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#NoMoreExcuses: Mass Action on Capitol Hill to Demand Dems Back Green New Deal Instead of Fossil Fuel Interests

#NoMoreExcuses: Mass Action on Capitol Hill to Demand Dems Back Green New Deal Instead of Fossil Fuel Interests

Julia Conley, staff writer

Following a Sunday night training, at least 1,000 people are expected on Capitol Hill Monday as the movement to pressure Democratic lawmakers to back a Green New Deal makes its final push before Congress heads into its holiday recess.

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Now the DINO establishment sycophants in thrall to the fossil-fuel conglomerate and other powers will be (sort of and perhaps) forced to choose…between a sustainable future and life-sustaining policy decisions, or their continued service to bribery of the wealthy to control our political “system” and legislation - to exploit the 99% as wage and debt/interest slaves, despoil and pollute the Earth, and that small minority to dictate and control the future direction of humanity and Mother Earth’s mechanisms.

The forecast isn’t clear: will they finally be forced to represent the people’s interests - the 99% - and the planet, rather than the bribery and destructive path of the special interests…or get the “big-money equals free speech” scam our of our politics and policy. Will they forever be chosen, controlled, and funded by the some are more equal than others BS decision from the supreme’s that sanctified vast wealth as an obvious imbalance and charade…a current mechanism of domination of “democracy” that should be obvious even to the SCOTUS and its right-wing corporate, profits and wealth above all else justices mentality…Vulture Capitalism is the name of the game and the tiny minority that dominates, the enemy.


Isn’t the New Green Deal something that Jill Stein ran on in 2016? Bernie Sanders had a climate change agenda that was pretty similar to Hillary Clinton’s. So is the Sunrise Movement the Green Party in disguise? It is hard to see Democratic members of the House from more conservative areas running on a big government program for climate change, particularly one that seems to be taken from the Green Party platform.

Lemme just put this guess out there: I’mm going with, “no”.

But good luck trying to save capitalism a second time. You should have let it die the first.


Love to see these kids organized and involved in the political process, applying pressure to establishment Dems. Unfortunately, with only 22 signed on at this point, I hope these young adults were also schooled about defeat. I don’t think there’s any doubt which way this is going to go, Bribes win again.


Take politics out of climate change. Even the one percent have children.


The green new deal is not big government. Look at it this way; Ease into real world economics.

Start with removal of every subsidy slipped from under the tables of dark dingy congressional backrooms. That first step makes a smaller government.

Continue to endless war and dimwits making jobs for themselves at homeland security. Cut militarization by 90%. That also yields a smaller government.

Medicare for All and Social Security already have offices from Guam to Puerto Rico. Departments managing corruption and gouging by private insurance companies will be eliminated with a green new deal.

A green new deal may cause minor government growth but the savings to people and the environment will be immense. The Green Party established the green new deal and does not accept corporate funding.

Nonpartisan independent green socialists and ecosocialists who boycott scam presidential elections run by D & R presidential debates incorporated. Tens of millions of boycotters know they number quadruple those registered as Ds & Rs. They know that free education, medicare for all and good jobs raising organic food and creating renewable energy as well as high speed rail have nothing to do with bigger government.

Imagine millions of sensitive and intelligent brains focused on creating a real world economy that actually strengthens the nation through a green new deal.

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The one percent quite obviously do not care what is happening to their children.




Sooooooo TRUE!

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I just this moment finished reading “Beautiful Country Burn Again: Democracy, Rebellion, and Revolution,” by Ben Fountain. It is one of the best books on our current condition that I’ve read since “The New Jim Crow,” by Michelle Alexander, and I recommend it to everyone in this forum.

According to Fountain, FDR’s New Deal was the second “burning” of American democracy, the first being the Civil War. These burnings became necessary when American democracy was at an impasse. Whereas the Civil War ostensibly extended “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” to men of all races (but not women), the New Deal of the 1930s corrected the existential nautonomy of industrial capitalism by empowering the labor movement, establishing a safety net, and regulating banking and finance (esp. Glass-Steagall). It was the beginning of what Fountain calls “the long, good deal” that built the (white) middle class but also kept Jim Crow intact. (Leaving blacks out of the New Deal was the Original Southern Strategy. It kept the white south voting for Democrats by turning a blind eye to racism. See Strom Thurmond and the Dixiecrats.) When LBJ and the Democrats tried to extend the New Deal to all citizens with the civil rights legislation of the 1960s, the backlash of the Southern Strategy attributed to Goldwater, Nixon, and Reagan decimated the New Deal Democrats and produced the “New Democrats” (a.k.a. “Clintonistas”) of the late 1980s. The New Democrats (first as the Democratic Leadership Council, now as the Third Wave) were and still are overt neoliberals, with NAFTA, welfare reform, and the repeal of Glass-Steagall as prime examples from Bill Clinton’s terms, and covert racists (drug war, mass incarceration, opportunity deserts).

