus/ ~https://endpts.com/fda-issues-new-recommendations-to-take-on-covid-19-variants/ ~https://www.statnews.com/2021/02/23/schools-may-see-a-burst-of-the-common-cold-when-they-reopen-research-suggests/ ~https://mobile.twitter.com/aaronjmate/status/1364287394359504901

Just a thought: there are actually WHITE people–including white WOMEN–who are exploited workers making poverty wages. Since we don’t discuss sexism as much as racism or class at all–NOMADLAND is actually exposing its own truths. Also: as was noted: the actual “nomads” in their vans & RVs are actually mostly white people–NOT people of color, who REMAIN in their established communities of family and friends, surviving by mutual aid…


Nomads who can afford RVs, fifth wheel trailers/diesels or conversion vans (or keep a functioning automobile, to reach the giant Amazon warehouses) aren’t even a good third of Amazon’s workforce. With Black and most Latinx business districts bulldozed & refugees red-lined ever further out, as jobs were exported, mass transit torn out and W4, union jobs replaced by temp, 1099 gigs; it’s all gotten a lot more complex than when my single mom was making roughly 1/7th of the males who’s work she did? These companies INTENTIONALLY moved to places, where they could treat “hands” like landless serfs (and customers could brag about avoiding sales tax). I’d been the first, here on CD to suggest, praise this film & post a review. But, speaking as somebody who’d worked almost exclusively on the road since 1988… well, I love my former UWS neighbor, Frances.

And for stumbling straw-men, I’d prefer “The Wizard of OZ?”


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