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Non-Disclosure Agreements Demanded By Trump Are 'Unconstitutional and Unenforceable,' ACLU Says


Non-Disclosure Agreements Demanded By Trump Are 'Unconstitutional and Unenforceable,' ACLU Says

Julia Conley, staff writer

Amid reports that President Donald Trump demanded that his senior staffers sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)—and threatened them with huge financial penalties if they breached the contracts—civil liberties advocates and legal experts said the documents show blatant disregard for public employees' constitutional rights.


NDAs are a pox upon democracy. NDAs are what allow corruption to run rampant throughout modern governments and private enterprise. NDAs need to be banned, and then, create a law that protects and rewards whistleblowers will turn the tide toward democracy, accountability and transparency.
Governance is firmly authoritarian as it now stands - time for real change.


I wonder if the past year has been the ACLU’s busiest since they were formed?
Thank god for the increase in donations when Trump took office, and thank god for the ACLU.


So we might as well just throw up our arms in despair and all kill ourselves.


Marx is paraphrased as a saying that religion is the opiate of the people; in Fascist, Amerika that is true: especially of the evangelicals and their cabal of christian,fascists! But what is also true, is the opiate fed to the US voting public called elections for POTUS… which should really be called selections!


Hail Caesar Trumpous with the whole cabal now led by Pompeo Maximus. When I point these similarities out folks scoff and say I’m warped. No, this is really what’s happening. The US empire is now led by emperors and fools. Next we get Carsonoious Ridiculous fiddling while we watch the US go down the memory holes of history.:wink:


Yeah, it’s enough to drive me mad.:grinning:


Thanks for saying what I was about to say.



Even, in your words, “a small chance” is still a chance.

I love you pal, but the defeatist attitude is not where we need to go.

Would we be better off in Russia?


While I doubt that the public (like myself) had realized how widespread the GAG rules have become throughout government and among corporations working for government/military, as long as they exist we have no chance against fascist control of government …

Would these particular members of Trump’s administration have much to say to help the American people and democracy? Maybe.

But the stronger message throughout government is that fascists are in control and they can do whatever they want – and keep their criminal activities secret.

Draft documents noted that violators would be subject to penalties of $10 million if they spoke about any “nonpublic information” they gained access to during their time working in the White House—even if they waited until the end of Trump’s presidency to share the information, and even if they wrote a fictional account containing “any mention of the operations of the White House, federal agencies, foreign governments, or other entities interacting with the United States Government that is based on confidential information.”

“This is crazy,” attorney Debra Katz, who has represented government whistleblowers, told the Post. “The idea of having some kind of economic penalty is an outrageous effort to limit and chill speech. Once again, this president believes employees owe him a personal duty of loyalty, when their duty of loyalty is to the institution.”


Let me guess, is this the beginning of a alt-left militia movement? Only answer is bloodshed via arms?

I mean can someone please please tell me this is all just a nightmare, and I’ll wake up in Sweden, or somewhere almost sane?


Dan –

Unfortunately, I “liked” your post – which is accurate in regard to fascist control of government.
And in regard to voting which is pretty much thoroughly rigged every way possible from what I see.

But “taking up arms” will do nothing except give government an excuse for even more control over
the public and more violence against the public. Only non-violent revolution will work.


I hear you brother.

Just as I have faith in the youth of this country to strongly speak Truth to Power, I also have faith in you and all of our fellow Common Dreamers that continually dwell in a state of fear, to find a place of hope, that will lead to action when the time calls.

That time is almost at hand, so be strong and be prepared.


How about Holland?


I agree. The best example to me, was when Gandhi kicked the British out of India. The fascists love violence, but they hate the non-violence of the brave, because they have no defense for non-violence except more violence…


I was countering the idea of armed revolution.

That seems to be quite popular with right wingers.


Dan –

Violence or non-violence isn’t “semantics” … it’s reality.

Nothing happens unless first it begins on the basis of thought and planning.
Anyone who recognizes the military power of this nation understands that any
violent threat to it will be met with 100,000 times the violence.

These are people who use guns and violence because it is all that they have.

Yes – like Nixon and Trump they are cunning … but like Nixon, I’m confident that
Trump can be legally removed from government and his henchmen with him –
so can Pence.

I’ve long felt that we are at a point where “Elites” and their power groups are not without
their own arguments and splits on the ways to go forward. That the CIA was obviously
backing Hillary is one sign of it. Koch stated that he was wary of Trump’s “volatile behavior”
and was allegedly backing Hillary. The CIA clearly wants to continue to work it’s way as
Hillary wanted it – more “Regime Change,” more invasions of nations, more harassment of
Russia by CIA and NATO, more support for Israel and its war on Palestine, but also it’s
desire to start a war with Iran. Something disruptive happened among Elites when Hillary
was not elected. Don’t know how anyone else feels about this, but would like to hear.