The point is, these “New Democrats,” these Clinton Democrats and their Blue Dog brethren dominate the Democrats. Why, then, does anyone think these neoliberals will ever support a Green New Deal when they are the very Democrats who abandoned the Keynesian mixed economy of the New Deal in favor of forty years of free market fundamentalism and neoliberal decay?

I really hate to break it this way, but all the “blue wave” ideas exciting progressives–Green New Deal, Medicare for all, free education–are minority ideas in the duopoly regardless of what a majority of people want. The government, the courts and both political parties represent the 1% and they have dismantled our political and governmental institutions such that we don’t have a government to turn to anymore. Put simply, we can not and will not vote ourselves out of this because it’s a plutocracy, not a representative democracy.

You want change? You really want change? Get yourself a yellow vest and emulate the French. They are doing in response to Macron what we should have done when Reagan was in office. It’s time to get in the streets and start shutting things down until we take real power. The minimum requirement for citizenship is no longer informed voting, it’s civil disobedience. Beautiful country, burn again.


I disagree. They care enough about their children that they are rapidly developing “apocalypse shelters,” the 21st century equivalent of 1950s bomb shelters. They think they will escape the coming collapse and, for a while, they might. They will own the dystopian future just as much as they own the present day. Yes, the one percent care about their children, just not you or yours.


And even just forming a committee is too much for my faux liberal rep, Debbie Dingell, to support.

Jeebus, this district is D +14 and some of the most significant electric and driverless vehicle development happens here – we have the first driverless bus line in the US actually in operation here.

So much for being a member of the Progressive Caucus. That means zilch.

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Well …
If the DNC-led Democratic Party does NOT pick up on this and place the Green New Deal front and center in the platform, …
… then JOIN and GROW the Green Party who is committed to this already!!

With thousands leaving the DP and supporting the GP people-centered agenda, things REALLY would change!

… but you would need a massive move and commitment making this a true national agenda. If Dems do not support it, you know damned well they will FIGHT anyone pushing for it. NO DOUBTS.
— So, in THAT case, you would NEED a huge unified, nation-wide PUSH for the GND, OUTSIDE the DP, the Greens being the best place if they open up to working with new members and outside allies,

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Good point, but apocalypse, shelters will not save their children either.

David Swanson wrote:

“Have you actually read the Green New Deal — I mean the Democrats’ version under the same name but radically different from the Green Party’s version.”

“It includes “funding massive investment in the drawdown and capture of greenhouse gases,” but no mention of the military as a top emitter of carbon, and no mention of the military as the place where all the money goes that could be most easily moved into any useful “massive investment.””



The Dingell’s never met a stiffer CAFE standard they couldn’t try to block.

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I’m very suspicious the “brilliant idea of the damnocrats” is to trick people into thinking they are proposing the same Green New Deal Jill Stein campaigned on, while using only the title and re-writing the details to water it down until it pleases their donors/owners. David Swanson says their deal is radically different in that it excludes the enormous environmental disaster caused by the military. (See my other comment.)


One person replied to you: “take politics out of climate change”

OMG! This IS politics through & through & has been for DECADES!

If the general population has not been sufficiently INFORMED about our realities, it is because of long-term political/media decisions to keep us in the dark.

CLEARLY, Dems have played their part:

  1. … all along by NOT clarifying the importance of the climate issue to its constituents (not to mention NOT offering a suggested political, much less platform, solution at hand),
  2. … and by SILENCiNG the Green Party (3rd party and ANY alternative views in general) who not only help INFORM citizens, offering thought and solutions like the GND, but also question the Oligarchic Dominance of the two-party Duopoly we erroneously call “democracy.”

So if someone talks of the Green New Deal having been part of the Green Party Platform, who are you to question or denigrate the fact that at least one group exists who already have pushed for a goal of sustainable economic and political solutions for America?

They don’t need thousand pushing this live-saving agenda upon them. We should be helping or joining them, instead of begging or fighting the Goldman-Sachs funded Dems!!