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North Carolina Politicians Have Decried the Climate-Change Science That Makes Hurricane Florence so Dangerous


North Carolina Politicians Have Decried the Climate-Change Science That Makes Hurricane Florence so Dangerous

Will Bunch
For most of the eastern United States, this is a week of high anxiety — fixated on a swirling red, green, and yellow blob at the bottom of the TV screen and the increasing certainty that the most powerful East Coast storm of our lifetimes is going to slam into the coastal Carolinas with a massive storm surge, destructive winds, and biblical flooding.


Light bulb moment: It’s time to establish malpractice liability for politicians!


This hurricane won’t change antibodies politics. If it knocks out one or more of the nuke plants in its path and renders Wash DC uninhabitable forcing the Gov to relocate the radiation will get attention but not climate change.


A few years ago NOVA had produced a show about hurricanes and explained why hurricanes are increasing in frequency and intensity. It all starts with ocean temperatures off the west coast of Africa. When the surface temperature of the ocean reaches 85F, it will produce a hurricane. 84F or less an all you get is a tropical storm. They explain the physics of how that happens. That’s a difference of 1 degree F. This is all related to GW.

Thoughts and prayers don’t change physics. We can either learn to live within the realities of physics or try to deny those realities.


Of course we are talking about Republican North Caroline politicians here not all North Carolina politicians. These are the Republican politicians who deny climate change is happening or deny it is caused by humans, who stripped a Democratic governor of most of his powers, and who gerrymandered the state to maintain permanent Republican control. These surely are Trump supporters who are working toward a white supremacist autocratic country. They aren’t worried about climate change. They are worried about the fate of the white race. Supporters of Trump are not going to be concerned about climate change no matter what scientists say. In fact they don’t trust scientists. They rely on Fox News and Breitbart News for their information. This Hurricane may change the coastline of North Carolina but it won’t affect the views of Republican politicians in North Carolina about climate change.


The Climate Deniers in North Carolina clearly have read, the Art of the Squeal.

Little Piggies, all together now.


“Shove this up your climate denying asses you NC Republican morons!”

Without love,

Mother Nature


Of course, it isn’t news that anyone in America would be interested in, but Super Typhoon Mangkhut is barreling down on Hong Kong and China on the coming Sunday, only 2-days or so, behind tropical storm Barijat.

Global Warming isn’t taboo here, it’s just that nobody is doing anything about it and economic growth is still the #1 topic, along with housing. Talking about building a new island when the ones we already have aren’t likely to withstand the increasing typhoons, sounds like madness or deliberate blindness. The people incharge are in thrall to their economic fantasies and seem impervious to their own extinction - coming to a coastline near them, us and you, soon.


The deep irony of this piece is analogous to the deep water that is about to cover the State tomorrow. Bad leaders inflict the greatest pain on the most vulnerable.


There was some citation that I recall from playing chess: “The merciless fact, culminating in checkmate, contradicts the hypocrite.” But in the greater world, the persons that suffer from an error are seldom only those who make it.

We can be pretty sure of several things:

  • Hotter oceans will make more and stronger hurricanes
  • Dwindling coastal cover will allow them greater penetration
  • Official responses will maximize denial
  • Big money will shift investment to minimize loss

So far, all this points to a class-based difference in response, the sort of thing that Naomi Klein laid out so well in The Shock Doctrine, in response to Hurricane Katrina. Of course, that has already been the case, as has been blisteringly obvious in the responses to catastrophes in Haiti and, most recently, Puerto Rico.

What promises to make some change is that the increasing frequency and force, along with catastrophic damages, will make human-imposed climate change more difficult to deny. But businesspeople will re-group investments and assert that the problem is thereby “not theirs.” People who assume that groups of humans must more or less always behave the same way will tend to point to population as the only problem or the key problem, implying that no change of lifestyle need be or should be or can be enacted out of will or insight. And in this case the problem is mostly caused very far from any one particular source of suffering. There are not huge populations of people where there are polar bears. Few people on sinking tropical islands drive big vehicles or design high-maintenance climate controlled architecture for cold climates.

