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Nonviolence for Whom?


Nonviolence for Whom?

Nathalie Baptiste

Ferguson. New York. Baltimore.

As cities erupt after decades of oppression and violence at the hands of police, calls for nonviolence can be deafening. “Violence isn’t the answer,” the moralists chide when protesters throw rocks and clash with police.

They’re right. But they’re telling the wrong people.

On April 12, Baltimore resident Freddie Gray made eye contact with a police officer and ran. Sometime after the police detained him, his spine was severed. He died a short time later.


“Why are the killers of a sleeping child or an innocent man in his own apartment building not condemned as murderers when rock-throwing teenagers are castigated as violent thugs?”


  1. In a Mars-ruled land, those given state sanctions to use violence do get away with murder
  2. Institutional racism
  3. A Captured media marching lockstep to Authoritarian “values” punishes those whose lives have condemned them to difficult, often impoverished conditions
  4. Foreign war blowback is hitting home via the militarization of U.S. police departments
  5. First they came for…
  6. Inverted Totalitarianism provides the APPEARANCE of Democratic institutions when ultimately, they serve Power not The People


Welcome to Israel.


Ms. Baptiste’s comments are well-taken, but I would take it further and state what should be obvious. Had all of the offended and racially victimized people of Baltimore kept their protests to that completely non-confrontational and non disruptive - and consequently completely invisible and memory-holed - state of affairs that seems to be the current definition of “nonviolence” used by the privileged bourgeois, the cops involved in this atrocity would never have faced the charges they do today.

It was that burning of that Rite Aid and a few cop cars that forced those in the government to do what they did - and no, I see nothing “violent” about injuring inanimate bricks, wood, and metal.

It has always been this way- Even Martin Luther King and Gandhi only had the power they did because of the forces of disruptive action on either side of their podium on the stage, ruffling the wings and making the audience know that they would take the stage over if the “nonviolent” person’s admonitions were not heeded.


The fact that Cliven Bundy wasn’t gunned down with all his gun-toting wingnut friends while he was standing off federal agents in open defiance of the law tells you all you need to know about the state of our country.

The fact that you see white men with guns being carefully talked down and black men without them being shot or choked to death just confirms it.