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'None of This Is Inevitable': Sen. Murphy Applauded for Texas Church Massacre Response


'None of This Is Inevitable': Sen. Murphy Applauded for Texas Church Massacre Response

Jon Queally, staff writer

"The terrifying fact is that no one is safe so long as Congress chooses to do absolutely nothing in the face of this epidemic."


rump won’t do anything about the mental health issues in this country either.


So this sick man gets a dishonorable from the military and so loses his benefits which includes mental health care and down the road a little ways slaughters innocents. How stupid can this society be—taking away the exact preventive measure that could intervene to prevent such ongoing occurrences? Sure, boot him, jail him, but then turn this frenzied angry man loose with no social anchor? Clearly the approach to dealing with unstable military trained killers needs to change immediately.


Death and Human Suffering for Profit.

As American as Apple Pie.


Thank you Senator Murphy! I wish you were my Senator. Hell, I wish you were my President!



Seems to me it WAS a "gun thing’. If the shooter had no gun, he might be mentally ill, but he couldn’t have shot all those people. It’s quite clear to me.


In the neighborhood where I live a long time facility for the mentally challenged is currently deconstructed to make room for luxury condos to be built. I am sure many of them will be roaming the streets.


Remember, its too soon to talk about it. We need at least a month or a year hold on gun violence before anyone will be ready to talk about this. So if the Mass Shooters out there would all do us a favor and refrain until after November 5, 2018 before you go on your shooting rampages, perhaps we can all sit down and talk about it.


Pursuant to your thoughts, the Wild West is also part of America’s foundation. I believe that humanity, as a species, is violent before being peaceable, and we won’t be cured of it for many years, longer if we hope for a “scientific-natural” solution. (Like genetics or gene manipulation.) All we can do, IMO, is provide for lives that can live peaceably and experience others as brothers and sisters beyond our own clan or borders. That’s why Trump’s divisiveness is so despicable. Some people can see only enemies all around them, not possible sources of comfort and value and love, maybe food and care during illness, etc. We need to be those things for each other all the time.


What do I think?

We have tens of millions living in this society living with mental illnesses that manifest in violence including those who think arming more people with even more firearms is the solution.

Any “prayers” for the US murdered innocents in Yemen, Somalia, Niger, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere?


Another instance of greedy developers externalizings their costs onto society.


The hypocrisy of Trump and the Republicans to call this a mental health issue, as they continue to oppose mental health funding, is both astounding and disgusting.

Yes, part of the problem is mental health, but Republicans, especially, have been proponents of “real men” don’t need counseling thinking. This redneck attitude is every bit as regressive as their climate denialism, especially in light of the fact that, statistically, the issue of mass shootings is an overwhelmingly male issue.


"None of this is inevitable. I know this because no other country endures this
pace of mass carnage like America. It is uniquely and tragically American.
As long as our nation chooses to flood the county with dangerous weapons
and consciously let those weapons fall into the hands of dangerous people,
these killings will not abate. "

A government which does nothing about these “events” seems to be saying that
it’s working out for them. What is the aim except to suggest that this is a violent
nation out of control, from its National Security/MIC wars and warmongering to
its selling of weapons all over the world.

The NRA could not withstand the criticism from the American public and law
enforcement unless it was being pushed/supported by and of use to the CIA.
CIA used the NRA to target liberals and moderates of both parties in Congress.

As these “events” continue to increase, we might recall that Mae Brussel – one
of our most brilliant investigators – predicted these events and their rise long
ago. The fake Drug War has also been quite useful in convincing the public that
this is a violent nation, though our problem is really that we have a violent and
criminal government.


Each time after a mass shooting stocks go up for the gun manufacturing industry…


Mossonarock, that should be “Faux-Emperor Trump won’t do anything” — because he’s just a political pawn of the EMPIRE!

This is the comment I submitted to the NYT regarding the Real Story behind the ‘Gun Issue’

Alan MacDonald

Wells, Maine Pending Approval

To many what I am writing may well sound awful, unsympathetic, and
perhaps even dismissive — but even the informed left has no
understanding of how deceitfully and massively convoluted this
supposedly “gun issue” is.

When I returned from a pleasant, but totally ineffective protest
demonstration in Portsmouth Sunday, and caught-up on this Nth mass
shooting while watching the bubble-head TV pundits showing zero
awareness of the cause, I was struck by the interviews with sobbing
women and men in this little Texas town –- and thought; “This is
like interviewing cattle in a slaughter-house line, but at least
where their caves (unlike the children in Church) have been spared
for a little longer”.

The financially poor little domestic NRA, it’s powerless members,
and its barely profitable domestic small-arms makers are nothing but
a tiny marketing foil for the 1000x more profitable and massively
powerful, but laughably described, ‘Defense Industry’ — which funds
this ‘front organization’, purely because of the NRA’s ‘marketing
message’ of “The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun
is a good guy with a (bigger) gun”.

