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North and South, Israel’s Deadly Game of Divide and Conquer Backfiring


North and South, Israel’s Deadly Game of Divide and Conquer Backfiring

Mel Frykberg, IPS News


Both Israel and Syria have discovered one of the problems of fighting war without end.

Imagine that I’m running an experiment. I offer you $1 for yourself or $10 for the other player. Then I offer the other player $1 for her or $10 for you, and so on. The way to win this game is to learn to forgive the other player’s foibles.

Soldiers in WWI were faced with this dilemma. The sides learned to ritualize their artillery shellings by only firing at a certain place at a certain time each day, so that the other side could evacuate their positions for a few minutes and then come back. The artillery barrages looked good enough to the higher-ups, and that’s what counted.

Things got way out of hand on the Eastern Front. Pretty much the entire Russian and German armies combined got sick of the war. Great masses of men embraced on the battlefield and went home. Berlin had 40,000 AWOL draft dodgers in their city by the end of the war. The Russian government collapsed.

The truth about the Israeli and Syrian soldiers is that, except for the nontheists on both sides, they’re both operating from the same playbook. They both have the Old Testament story of Joshua taking over the Holy Land. Islam carries a special warning from Muhammad, “If anyone wrongs a Jew, they will have to deal with me as their accuser on the day of judgment.”


This article is utter Zionist nonsense.

“Desperate to maintain the calm in Gaza,…”

Absurd. Israel needs to maintain a state of constance turmoil in the open air prison they have created in Gaza. It’s the fear card they play to keep the Israeli people fired up with racial hatred.

““The Salafists refuse to abide by the informal truce that has kept the tense quiet between Hamas and Israel since the Gaza war .”

Israel had never honored the alleged truce with Hamas. The bombing of Gaza and the killing of civilians there has never stopped. Not to mention the starvation and suffering of the Palestinian people due to the illegal blockade of Gaza. This statement in particular reveals the Zionist perspective of the author of this article.

The goal of Zionism is the removal of the Palestinian people from Ersatz Israel. It is a long-term project which began back before the turn of the 20th Century. It will not stop until all of Palestine and beyond belongs to the Zionists in a racially pure Israeli state.

The Nazis taught the Zionist well.


The second sentence of you second paragraph sums up the entire situation especially well. The U.S. is spending $4 Billion a month on this sham. Chump change, really, when the $1 Trillion DoD budget plus all the rest of the alphabets in the MIC, are factored in. " Cheap is small and not to steep But best of all cheap is cheap Circumstance has forced my hand To be a cut price person in a low budget land Times are hard but we’ll all survive I just got to learn to economize I’m on a low budget I’m on a low budget…" The Kinks


Israel is perfectly happy to encourage Sunni and Shia to kill each other. They see their principle enemies in the region as Shiite dominated Iran and Syria, and so are helping Sunnis and partnering with anti-Shiite Saudi Arabia to weaken the Shiite nations. And if a bunch of Sunnis get killed in the process, so much the better. Energy spent on a Sunni/Shia conflict isn’t being spent attacking Israel. And bonus: It’s giving Israel an excuse to attack Hamas.

As far as Israel’s concerned it’s win/win.


Unfortunately, the Israelis learned from Hitler that they had no real allies and have acted on that premise for 70 years. The first independent Jewish state in 2000 yearsarose in the Warsaw ghetto and held out against the might of the entire German army for longer than Poland itself had resisted. The ghetto fighters appealed again and again for aid from the Chrstian and communist Polish underground but they received only silence. Then, when the Polish underground rose up against the Nazis in early 1945, the Soviet armies stood down outside of Warsaw and allowed the Nazis to slaughter those same Poles, in order to eliminate any resistance to their own form of tyranny. And then when the remnants of European Jewry were taken out of the death camps, they were placed in new concentration camps by the British who refused to allow them to migrate to the one place where they might feel safe, Palestine.

So. It is no surprise now that the descendants of those same Jews see enemies on every side and find themselves completely unable to grasp the common humanity they share with the rest of the human species. They build walls and create ghettos more like the ghettos of Warsaw and Kraków than they want to admit, and send their advanced armies against the weakest of opponents much like the SS troops and their Ukrainian stooges who attacked the Warsaw ghetto fighters. They practice torture unworthy of their faith and form alliances only to break them. Somewhere in hell, Hitler is laughing at how far the evil he did has extended its repercussions down through the generations.

As a lifetime supporter of the Jewish state, I am overcome with sorrow at the damage done to the soul of Judaism by the monstrous evil of the Nazis.


Interesting cognitive disconnect in your final sentence. You say you are a supporter of the Jewish state. Really? Despite the fact that the very concept of a “Jewish” state entails that one ethnic group will be privileged over another. Despite the fact the from the very start, the stated goal of Zionism has been to expel enough Palestinians and control the Palestinian population so that a demographically dominant nation can be created for the Jews. Would you have supported the notion of an Arian state in Germany, to the exclusion of the Jews?

Your post seems to imply that Zionists have a right to create an apartheid state because they were oppressed and abused for thousands of years. Certainly you are correct when you say, "It is no surprise now that the descendants of those same Jews see enemies on every side and find themselves completely unable to grasp the common humanity they share with the rest of the human species. " Yet you still support their efforts to build a state under these circumstances and at the expense of the Palestinian people?

I’m glad you are “…overcome with sorrow at the damage done to the soul of Judaism…” Are you equally overcome with sorrow at the damage Zionism has done to the Palestinian people and their culture?

Think about it. Zionism is racist at its very core. Your post is completely Judeo-centric. Maybe you should try to abandon this primitive tribalism in favor of a more humanist response to the horrors being perpetrated by the Jewish state.


Of course, I am sympathetic with the plight of the Palestinian people who now find themselves in much the same situation as the Jews of Europe in the 1930s. The more extreme elements within the Netanyahu coalition are perilously close to their own “final solution” of the Arab people under Israeli control. But, given their history, the Jews cannot be faulted for believing that their survival requires a state of their own. At this point, such a state must be bi-national, assuring equal rights (including the right of return) for both Jews and Palestinians. In the 1930s there were many Zionists who envisioned just such a bi-national state but their voices were not heeded in the face of Hitler’s genocidal madness.

Anti-semitism is still a powerful reality, and must be acknowledged. (Sartre’s essay is particularly good at explaining how and why it is essential to societies founded on rampant inequity)


Schlepping with the enemy…Mossad has its hands full. Not unlike the mob families back in the day forging alliances then ending up killing each other for control over a street corner or two. Too bad that the Seven Tribes of yore could not come to agreements that would have prevented hundreds of years of unnecessary war and loss of life. Wars of attrition.


Long term project is correct, its similar to what the elites and Zionists are doing in the US, global domination except Israel.


I don’t think the Zionists know how to behave as a nation they have no experience in nationhood like the Arabs or the Persians do. Forcing the Palestinians off their homeland and conquering more territories to create a pure Jewish state in the heartland of Arabs will have severe consequences.


Judaism is a religion. As with all religions it can be practiced anywhere and there is no need for a Jewish state from that perspective, just as there is no need for a "Christian " or a “Moslem” or a “Bahai” state. Zionism preceded Hitler by a long way and perhaps originated with the baby-killer, Moses, and his friends, who, according to the Bible, toddled off to Palestine via Sinai and proceeded to murder the locals whose god wasn’t the one true god etc. Christianity arose in Israel; maybe Christians should run another crusade to take the place over?


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