Granted, stupidity and overconfidence brought down Nixon, including his own weaknesses
and fears which caused him to collapse personally – though long propped up by drug taking
and booze. Same with LBJ who, like Nixon, became tortured by conscience and their own
personal histories of violence. These are true and natural responses of the mind to violence.
Sadly, not early on … but in the end.

We have to be confident in ourselves and our ability to stand up against the violent among us.

Look at the Women’s Revolution which has been non-violent for thousands and thousands of
years to improve the lives of women and to finally lift their oppression led by male-dominated

Look at the recent campaigns by homosexuals to lift their oppression here and throughout the
world – also strongly connected to the teachings of male-supremacist religions/“Christianity.”
It has all been done non-violently.

Look at the long campaigns by African Americans here to free themselves from hundreds of
years of Slavery here – and another 100 years of Segregation – which they have also largely
succeeded in doing by non-violence. And, it was Papal Edicts in effect here which followed
the Papal demand to “enslave or kill” native people here and Africans enslaved here. This
“Christian” violence was used to steal this land and its natural resources and to murder any
native people who might have a claim on this land. And that war on their land and natural
resources is still being carried out today by our fascist government.

Then look at our own American Revolution which was certainly violent – and which
promised democracy but which Our Elite Founders ensured would not happen by
by their own cunning and betrayals of the people, immediately on the signing of the
Constitution. And which – because of its violence and betrayals – has resulted in the
absolute destruction of Nature on this planet in a few short hundreds of years.

Let’s not make that mistake again.

Also notice that this rise of the right wing/fascists often carries the KKK cross of “Christianity.”


Good coaching Dan.


Dan –

OK … I’ll smoke a joint – but anyone suggesting violent revolution here will
still get a strong reaction from me.

Again – it’s not semantics – you’re talking about predicting. And I’m not
predicting that I know when the nation might be forced to revolution. I’m just
saying, anyone who has violence in mind will be making a huge mistake.

No one will undertake revolution, especially a non-violent revolution unless it is
impossible to go forward in any other way. We have only to consider the
violence being suffered by those that the US is warring on to realize how much
we need to avoid it.

And …

It would have two separate wings, one provoking retribution through violence behind the scenes, with a very prominent non-violent wing for the masses.

I think you’re mistaken.
Any wing of violence would cause all parts of the revolution to be wiped out immediately.
Are you really aware of the military capabilities of the US?

Again – everything begins on the level of thought. Beware of what you’re thinking.

There are many ways to begin non-violently. For one, STOP eating animals. You will
help the planet and you will be standing against the evils of Capitalism which is what
we need to do.

You should also consider Global Warming and what it can present – it’s a major Wild Card.


Here a bit of revolution to think about – using intellect and imagination…

“When Hitler failed, his officers were brought to the US. It is in this context that the Kennedys, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, labor leaders, judges, entertainers, reporters, authors, students, Black Panthers, Indians, Chicanos and hippies are being slain, and why the masses are being drugged, doped for control. So that my interest in the Kennedy assassination became more involved with the Nazi links than in the anti-Castro Cuban links. My difference with the researchers at large is that they want to stop with the Bay of Pigs operation, and I think it’s bigger.”
Indeed, in 1972, when the details began to come out about a break-in at Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate Hotel, Mae immediately recognized personnel and modus operandi from nine years of assassination research, while the mainstream press continued to refer to Watergate as a “caper” and “a third-rate burglary.” And so it came to pass that while Rabbi Magnin was entertaining Richard Nixon at his home in Los Angeles, his daughter Mae was revealing the President’s role in an incredible conspiracy. Meanwhile, she also perceived an assassination plot, not merely against specific individuals, but against the entire counterculture that was burgeoning at the time.
"I realized that in this country we had a revolution–of housing, food, hair style, clothing, cosmetics, transportation, value systems, religion–it was an economic revolution, affecting the cosmetics industry, canned foods, the use of land; people were delivering their own babies, recycling old clothes, withdrawing from spectator sports. They were breaking the barriers where white and black could rap in 1967. This was the year of the Beatles, the summer of Sergeant Pepper, the Monterey Pop Festival, Haight-Ashbury, make your own candle and turn off the electricity, turn on with your friends and laugh–that’s what life was all about."

Ballad of Mae Brussel

At the time of the Manson Murders it would have been very difficult to persuade the American public
that it had been a “false flag” operation by the CIA. Sharon Tate’s father was high up in the CIA.
Mae Brussel continued on with her investigations and she long ago covered the Sharon Tate murders
as a “false flag” – something which other researchers are doing today, as well.


Non disclosure and other Trump tricks should add up against him for his 2020 bid for re election. He is the worst of all presidents in my lifetime. I have this feeling that once we put the Trump four years in office in perspective after his downfall it will highlight all of his manipulation of government. Republicans will most likely have to distance themselves from Trump in order to seek re election. The baser than base Trump voters are not going to save the party.

But Democrats need to wake up and provide a good alternative to Trump and the Republicans. Instead of trying to become Republicanish. Then voters must show up to vote at the ballot boxes in huge numbers. In contrast to 2016, the lowest voter turn out in 70 years.