The leading global weapons makers (70%+ American) — which G.B.
Shaw aptly called the “Merchants of Death”, and which
Emperor Trump is currently shilling for in Japan (as all American
faux-Emperor/presidents have done since the end of the Second World
War of Empires), constitutes the real power (and money) behind their
little NRA lobbying ‘front men’.

Of course, until at least 3% to 5% of Americans realize that they
are merely powerless ‘subjects’ of this first in world history;
‘effectively-Disguised’, ‘truly-Global’, and crony
‘Capitalist-fueled’ EMPIRE and fire a; loud, public, ‘in the
streets’, but totally non-violent “Shout (not shot) heard round
the world” nothing will ignite an essential Second American
people’s peaceful patriotic “Political Revolution Against

Obviously the Times may not find this comment ‘Fit to Print’ in the ‘Old Grey Lady’


“You can’t get rid of guns in the United States.” Hmmm… Actually, I think we can, although it seems unnecessary to actually ban guns entirely. That’s the most logical solution to the problem of gun violence, yes, but perhaps the key is to disarm our society gradually. However, we have 100,000 gun casualties each year, so delays carry a price of their own. It’s a form of preventable injury and death, not to mention a waste of untold billions of dollars, which our society collectively pays in medical care, long-term patient care, and myriad other societal impacts.

So, here’s a partial list of ideas, many of which work wonders in other parts of the world. Simply put, our society is saturated with guns, so I think we’d need to put all of these measures into effect to even begin effectively disarming our society. See the last paragraph addressing the socio-economic factors related to crime and gun violence. The key here is to greatly encourage people to give up their guns voluntarily, by making it such a nightmare of annual certification, intrusive regulation, financial expense, and criminal liability as to make their possession an unwanted burden on the owners and industry itself. This is what works in other countries, along with banning them outright, which is the simple solution, and the only way to be sure…

Obviously, this is just a quick list of methods, off the top of my head. I’m sure I’ve missed some dandy ways to put the screws to gun owners, dealers, criminals, and manufacturers. Feel free to add your own suggestions for the things I’ve overlooked.

Oh, and if you own guns in a safe and responsible manner, and you don’t think you should be penalized for it, then you’re dead wrong. You’re the part of the gun industry that’s referred to as the consumer, the end-user. Rights, AND Responsibility. Patriotism comes at a price, buddy, and ultimately, we all pay the financial price and societal toll for your hobby.

Data. First, we need more data. There’s a very good reason why the NRA doesn’t want anyone tracking or studying how guns are used and misused. Knowledge is power (not to be confused with firepower)… So, we need to gather as much data as possible about all aspects of guns in our society, consumer habits, medical costs, trends, etc. The best decisions require strong statistical analysis. We can’t rely on the gun industry to provide the data, or study these issues in a faithful, unbiased manner. They have consistently demonstrated that industry is incapable of responsible self-regulation.

The ultimate goal of gun control should be to quell gun violence and reduce gun proliferation in our society. Gun users are the problem, and so are the guns. Don’t kid yourselves otherwise. It’s both.

Register the Guns. The first step in any sort of gun control program is to establish a registry system at the federal level, and at the state level. This means all guns, gun parts, ammunition, etc. need to be registered. Everything. Down to the last screw, spring, and shell casing.

Serial Numbers. All assembled weapons must be given serial numbers, then registered to an owner.

Spare Parts Loophole. Spare parts should be assembled into guns, then registered, or destroyed outright. Some small amount of spare parts could feasibly be allowed, but carefully tracked and controlled, and yes, taxed heavily.

If you have a gun that isn’t registered, or you’re manufacturing them from scratch, the penalty has to be so severe that even the dumbest crooks wouldn’t want to be caught anywhere near an illegal gun, part, or bullet. This also creates a system of peer pressure among criminals, their friends, family, and community members, since nobody will want to be anywhere near an illegal gun, or a legal gun where crime is present. This should be especially true where drugs or other crime are present. Criminals should be so afraid to be near a gun, or another person with a gun, legal or otherwise, that they enforce the law themselves, among their own peers. This will serve to reduce the demand, availability, and black market for guns.

Once you establish a database of registered guns, it becomes possible to track guns, and owners’ behavior patterns. Yes, this would be an expensive, logistical nightmare. So, tax gun owners heavily to pay for it.

Background Checks. Once you regulate the guns, and licensing them individually, the next obvious step is ensuring that the people attempting to buy guns actually have any business owning one. This process could take weeks, including full documentation of every state where they’ve ever lived, worked, or eaten a happy meal, and so be it. Let’s call this comprehensive background check a long waiting period.

