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None of This Is Normal. All of It Is Un-American


None of This Is Normal. All of It Is Un-American.

Michael Winship

A friend of mine who has dual Israeli-American citizenship tells the story of entering an elevator in Jerusalem shortly after a bullying right-wing government had taken over the country.

The other passenger was ostentatiously puffing on a big cigar. My friend pointed to the no smoking sign and politely, in Hebrew, asked the man to douse his smoke.

“Eff you,” the man replied. “We’re in charge now.” Only he didn’t say, “Eff.”

Sound familiar? Well, it’s a tiptoe through the tulips compared to what’s going on in the United States right now.


I find myself hating establishment Democrats more and more, for letting this happen by doing the most stupid, idiotic things possible (pushing a corporate nominee). Unless they weren't being stupid but just looking out for their post-political careers by showing their Wall Street / Corporate benefactors they did their due dilligence by keeping progressives away from the levers of power.


This stuff has gone on for a long time in the US but the federal government has never been on the side of the haters as far as I can see. Now it seems all we have to rely on state government. And I would not count on some states for much protection.


Is it time to start Left Leaning militias yet ? I am going to start hoarding guns and ammo because I have a lot of catching up to do. Righ now, I am guessing the right-wing militas have the left out-gunned (dont ya think).

We can start calling our miltias "Domestic Abraham Lincoln Brigades" after those volunteers that went overseas to fight against Franco in the Spanish Civil War.


Is this writer actually asking Trump to "end this madness?" Why would he imagine that this is not exactly what wants and needs?


I read something recently that said Obama was giving a talk and was asked about Trumps crazy ideas and Obama answered with "well if he isn't serious he won't be there long." First time Obama has given me any of the hope he promised, for a very long time.
Of course the electors could mutiny, they could still appoint a Republican president and get rid of the Orange. If Ted Cruz or Pence was chosen I would roll over and die.


Actually, we've remained on course since Reagan. In the 1980s and 1990s, the focus was on deeply dividing the proverbial masses -- those who would have otherwise united to push back -- by class, middle class vs. poor. Through the years of this administration, we've dealt with a steady stream of anti-white stereotyping and condemnation. Divide, subdivide, conquer.




I agree. And the establishment Democrats have a good deal of responsibility for all the racist and misogynist detritus now unleashed. By universalizing Trump's rather crude insults, directed at individual hecklers and newspersons, the Democrats have broadcast the idea to bigots that "one of theirs" will be in the White House, giving a green light to these fools. On the other hand, the demonization of Trump as some sort of fascist has petrified many on the left, and caused them to incorrectly identify why so many people voted for him. A small number of them may have been Hillary's "deplorables", a higher level insult to the American people that helped lose her the election. The real reason was, as the Democrats' own James Carville once said, "It's the economy, stupid!" Not fascism!


Wow. It was clear to most "intelligent" voters who the better candidate was between Trump and Clinton. If you were unable to figure that out and you either voted against Clinton (ie: didn't vote or voted for Stein or Johnson) or you voted FOR Trump, you have nobody to blame but yourself. That kind of voting strategy/preference put Trump in the WH. The red flags around Trump were absolutely everywhere. Now you have an anti-environmental, megalomaniacal, pathologically-lying, narcissistic, impulsive, reckless sociopath in the most powerful position in the world. And he's surrounding himself with like-minded appointees.

This election choice wasn't complicated -- or at least it shouldn't have been. People HAVE to be able to make distinctions between reliable and unreliable info. While the Democratic Party has issues to address, the pervading anti-Clinton bias on this blog leading to outright hatred and the spewing of misinformation and lies reveals a very, very troubling trend. It was a major factor in Trump being elected.


Woodrow Wilson was an admirer of the KKK.He loved Birth of a Nation.Several governors in Northern states like Indiana were active KKK members in the 1920's. To paraphrase Rap Brown Racist violence is as American as apple pie.


Violence won't win. Look at Syria. Non-violent resistance is the only way to defeat a violent oppressor. That is what I believe we will face, too. They're going to try to throw away the rest of our civil liberties (barring the 2nd Amendment), censor the media, and throw dissidents in jail, or worse. Look what the right wingers in Israel are getting away with now.
We can guard our inner light, or we can resort to violence, but we can't do both.
Just finished, "It Can't Happen Here," by Sinclair Lewis. Reads like a script for 2016.


Drumpf, our very own president Snow, HAS set an example and will continue to do so. Let the hunger games begin!


What Americans need is a "political revolution". The election of Trump makes this very clear. As he puts his team together and begins to spread his influence far and wide, the need for political revolution will become a screaming need. Screaming need. More than just urgent.

Bernie doesn't understand the meaning of revolution. He doesn't seem to get that it means deep institutional change. He thought he could make a revolution within the Democratic Party and he seems to still believe that.

The oligarchic system we have, which fools continue to refer to as a "democracy", has provided us with an oligarch for president. The people have spoken, some people say. Not so. The people have lost their capacity to speak and be heard. No majority of American voters elected Trump. He did not get 30% of the electorate, yet he is given the right to wield the power of the entire people's government. He is not the choice of the American people, he is the product of a corrupted electoral system.

Political revolution begins with elections that accurately reflect the will of the majority of the people. It isn't necessary to storm the Bastille to create deep institutional change. What is necessary is a voting system that people trust based on one person, one vote, that correctly tabulates the votes and can be verified. The election just held did not accurately count the votes and it cannot be verified. It is a faith-based system. We need facts, not faith. No one can prove that the results of this election reflect the will of the majority of those who voted. The loser got more popular votes than the winner. It is a bizarre system that should be replaced with something that works. That would be the first revolutionary act in the political revolution.

So we have a loud mouth billionaire landlord to lead this oligarchy while we wait impatiently for democracy like the second coming. If he comes to grief, which he certainly will, maybe this will put the people into the mood to make some revolutionary changes. So it's a good thing after all, like the sinking of the Lusitania or the attack on Pearl Harbor were a good things insofar as they galvanized the political will of the people to act.


And I think we could start on CD by not stereotyping and insulting each other.

It happens way too often given that this is supposed to be a progressive forum.

We all have work to do, on ourselves as well as in the world.


I wonder what Winship regards as American or normal.

I wonder to what extent he regards these as overlapping.


More self-evident statements that require no defence?


Actually, suggesting only Hillary Clinton voters are "intelligent" is pretty absurd, given she also has serious issues (not just minor ones to be overlooked), which turned off so many voters. And of course, the corrupt DNC also to blame for lack of Dem voter turnout.
Stein voters at least have the courage and vision for a better world- something neither Clinton or Trump could ever hope to deliver, because they have agendas beyond what is right for the People (friends and donors aside). Stein voters had every right to vote their conscience- about time more Americans did the same thing- or else: more of the same, forever on end, ad nauseum.
Non-voters are a huge group of people. Many of them do not like Trump. It is their right to sit out BS elections like that one was, just as it is also their right to protest against him, post-election. Maybe without mainstream media blackout of alternatives, people will see there are better choices, and not sit out the next elections.


"with a two-thirds increase in attacks against Muslims."

I guess it sounds pretty bad for Muslims. There's about 3.2 million of them in the US and there were exactly 257 hate crimes against them in 2015 (in 2014 there were 154). That includes "intimidation". What that actually means is that there were 257 assholes in 2015 that didn't know any better. Feel free to calculate percentages.

In contrast there about 5.3 million Jews in the US and there were 664 hate crimes against those guys.


Read Jack London's The Iron Heel, too. Another script, I'm afraid.