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Norman Lear to Boycott Reception With the 'Archie Bunker' President


Norman Lear to Boycott Reception With the 'Archie Bunker' President

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The artists that will be celebrated at this year's Kennedy Center Honors were just announced. But one of them—legendary television producer Norman Lear—has said he'll be boycotting the pre-gala White House reception in protest of President Donald Trump.


In a more sane and just world, all such receptions presided over by all US presidents would have been boycotted… It’s the system, Trump is simply the more obvious evil face of US empire run amok…


how could anyone in their right mind sit down at a table to eat with the likes of trump? thanx Norman for standing up for your principals and that should include the end of capitalism which has brought the world all its current miseries!


Whether billionaire or working class, conservatives are much the same reactionary fools.


Norman Lear, by this action, has made a Profound Statement, and by it, shown an Integrity that is rare in the World.

I hope his stand becomes both Well Publicized, and the Source of Wide Discussion as Our Nation has entered a heretofore uncharted course of the Surreal.

Almost a Half Century ago Our Nation laughed AT Archie Bunker, and now, far too many laugh WITH him.


Not one Caucasian among the honorees that will be attending, which should send the emperor into a fit at the thought of having to host a dinner for all these, you know, “others.” And the only one who declined the invitation is Norman Lear, a Caucasian. A total boycott of the dinner at the WH would send a very clear message, IMO.


Good for Mr. Lear. Now I respect him even more. The devolution of the typical American that Lear described in Archie Bunker and his other shows has become ever more true since Ronnie the Raygun. These could not have been easy years for Lear to witness. Even the Democrats (DINOs) sat back and enabled this sellout of the middle class.


Sorry folks. “All in the Family” was based on “Til Desth Do Us Part” written by Jonny Speight on U.K. television. The credits tell us this. Maybe Lear merely adapted the idea for the US market. Archie Bunker was a much more human figure than Alf Garnett, the classic working class Tory bigot.


Comparing Der Gropenfuhrer to Archie Bunker is an insult to Archie Bunker.


It’s always possible that Lear could start a Trend.