Gun Dealers. Paper them to death, hold them criminally accountable for mistakes, and phase out all private sellers entirely. If you want to sell your gun privately, then too bad. Your gun, part, ammunition, etc. would have to be sold through an approved and carefully regulated official dealer, and heavily taxed (consider this a hefty ownership transfer fee.)

Ammunition. Guns aren’t much good without ammo, so bullets can be phased out with heavy taxation, starting with the manufacturers, and also at the point-of-sale to consumers. Private manufacture of ammunition would have to be banned. Sorry. There’s no way to make it work otherwise.

Tax all guns yearly. If you want to own a gun, so be it. It’s going to be an expensive yearly cost to pay for society to regulate your guns. If you want more guns, you’ll pay for each of them, annually. The more you have, the higher the taxes you’ll pay per gun. You don’t get a bulk discount on your taxes.

Mandatory Gun Inspections. Require that each gun must be taken to the police station twice per year to be inspected by federal authorities to ensure they are being properly maintained. This has the added benefit of making it easier to collect taxes, levy fines, and perform background checks on owners and all members of the household.

Mandatory Storage Inspections. Owners must demonstrate that their guns are safely secured in a gun locker, or other approved containers. This prevents children from gaining access to them. It also serves as a preventative measure from criminals taking unsecured guns that don’t belong to them. Yes, that means inspections of your home, or your gun club, or other locations where you choose to keep your guns.

Mandatory Storage Regulations. If you want to possess certain classifications of guns, then they have to be safely stored at a closely regulated, and heavily insured gun club/firing range. The managers of these clubs would have to take legal and financial responsibility for any infractions of the law. Some guns and ammunition aren’t useful for home or personal defense, nor can they be safely fired in an urban environment, not even in self-defense. You want an ak-47 or an AR-15? It doesn’t belong in your closet. It belongs under lock and key at a carefully regulated, professionally operated gun range.

Mandatory Licensing, including yearly training certificates, medical certificates, and background checks. To get your license renewed each year, you’ll need to take a refresher course each year, and have this training process documented by a duly licensed and appointed government representative. You will also need a medical form signed by a doctor saying you’re mentally and physically fit to keep guns. Owners would need to pass bi-annual criminal background checks, including homeland security clearance. If we want to keep crazy people away from guns, that’s how it has to be done, for all owners, twice annually.

Mandatory Liability Insurance. Gun owners cost the rest of our society a lot of money each year, with long-term costs ballooning on an annual basis. Owners and the gun industry itself should directly bear these costs, adjusted for inflation, and pro-rated for each registered gun.

Limit gun purchases. Limit the number of guns that can be purchased in a week, month, year, limit the amount of ammunition that can be purchased in a week, month, year. Enforce a strict limit of guns and ammo per household or property. Stockpiling arsenals shouldn’t just be prohibitively expensive, this practice should be banned outright. Sorry, collectors, get a new hobby. Precious metals seem to be a rewarding hobby.

Enforcement. Those individuals that are unable or unwilling to comply will face severe fines, criminal prosecution, and confiscation of all their guns, gun parts, ammunition, etc. as well as serious, mandatory prison time for those who aren’t willing to comply with gun laws. If we can lock up crack dealers, we can sure as heck lock up gun criminals. Ignorance and patriotism aren’t valid defenses.

Buy-back Programs. These programs work. They should be fully funded, open 24 hours per day, with cash paid with no questions asked. If a gun gets turned in, then it should be destroyed, not returned to its rightful owner, who obviously should have taken better care of their property in the first place. If people want to game the system to make money, then so be it. Let’s make a profitable game of getting rid of guns, gun parts, ammunition, etc. Let the police operate the only black market in town, and firmly regulate these programs to ensure that the officers aren’t gaming the system themselves by moving the guns out the back door.

Hunting. I’m not a hunter, but outdoor sportsmen and women do provide a necessary service, voluntarily, with their own equipment, and they even pay a small fee for a hunting license(s) to help defray the costs of regulating their sport. It’s not my personal thing, but I do acknowledge their useful public service. Hunters generally know how to use their weapons safely, and their rate of accidents and crime account for very few casualties per year. However, gun sports can quickly evolve to meet new legal and technological requirements-- they always have before. If you don’t know the difference between a rifle intended for combat, and a rifle intended to kill a deer in a sporting manner, then the law can explain it to you, along with what’s legal to use, and what’s not, and where, and when, and how.

The same idea applies to handguns, which are used in the vast amount of gun crimes (far more than hunting rifles.) Cheaply made, and bargain-priced handguns present many dangers in and of themselves to our communities. Access to handguns can be limited at the market level, and proliferation can be reduced by discouraging demand. These targeted programs have been in place for years, and they seem to work.

High Capacity Magazines. If you need 19 rounds in your pistol, you don’t need 19 rounds, you need to learn how to shoot. The same applies for bump stocks and myriad other modifications that increase the danger to our society as a whole. Got a shotgun that can discharge 8 slugs in 3 seconds? That’s a danger to everyone in the neighborhood if you ever decide you need to use it that way in self-defense.

