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North Carolina: Flush Your Bathroom Bill Down the Toilet


North Carolina: Flush Your Bathroom Bill Down the Toilet

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

Opponents call it “the Bathroom Bill.” In a special session last week, the North Carolina state legislature passed HB2, officially called the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act. Gov. Pat McCrory signed the law that night. The new law denies transgender people use of the bathroom, changing room or locker room that matches their gender identity. Resistance to the bill is fierce, and growing daily.


Next the North Carolina state legislature is going to re-write the Bible. They’re starting here:

And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me — except for my LGBTQ brethren.

[Rewrite committee note: As long as we’re singling out the LGBTQ brethren, who else can we add?]

Stay tuned…


Thank you for not ignoring the whole story and truth of this bill. Why didn’t the authors of this article at least mention Part 2 of bill HB2?

The second part of the bill establishes the “Wage and Hour Act,” and makes it illegal for any local government to impose on employers–including city or county contractors–any requirement on wages, hours, benefits, leave or child labor protection, beyond what the state legislature requires.

Additionally, HB 2 strips away the right of private-sector workers to invoke state law to fight workplace discrimination. In other words, employers would be legally allowed to discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, or disability.

Source: http://socialistworker.org/2016/03/28/protesting-ncs-pro-discrimination-law

Part 1 of HB2 (the part written about in this article) is without a doubt an absolute travesty of human rights, equality … and human decency.

However, Part 2 (not included in this article) is a travesty against the working class in North Carolina. This section of the law is designed by legislation to enforce poverty through below-poverty-level wages to a large sector of the population. Let’s look at some statistics in North Carolina:

  • Population estimates, July 1, 2015 ==> 10,042,802

  • Median household income (in 2014 dollars), 2010-2014 ==> $46,693

  • Per capita income in past 12 months (in 2014 dollars), 2010-2014 ==> $25,608

  • Percent of Persons in poverty ==> 17.2%

Statistics Source: http://www.census.gov/quickfacts/table/IPE120214/37

Hence, the estimated number people living in poverty in North Carolina is 1,727,362.

As this bill clearly illustrates, the ruling class in North Carolina fully intend to make sure that 1.7 million people in the state remain in poverty … through legislation.

Why did Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan of Democracy Now! decide this travesty wasn’t worth mentioning in this article?


People, when will we come to the mutual understanding that all people are equally entitled to their rights?

Humanity can not continue with such an imbalance as the past few decades have brought; decades of failed leadership that have successfully diverted our attention to issues that do not belong in government as we are becoming slaves to the elite 1% who takes our tax dollars to do with whatever they please. We have failed miserably to hold those we have forfeited our right to vote for, accountable, while we’ve been barking up the WRONG trees.

We need to learn how to encourage others to FIRST accept themselves, which is our fundamental right and responsibility as human beings and should be the priority of every capable parent worthy of bringing a child into this world of ours, to recognize within themselves and, to teach. It is simply impossible to do for another what they will not do for themselves.

Give it a rest and let us focus on the issues that truly effect all of us right now, equally. Climate, for starters. New World Order, next.


I’m inclined to agree. The problem with the Left is that there has always been a lack of understanding priorities --especially right now. At least since the 60’s. No need to worry about your skin color or where to take a leak when the sea is washing over your house. Just say’n.


Since when has justice become something that is so limited it must be denied some so others get it?

We can walk and chew gum at the same time. We can work for economic justice and climate justice and also work for Trans rights and against such terrible things as the bathroom bills.


What is your point? Gender assigned at birth? Please explain.


That depends upon your priorities, I guess.


We all get assigned a gender at birth, the doctor or nurse or midwife looks at the baby and says, “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl.”

Trans People, though, find that that gender assigned them is not congruent with their true gender identity. Some transition to the opposite gender. Others transition to being something besides the binary of boy/man versus girl/woman.

The vast majority of people are Cis People, they have no incongruity between the gender assigned them at birth and their true gender identity.


When people are physically male, they should use men’s washrooms. When they are physically female, they should use women’s washrooms. If someone used to be male & is now female, she should use the women’s washroom. If someone used to be female & is now male, he should use the men’s washroom.


What I’m trying to say is, first things first, LibWingofLibWing. Put out the biggest fires first, stop what’s feeding the fire, then work the List. I dare say that if your local community was being bombed, your family and friends shot at, killed, raped, then fussing about where to take a piss might sound a bit, well…selfish…at that moment in time. It does and it is. You might cry out about the social injustices here in America, and you’d be righteous in doing so, but, at the same time you’re in right now–at this moment–responsible for the murder of people, the destruction and pillaging of what scant little they have in this world that allows them to survive. Great that you can sit back in the comfort of your protected little spot of the planet and mull over the thought that you need a better place, a more respected place to take a dump, while your nation inflicts untold evil on humanity. When are you going to confront that, LibWingofLibWing?


What you are talking about has nothing to do with being transgendered. Violent crimes don’t affect what washroom anyone should use. People that are physically male should use men’s washrooms. People that are physically female should use women’s washrooms. The washrooms that people should be allowed to use has no affect on crime.


[quote=“Michael, post:15, topic:20548, full:true”]Great that you can sit back in the comfort of your protected little spot of the planet and mull over the thought that you need a better place, a more respected place to take a dump, while your nation inflicts untold evil on humanity. When are you going to confront that, LibWingofLibWing?

Again, it’s not either/or. I always confront the injustices you bring up. I am an activist against the empire and for peace and have been for years both in the streets and in actions. I am a socialist working also for economic justice and against the class oppression of the 1% in the same ways. I marched against the war and was in Occupy.

You act like I don’t post on these other issues here and just showed up on this one. But I have a history here of advocating against the empire and the 1%.

But there is racial injustice and injustice against LGBT folk. For Trans people it’s not just an issue of going to the bathroom. The most at risk minority in this nation for hate crimes and being murdered are poor, Trans Women of Color. These bathroom bills are feeding the deadly hate. If people on the Left marginalize them, letting this stand, then the haters won’t stop with them.

The hegemony always seeks to have marginalized groups they can freely oppress and vilify as part of their divide and conquer strategy to manipulate the slightly less marginalized to align with their oppressors out of fear and hate of the other.

In the past the Left was the best ally of people of color, LGBT people, and women. It still should be and Trans People are one of the most designated “Other” groups being marginalized and killed in the streets.

Let me repeat- we must not limit our concerns for justice and our activism. We can do both.


I’m not taking issue with the issue of injustice or the problems suffered by the LGBT community or of people of color. I am saying that it seems to me that with some priorities, we (as the Left) might have more success if we didn’t spread ourselves so thin. The truth is, there’s only so many people who will stand up and fight. The Left is great at coming up with new problems, but it’s a total failure when it comes to solving them. My argument is that it’s more important as humans that we focus on stoping the worst kind of violence (war) first. The (usual) story of a few nuns priests or vets, chaining themselves to a fence ain’t git’n it done. Sorry, I feel in my heart it’s kinda hypocritical to defend and spend precious time on some of these issues while we’re right now bombing the sh*t out of people that haven’t done a thing to us because, like, it or not you, we and me are responsible for it. There simply aren’t enough people to go around that will fight the battles. It drains resources.