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#NoMiddleGround Goes Viral as Sanders Backers Say Democrats Can't Afford to Compromise on Medicare for All, Reproductive Rights, and Bold Climate Agenda

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/03/nomiddleground-goes-viral-sanders-backers-say-democrats-cant-afford-compromise


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”
–Attribution unknown (although often to Einstein)



Middle Ground on Democratic Nominee = Donald Trump and World Disaster


Biden ahead in the ‘polls’ is DNC election rigging at its best. Biden is avoiding exposure like Clinton … one booing and its all over.


All I know is, that if the democrats nominate another pro war, pro free trade, anti single payer candidate, they will lose to Trump again. And not because democratic voters will mythically cross over and vote for him (as was the bullshit Clinton narrative from 2016). No, they will lose because liberal voters will stay away or vote green.
I fear the fix is already in. Sanders was leading in all polls, so the democratic power brokers (Saban, Schwartz, etc) got together in New York and decided that center/right old uncle Joe was go to be the candidate. All the big democratic money is now behind Biden, and along with them the super delegates.
The Biden fish stinks from the head down.


Biden will make very few campaign stops before years end. He will show up at maybe a couple of debates, read off the card, answer no questions, and head for the limo.
Biden will either be the nominee or ruin any chances of victory for anyone else. What we are witnessing is the last gasps of the Third Way. They know that if one of their acolytes doesn’t win in 2020 that their ideology may just be dead. That’s why this will get nasty.


Inside the Democratic Party, the “Bold Agenda” will never be anything more than that.The Party of Wall Street, aka, the War Party, doesn’t give a damn about the American people, they care about the EMPIRE! . For the DP leadership, That’s why Trump’s gotta go, he’s not an adequate imperial manager.


Actually, I’m quite sure the oligarchs of the duopoly believe he is doing a fine job trashing the place. This is what the elite of both parties want. It’s called disaster capitalism.


The polls aren’t run by the nefarious and apparently omnipotent DNC.

Good point. The polls are run by the DNC’s lackey’s and servants. The DNC tries to keep their hands clean.


Wow. You sure seem dialed into the conspiracy. Do you have any additional details? I would like to know how their “lackeys and servants” are paid and which specific polls are by “them”. Far be it for me to think CD commenters are jumping to conclusions because they aren’t seeing the results they thought they would. That never happens around here.

And here i thought he was advocating for yet another round of democrats vs republicans™.

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Two things can be true at the same time. My post explains the fight within the ruling class, your post doesn’t. The Dems don’t care about the massive transfer of wealth to the already rich under Trump. They are fine with the “regulatory capture”, they are fine with largest Pentagon budget since WWII (w/o any clear “enemy”) , they are fine with the imprisonment of families at our southern border, they are fine with the ever growing inequality, they are fine with not doing anything meaningful on climate change, etc. What they are not fine with is that the Dems want to start a war with Russia and Trump has, so far, not been game.


However, the FRAMING is controlled by the people who actually own the DNC and the media.

You recall the frame, it’s how we destroyed Iraq, Syria, Lybia, etc… while we made the MIC rich and the public poor and in debt over $4,000,000,000,000.

Poor people don’t own the media, the MIC or the DNC.


The rich own the media (not the poor); not a conspiracy.
The rich own the DNC (not the poor); not a conspiracy.
The rich own the MIC (not the poor); not a conspiracy.

It’s just how corruption works.


I fear if we don’t rally around Sandrers NOW then the fix is in … at the convention they will end up “compromising” on a corporate candidate, there are simply too many candidates, this will severely split the primary votes which will prevent Sanders nomination. Most of the dim candidates are fakers looking for power and fame and would sell their souls to get it.


Not all rich people agree on things though, not all are alike. Susan Sarandon is rich, for example, and her outlook differs considerably from, say, Bruce Willis, who is also rich. That rich people own things doesn’t mean the polls are controlled, directly or indirectly, by the DNC, which is not a polling outfit and is notoriously underfunded.

I think a much stronger case could be made that the polls are offering news that some progressive don’t like. So, rather than looking at them and adjusting their thinking to what’s apparent, they are coming up with excuses. Outside actors are doing things to their preferred candidate and that’s why “x” is happening, when it may be “x” is happening for lots of other reasons.

Sanders’ backers and all progressives would do well to look to the Julian Assange saga;
especially you journalists Jake:
People of the American Way (see 1937 photo: “No way like the American Way”), may be proud
to continue their tradition of torturing those exposing the crimes of the Corporate State: Archbishop
Romero’s excoriation of El Salvador’s death squad assassinations (1980), Sister Dianna Ortiz, tortured by CIA assets in Guatemala (1989); she spoke against “Bloody Gina” being CIA director at the May, 2018 Senate hearing; where that witch was confirmed.
CD commentators mentioned others, but now, the United Nations expert on government
state-sponsored torturing has accused the American Corporate State and its European quislings, of “ganging up” on Julian Assange; denying him “the rule of law and human dignity.” But, say the people, “How dare that ‘high-tech terrorist’ (VP J. Biden), expose America’s murdering military in Bagdad (2007)!, ‘will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?’ ” (said of the Archbishop of Canterbury-1170), but not to worry America; Julian Assange is half dead already.
Oh, but let’s all sing: “god bless America!” But isn’t about time we asked: And just what god is that?


The nomiddleground concept is brilliant. It is what should define the 2020 election and I think people will rally around it. It is what the 2016 election was all about, but Bernie’s demise at the hands of the DNC put an end to it. I’m happy that Bernie referred to nomiddlegroung in proposing to slash the bloated military budget. If this theme fails to strike a chord with US voters then there is little hope left.


Bernie’s demise was at the hands of nearly 4 million actual voters. He needs a substantial portion of his original base plus those voters to come his way if he wants to win. Similar arguments can be made for other candidates in the race.

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