Socio-Economic Solutions. Crime, especially violent crime, is largely a socio-economic problem. We address those problems with universal access to affordable education and jobs training, better paying jobs (ie, raising the minimum wage, with annual cost of living adjustments), substance abuse treatment programs, community development, government work programs, and other social programs, prison reform, access to affordable housing, access to home loans, small business loans and grants, etc. etc. etc. Taxes on guns can’t bear this cost entirely, so that means higher corporate taxes, especially for gun manufacturers. A mixture of dedicated revenue streams seems to the logical approach. Gun violence reflects a variety of social issues. It’s not just a “gang problem” it’s a symptom of many societal ills, none of which are improved by increasing the number of guns in our society.

Final thoughts. As for guns being a patriotic last defense of our Constitution? If you think your gun is any defense against our militarized police, let alone our armed forces (remember: those are our sons, daughters, friends, neighbors, etc.), you aren’t living in reality. The idea that guns are defense against the tyranny of the state went out the window sometimes before the Civil War, if it was ever true at all.

The argument we are hearing today is “boy, it was lucky a person with a gun was there to save us from a guy with a gun, so we need more guns.” That kind of logic is supposed to make me feel safe in my community? Seriously? What hero is going to step up and pay the many millions of dollars that yesterday’s 20 wounded are going to cost in medical bills? What about the many more millions that these maimed people will cost our society in the long term? I’m not paying for you hobby, so I think, in the very least, it’s time to tax guns and ammo to reflect their true financial burden on our society.


I applaud Senator Murphy as well. At least someone in government has a spine. Trump blames mental issues and says it is not the right time to talk about gun control. All abusive personality types blame or redirect focus away from problems and inevitably say it is not the right time to resolve the problem when it is exactly the right time. Mental issues? Anyone, given the right set of circumstances, can lose their temper to the point of control loss. We are human. Now have a gun ready and you have unintended murder. This is an epidemic. Only the very few, with good reason and high skills need to have access to guns.


DAA, abroad is where the “Merchants of Death” really make money, by selling the products that offer the highest profits in the world by dumping their ‘negative externality costs’ on those ‘others’ who don’t matter.

Little domestic ‘small arms’ makers also benefit on their P&L by not having to pay those ‘negative externality costs’ of people dying — just as cigarette makers used to profit on death. But by far the greatest dumping of ‘negative externality costs’ (at least until the fossil fuel crooks kill the world) are these global weapons makers (aka “Merchants of Death”). Their entire business and all profits are made only from dumping ‘negative externality costs’ — the weapons industry is 100% negative externality cost based.

Products like cars sometimes cause death also, but that is only a by-product of unintended use — and there is required insurance to pay for the medical costs (the ‘negative externality costs’) — but with weapons, both large and small, the primary and only usage is to kill and maim — and like nuclear power plants, any and ALL consequential damage from "negative externality costs’ is BY LAW not applicable to the manufacturer. Kill tens of thousands of people domestically with your product? No Problem, asswipe, ‘our’, (no their) Congress has totally exempted you from any responsibility to cover the ‘negative externality costs’ that would otherwise sap ALL profits out of guns, bombs, cluster bombs, even nuclear (or is it nukular) BOMBs.

In the ‘Killing Industry’ there are ZERO socially responsible costs — just build em and then find an excuse to ‘drop em’ — never has it been so easy to pick money off of trees (although some of the trees may have blood and body parts all over them, Eh?)

Of course, the Crooked Banking and Finance Industry also gets a BIG PASS on any of those Innovatively designed DEBT BOMBS that their ‘financial engineers’ dreamed up before 2007/8 — CDOs, CDSs, and synthentic ETFs anyone? ---- these effin things can’t physically explode and blow your leg off, but they sure can, eff up your life.



What this carnage of gun violence all over America, says to me, is that what else would you expect? When the US is a country that is the epitome of violence world wide; is a paradigm of violence that has murdered so many innocent people in foreign countries, which the US government is insouciant; because America’s war criminals are never held accountable for their egregious, war crimes, it is just inevitable that violence would be domestic.

The whole raison d’ etre for US existence is…VIOLENCE! America! What you have sowed abroad; you are now reaping at home.


Well, we (and Mr Trump as well) will never know whether or not the killer was mentally ill, will we?

And since there are many, many, many “good guys with guns” in Texas who may or may not be accorded legal immunity for taking down an active shooter, it is dependent on law enforcement to ASSERT its priority in dealing with active shooters.

Which is best illustrated by police actions taken in NYC: keep the shooter alive to learn his motives. Unfortunately, too many law enforcement policies are based on TV or Hollywood shootout scenes.