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'Nonstop, Habitual, and Compulsive Liar': Poll Shows Just 13 Percent of Americans Consider Trump Truthful


'Nonstop, Habitual, and Compulsive Liar': Poll Shows Just 13 Percent of Americans Consider Trump Truthful

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Less than halfway through President Donald Trump's second year in office, a mere 13 percent of Americans believe the president is "honest and trustworthy," according to new polling results.


Makes me wonder about the 13%…


It’s all true, yet it doesn’t matter at all to his base, and many other voters. Why are Donnie’s numbers into the 40’s now, with all of the revelations being told? I think we are seeing a combination of the Big Lie theory and scandal fatigue set in. Trump yells “fake news” and “witch hunt”, and his true believers believe him, and others really don’t care and the rest of us are left to fume and pull what’s left of our hair out.


You mean 13% of the American people are still that naive and ignorant! That is a lot of ignoramuses! Trump’s, fascist, evangelical, base, no doubt!


A parliamentary system would have held a vote of confidence by now.


That’s over 42 million people.

Kinda scary.


Yeah, if 42 million Bible thumping, Fascists, don’t scare the hell out of you…nothing will!


What’s even scarier to me is the fact that DESPITE the fact that they know he is a lying sack of shit, 40% of the electorate still worship the ground he walks on. In other words, tens of millions of Americans don’t really care about the truth anymore, or whether the leader of the free world lies or not.

Think about that.




I am of the thinking it is confabulation. A symptom of a disease.


He’s doing a great job uniting the world against both Israel and the US the two of the most violent and terror sponsors in the history of the world.


One poll found that 9% of Americans agree with the neo-Nazis which give you some idea of who is out there in America. The results of this polls suggest that 13% of the respondents lied to the pollsters about Trump. Even former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson appeared to call Trump out on lying in a commencement address.


They are called Republicans. Remember Noam Chomsky has called the Republican Party the most dangerous organization in the world. And they control the presidency and both houses of Congress. Think about that for awhile.


I missed this report on Fox News.
Therefore, it does not exist.
It must be more of that fake news.

(If a tree falls in the forest and Fox News does not report it, does it make a sound?)


Pretty bad when even Tillerson makes it plain
“Ethics and Integrity matter” in our policy statements


We should add: pathological, malignant, and delusional liar…“the donald” should be in prison, and nowhere near any position, of any kind of power or authority, or ability to influence others…or rob them!..and that goes for his crime family as well…the nuts don’t fall far from the tree…

Already he has made our nation a laughing-stock, incited racism and hatred around the world and pandered to the most dangerous, and also malignant, entity on Earth…the war criminals of the ME…our great ally.


To paraphrase that great philosopher of our time, Taylor Swift, Liars gonna lie.


This story provides yet another reminder of Trump’s genuine value to the left: http://invitation2artivism.com/?p=2167

Seeing as our last several presidents have seen fit to transform the U.S. into an outright lawless nation, it is actually quite beneficial to have a transparent scumbag in the White House.

The smoothest (ever?) front man for our genocidal empire, President Obama, just concluded eight abysmal years of dramatically empowering the neocons, Wall Street, and the far-right… while the left sat on its hands (or worse, applauded).

Now, that America’s “Good Guy” mask is off, the world can better rally against and actually resist the global tyranny threatened by our deeply corrupt government – which pushes the same grotesque agenda no matter who is in the White House.

If the neo-fascists refuse to run honest primaries and let voters nominate and elect real progressives – like BERNIE – then we might as well have a president who is as much a disgrace to the office as the office itself has become.

We might as well have a president the world knows is a LIAR, who we can all denounce and push against as he tries to lead us into the next war… and the one after that, as U.S. presidents tend to do.

At this late stage of the game, America desperately needs a president who inspires the center-left to get off its duff and FIGHT LIKE WILDCATS… like they should have fought the Bush/Cheney-exceeding Barack Obama.

So, there you have it: the one thing that Donald Trump is good for…

Now that a year+ of “liberal” neo-McCarthyist BS has bullied Trump into the establishment’s Nazi-embrace (like Obama before him), we can oppose our freedom-loathing establishment without a single qualm.

With Obama gone, there’s no white liberal guilt to make us quiescent while our government sells out to plutocrats and needlessly wages war on all living things.

With Trump in office, there’s at least a shred of hope that the left will remember its long-shelved principles.

And resist!


If so, Trump was senile the moment he fell out of his Scottish Mother’s Immigrant’s uterus.


Would that be the same Noam Chomsky who called out the Democrats for running a rigged primary?

“He (Bernie) would’ve won the Democratic Party nomination, if it hadn’t been for the shenanigans of the Obama/Clinton party managers…”

That was Chomsky just last year, noting that the Democrats don’t allow voters to pick their nominees anymore (as Rep. Pelosi recently affirmed, giving the practice her blessing).

Just because Prof. Chomsky sees how abominable the GOP is (we all do) that’s no excuse for the fake left to ignore or deny the utterly undemocratic, warmongering, corruption of the Democratic Party… corrupted, we should note, by the same interests that run the GOP.

President Obama just spent the last eight years proving that it doesn’t matter if our government – Congress and White House – are “red” or “blue.” Nowadays, both parties are sure to launch genocidal wars, disenfranchise voters by the millions, eviscerate the Constitution and rule of law, assault the environment, erase civil liberties, mass-incarcerate predominantly black and brown people, crush progressives while elevating demagogues and corporatist neo-fascists… and more.

Please consider something other than a partisan mindset. It discredits the left and sets up the Trump crowd for more, and more devastating, victories in the years to come.

Standing on principle is our one way out of this calamity… and that’s the opposite of standing for Democrats, the other systemically racist, environment-collapsing, far-right party of the neocons and Wall Street.