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North Carolina Makes Discrimination Mandatory with Most Anti-LGBT Law in the Nation


North Carolina Makes Discrimination Mandatory with Most Anti-LGBT Law in the Nation

Nika Knight, staff writer

In a shocking, unprecedented move, the North Carolina state legislature convened a special session late Wednesday in order to introduce and pass a sweeping anti-LGBT bill, HB-2, which overturns local ordinances protecting gay and transgender rights.

Republican Governor Pat McCrory signed the bill into law later that night.


Examples of Democrats perpetrating voter suppression are everywhere. This week's example is the Washington State Democratic caucus scheduled during spring break !


Capitalism and empire require oppression of some categories of people. Then people vent their rage against queers.. or the elderly.... or disabled people... instead of against the ruling class.

To respond to a sadly ignorant comment: Bathroom safety is a huge problem. Numerous genderqueers have been brutally assaulted in and around restrooms.


This legislation will be struck down by SCOTUS. Too bad that it will take some time to reach there. What next, bathrooms for white, hetero males only? All others, go out back? North Carolinians probably have a few Whites Only signs from the not too far distant past that they can haul out and scrawl NO LGBT allowed underneath the Whites Only lettering. This is 2016, is it not? WTF!!!


Unfortunately, no. This is about much more. The bathroom thing gets all the press, but this is also about raking more powers from local commujities to decide. NC is not an explicitly home rule state and follows Dillon's rule. So all powers counties and municipalities have are granted by the state.

Previously the gop state assembly began meddling in local school board races and took over control of mujicipal water in Asheville. Now is is blatant discrimination of various groups such as the LGBTQ communuty.

Further thus law makes it illegal for towns and cities to enact fair wage and other laws kaws that favor workers.

It is more bad from a gop that seems to thrive and gloat in cruelty.


if you can read, it's pretty clear. I'm assuming you can read, because you can write-sort of.


Well, this is an easy one. Don't vacation in NC. Don't buy anything on-line that ships from NC. Don't travel through NC. Don't schedule conferences etc. in NC. Don't send your out of state children to college in NC. etc.... WE can break the economy of this state and should until this bill is nullified. www.totheleftoftheweb.org


the first step I'd take would be to boycott all businesses who discriminate.


Pretty ironic... A bunch of guys who think a bearded old man created the world 6000 years ago are discriminating against of a bunch guys that think they are the opposite sex from the one mother nature gave them. Us normal people (the majority) have to bend over backwards for both groups. One day, something's gotta give.


What 's normal about your prejudice?


Normal is not what any of those two sides are. Basically about 80-90% of us. LGBTQ (whatever the PC alphabet soup of the day is ) are about 3-4% of the population, About 20% of the population attend church and i speculate about 10-15 percent just go there to relax. So there you have it.


It's time for a boycott of North Carolina.


This discriminatory law should be headed to the Supreme Court that has already ruled on the issue.
Many businesses have already threatened to move out if this law went into effect but apparently bigotry takes first place over good government in N. Carolina.
Thanks to the British we have to racist Carolinas instead of one because they broke up the colony into two because of the infighting.
The sooner this is challanged in the SC the sooner other republican bigoted states will stop trying to create these anti American laws.


N. Carolina is going to pay heavily economically as many companies have threatened to move out is this law was passed.


This is the plan that the Koch brothers set out many years ago (since the formation of ALEC in 1973) and it has been successful to date, sad to say. The strategy that began in 1980 with D.K.'s. failed bid to be VP to libertarian candidate Ed Clark was/is to target local, city/town, and county governments (in addition to the already laid plan for overtaking state legislatures and governorships) and infiltrate them with the ultra-conservative, anti-government candidates and agendas. The Koch brothers expect to spend $859 MILLION dollars on elections during this campaign cycle (2016). Citizens United opened the way for them (and any number of billionaires) to funnel "dark money" anywhere they so choose.

I would bet that the bill recently passed in NC (ALEC origination) is virtually the same bill that the Idaho state legislature is trying to ram down the state's throat that wrests local and county control to pass "fair wage and other laws that favor workers" (to quote you) Idaho is still in the dark ages when it comes wages, women's rights, education funding, and Medicaid funding (non-existent) and the ultra-conservative state legislature and the millionaire governator, Butch Otter have undermined any and all social safety net programs that existed in the past.


Bigotry against any group or person in the guise of "protecting religious belief" is not acceptable. The same as "religious" bigotry and racism in the Civil Rights movement these claims against the LGBT community are also rubbish. If the "religious" want to remain bigots and discriminate they can - in their own homes, but NOT in any public sphere or policy! What would Jesus do? Not what you hypocrites do.......


You're an example of the Dunning Kruger effect in operation


Now if i actually knew what the Dunning Kruger effect is... Had to look it up and your diagnosis is wrong. Plus, according to what i read Dunning Kruger has noting to do with what i said. I just said 90% of us have to bow to the whims of a minority.


I think that we are missing the 5K ton elephant in the room.
This legislation (in fact, all legislation of separation and hate) is the direct result of unlimited religious influence in our government.
The rabid right wing religionists are turning the United States into the Un-united States of an American Taliban, just as a virus slowly turns into disease and, eventually, kills its host.
All religion is dangerous and poisonous and destructive when embedded within a goverrnment of any sort.
The separation of church and state is in the US Constitution for a great reason.


Excellent argument!! I do believe that is the exact same argument that won the Racial discrimination battle of the '50s and '60s. Wait, something doesn't look right there...