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Non-Disclosure Agreements Demanded By Trump Are 'Unconstitutional and Unenforceable,' ACLU Says


Non-Disclosure Agreements Demanded By Trump Are 'Unconstitutional and Unenforceable,' ACLU Says

Julia Conley, staff writer

Amid reports that President Donald Trump demanded that his senior staffers sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)—and threatened them with huge financial penalties if they breached the contracts—civil liberties advocates and legal experts said the documents show blatant disregard for public employees' constitutional rights.


NDAs are a pox upon democracy. NDAs are what allow corruption to run rampant throughout modern governments and private enterprise. NDAs need to be banned, and then, create a law that protects and rewards whistleblowers will turn the tide toward democracy, accountability and transparency.
Governance is firmly authoritarian as it now stands - time for real change.


I wonder if the past year has been the ACLU’s busiest since they were formed?
Thank god for the increase in donations when Trump took office, and thank god for the ACLU.


It might be time for change, but unless you are willing to take up arms against your government you are not going to get it. The Corporate Fascists are in total control now. They will not give back what they worked so hard to steal. Voting is the drug they give you to make you believe you still have a choice.


So we might as well just throw up our arms in despair and all kill ourselves.


Marx is paraphrased as a saying that religion is the opiate of the people; in Fascist, Amerika that is true: especially of the evangelicals and their cabal of christian,fascists! But what is also true, is the opiate fed to the US voting public called elections for POTUS… which should really be called selections!


No need. The corporate oligarchs already have that covered. Their insatiable greed will kill us all off in due time. Many have already died and are dying right now at the hands of these sociopathic monsters. Nothing short of an outright revolution with mass boycotts and strikes can have even a small chance of stopping them now. The chances of that happening are rather small at least in the USA.


Hail Caesar Trumpous with the whole cabal now led by Pompeo Maximus. When I point these similarities out folks scoff and say I’m warped. No, this is really what’s happening. The US empire is now led by emperors and fools. Next we get Carsonoious Ridiculous fiddling while we watch the US go down the memory holes of history.:wink:


Yeah, it’s enough to drive me mad.:grinning:


Thanks for saying what I was about to say.



Even, in your words, “a small chance” is still a chance.

I love you pal, but the defeatist attitude is not where we need to go.

Would we be better off in Russia?


I simply don’t see any real resistance to the corporate oligarch state that is the USA now. So what is going to stop it at this point? As you have posted yourself many times, voting for either of the two corporate parties is no answer. But that is all I see posted here for the most part. Don’t worry the Democrats will get back in power, yada, yada, yada. And when they did after Bush it was corporate business as usual. No one is going to hold the corporate oligarchs accountable for all their crimes let alone prosecute them. They own everything now when it comes to the government. Short of a massive resistance of general strikes and boycotts what is left to do. I have no answers at this point. The USA is going down. Which it needs to do now as it is an out of control empire hell bent on destroying the world on behalf of profits for its corporate oligarch owners. Sorry, but that is how I see things unfolding with nothing to stop its madness now. And that is only the political aspects happening. The even larger and out of control danger is the real possibility of abrupt climate change that is apparently happening right now as well. No, I am not one to speak of hope. Nor due I necessarily consider myself defeatist. Things are raging out of control now and I don’t see what is going to stop any of it at this point.


While I doubt that the public (like myself) had realized how widespread the GAG rules have become throughout government and among corporations working for government/military, as long as they exist we have no chance against fascist control of government …

Would these particular members of Trump’s administration have much to say to help the American people and democracy? Maybe.

But the stronger message throughout government is that fascists are in control and they can do whatever they want – and keep their criminal activities secret.

Draft documents noted that violators would be subject to penalties of $10 million if they spoke about any “nonpublic information” they gained access to during their time working in the White House—even if they waited until the end of Trump’s presidency to share the information, and even if they wrote a fictional account containing “any mention of the operations of the White House, federal agencies, foreign governments, or other entities interacting with the United States Government that is based on confidential information.”

“This is crazy,” attorney Debra Katz, who has represented government whistleblowers, told the Post. “The idea of having some kind of economic penalty is an outrageous effort to limit and chill speech. Once again, this president believes employees owe him a personal duty of loyalty, when their duty of loyalty is to the institution.”


Let me guess, is this the beginning of a alt-left militia movement? Only answer is bloodshed via arms?

I mean can someone please please tell me this is all just a nightmare, and I’ll wake up in Sweden, or somewhere almost sane?


Dan –

Unfortunately, I “liked” your post – which is accurate in regard to fascist control of government.
And in regard to voting which is pretty much thoroughly rigged every way possible from what I see.

But “taking up arms” will do nothing except give government an excuse for even more control over
the public and more violence against the public. Only non-violent revolution will work.


Reality doesn’t require you to do anything…it simply is. If you want to kill yourself because of it, well that is your choice.


Semantics at this point. Peaceful or non-peaceful we are about as far away from a successful revolution as is possible to be.


I hear you brother.

Just as I have faith in the youth of this country to strongly speak Truth to Power, I also have faith in you and all of our fellow Common Dreamers that continually dwell in a state of fear, to find a place of hope, that will lead to action when the time calls.

That time is almost at hand, so be strong and be prepared.


How about Holland?


No my friend I understand the absurdity of taking up arms…to simply be killed or imprisoned. And for who? A bunch of sheep that won’t even help themselves? No, it is all too big for me and I know exactly how easy it would be to destroy me. I will leave the monster alone in hopes he misses me in the crowd. You see I have no expectation of things getting better. What we have is what we got…and a slow inevitable slide into oblivion.