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'Nonsensical and Madness': Outrage After Trump Excludes US From WHO-Backed Global Vaccination Cooperation Pact

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/01/nonsensical-and-madness-outrage-after-trump-excludes-us-who-backed-global


The USA is the epicenter of insanity. I am reaching the point of looking forward to the day I die as I know without a doubt that things are only going to get worse every day in this fucking shithole country. In the meantime I take some solace in knowing that the oligarchs and their enablers are going to die off along with the rest of us even though they believe their “wealth” will save them.


Of course. There is no $$ in it for the Trump Crime Family


Forget al-Qaeda, forget ISIS; forget all other dangerous terrorist groups around the world, the terrorist that scares the hell out of me is the tyrant and dangerous, insane thug that inhabits our house!


I would have to add all the thugs that also inhabit the U.S. Capitol Building from both parties.


Speaking of mad nonsense:

“It is hard not to read eugenic implications in this kind of thinking: The ‘herd’ will survive, but for that to happen, other ‘weaker’ members of society need to be sacrificed.”

Trump’s New COVID Adviser Is Pushing Herd Immunity, Which Some Liken to Eugenics


“…but we will not be constrained by multilateral organizations influenced by the corrupt World Health Organization and China.”

No, instead we prefer all of our corruption to be of the homegrown variety, and NOBODY does corruption better than dufus trump. You can bet your bottom dollar that this b*stard is looking to profit off of US government efforts in this area, he can’t help himself, it’s his nature…scum.


Heard Impunity.


Another definition of “nonsensical and madness:” DT being allowed to seek re-election.


Great pun.


Under the neoliberal model, government doesn’t govern. It extracts, it exploits, it preys, it steals, it kills. Nothing that is happening in Washington, DC will be intelligible until you accept this fundamental fact.


All the other tyrants and dictators, as well as the so called terrorist organizations, are just manifestations of us policy anyway. Saddam Hussein was a CIA operative for many years before he seized power, Osama Bin Ladin was funded by the US when he was fighting Russians in Afghanistan. As far as ISIS is concerned, they are only in existence because of the US’s eternal unilateral war against global peace, murdering innocents for sport in their oil derrick laden backyard. The atrocities in places like Libya and Syria were praised as the “Arab Spring” when we instigated them. None of the middle east conflicts would have been likely without the decades long unconditional support by the US for the long series of Israeli terrorist regimes. Hell its one thing to look at the current fascist movement in the white house, senate, congress and courts, but lets not forget the vital role the us has played in destabilizing the rest of the globe and the millions of dead due to our terrorism abroad.


As with everything Trump touches, his “shake and bake” vaccine will likely be a costly disaster riddled with side effects, so once the Germans have approved a vaccine I intend to fly to Berlin or Munich to get vaccinated.


This brief article by myself may also be of use


“…National governments are neglecting the most effective and safe route to discovering speedy cures for coronavirus: by forgoing corporate profitability and intellectual property rights in favour of global cooperation through open and shared research…”


Trump Vodka
Trump Steaks
Trump Vaccine


One would hope that SOMEDAY this maniac would realize that we share a planet with other nations. (I"m not holding my breath on this one, however. We need to vote him out!)


FYI, ~http://resistir.info/livros/john_perkins_confessions_of_an_economic_hit_man.pdf

Yes and where are they when they should be back in DC writing another stimulus package for all the people that can no longer stay in their residence or feed their family?

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trump gravestone in fucking arlington national with his face plastered on Rushmore and an airport named after him who gives a shit just let his face disintegrate and you’ll have to blast his fucking hairpiece into outer space

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Trump’s scheme can’t work unless he has control.
I think he and others have been vaccinated already, before the virus was unleashed.
If nobody from the White House lawn party gets it, nor trump or Pence, what else are we supposed to think? That they all have been, and continue to be luckier than shit? NO masks at all, and crammed together.