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North America Failing Dismally on Ocean Protection, Groups Warn


North America Failing Dismally on Ocean Protection, Groups Warn

Nika Knight, staff writer

North America is falling woefully behind on public promises to protect surrounding oceans from fishing, oil and gas development, and other harmful human activities—and those promises are paltry, found a joint report from Canadian and American conservation groups.


Yeah but the Political leaders in that region give the best damn speeches on the need to protect those oceans.


And if the destruction/pollution of the marine ecosystem isn't cause for distress and depression, there is the "election", and if not that, the sixth mass extinction, and the poisoning of Mother Earth by chemical criminals, and the intentional extermination of so many species by humans, and the endless wars and stupefying brutality, inhumanity, and global warming and the existential threat to Mother Earth, Gaia, and all Her creatures......and.......and.......


The political "leadership" does seem to believe that talking about something IS the same thing as doing something. They think that "addressing the issue" is solving the problem and they tend to get huffy, indignant, and downright insulted if you try to tell them that nothing is being done except stuff that's making everything worse.