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Nominee for US Ambassador to Yemen is No Friend of the Yemeni People


Nominee for US Ambassador to Yemen is No Friend of the Yemeni People

Ann Wright

While the press has closely followed the Senate efforts to stop US support for the Saudi war in Yemen in the wake of journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, a December 4 Senate Foreign Affairs Committee meeting introducing Donald Trump’s nominee for Ambassador to Yemen slipped under the radar.


I sure hope Mueller can tie Trump directly to atrocities committed by Saudi Royals with his complicity. The Republicans made a deal with the devil in accepting Trump (and not using their convention to correct their mistake). The devil is now completely at the reins of the Trump administration. I can literally not think of one thing this administration has done of which I approve. Not one. The love-of-money crowd is in absolute control. Everything is up for bid. This is not my country. Not to sound like a Tea Partier of yesteryear, but I JUST WANT MY COUNTRY BACK.


Agree, and I wonder how these times will affect our young adults, will it change their prospective on how the country should be run or freedoms we’ve lost. I use the comparison of the drug war, and how kids born after it started never knew what it was like before it started, just thought it was/is normal.


I wouldn’t count on Mueller to anything particularly harmful to the duopoly status quo as he has worked as a loyal water-carrier for both wings of the foul bird of prey.