A key difficulty here is that subdivisions of human politicking respond badly to global problems, and human government tends to become more abusive as control centralizes, creating and enforcing distinctions of class rather than geography–the same distinctions in class that allow massive problems for “Other” people to be ignored or even celebrated.

People will need to know enough to refuse to carry the broken system forward unaltered. And the alterations necessary become more drastic as the decision is postponed.


And, yet, the those “vulnerable” people keep voting for the “bad” leaders. They will get what they have asked for. And they will NOT like it. But… will they change their voting habits? NO!


Pat Robertson should smoke a few bowls, and maybe he will come to believe in science and reality, instead of just prayers, and even if not, he can still enhance his spirituality from psychedelics.


These Republican politicians should be charged with murder and put on trial. I simply can’t absorb this shit anymore. Our country is ruled by morons and we’re all paying for it.


Unfortunately the North Carolina Democratic (sic) party is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the corrupt DNC, which routinely supports its chosen candidates with as much money as it takes in the primary to defeat home-grown progressive candidates in the name of “electability.” The problem is that virtually all of their “electable” candidates, once in office, turn out to be timid and Olde Southe polite, refusing to pose a significant challenge to the vandals. We may never know what the local candidates could do if one of them were to manage a win in the primary.


Concurrent with denying climate change one of the NC Congressional delegation’s highest priorities continues tto be keeping those of us who pay taxes on the hook for paying for damages (caused by climate change) to corporate assets and the 1%'s luxury homes on the Atlantic seaboard.


Wow, I had to do a double take on you’re post. Never thought I would see the day Robertson would be calling for the legalization of pot.


schadenfreude, if NC gets hit.


He said that years ago. I campaigned for Amendment 64 in Colorado as a foot soldier. Went to Romney’s big show, and then to Obama’s both in Denver and many other civic events. And Pat’s quote was on one of our handout sheets, all conservatives, including Sara Palin, who said “It’s not that big a deal (smoking bud).”

Obama won with 50-52% of Colorado. Amendment #64 won with 53% to legalize recreational (which California later named their proposition 64 after)

And despite all the predictions, the sky did not fall, children did not increase usage (who wants grandmothers meds when instead you can have MDMA or almost anything else?)

But you may also be surprised who made commercials for us.

Even Ultra Conservative Tom Tancredo made a commercial for us.

Sorry if I am overly proud, but we changed Colorado, and just look at all the states to change since then. Mason Tvert, Betty Aldworth were our 2 most prominent spoke-persons, and I cannot say enough great things about their tireless energy and dedication.

Betty is at Students for Sensible Drug Policy as executive director.

And Mason Tvert is co-author of this book and is Marijuana Policy Project in Colorado. https://www.thriftbooks.com/a/mason-tvert/331676/

There are many clips of Mason talking calmly to smoking heads on you tube. This is one of my favs.

"Pot supporter: 'It’s addictive, but so is sex and coffee’

Nancy Grace "and people on pot slaughter whole families, kill each other, shoot and stab each other,) lol.


But wait, there was a stretch of 10!! years when NO hurricane, category 3 or higher, made land fall on the US. In fact, in the middle of what you say were massive CO2 inputs into the atmosphere, inputs that supposedly cause AGW, it was the longest stretch of no hurricanes since they started collecting that data in 1851.

It followed several years of more then normal the number of hurricanes which OF COURSE precipitated REgressives running around with their hair on fire.

And after a couple years of no hurricanes, predicability REgressives then blamed that on AGW.

Lord, make up your minds.

And again predicability when a major storm hits the US, wait for it…AGW!!!

It’s not AGW, it’s the weather.


And lightening never strikes twice in the same place.
What was your point? Oh yeah, you don’t want to educate yourself on science.
Go find that show made by NOVA and watch it.
Please stop being such a bone head.
You are accomplishing nothing with your posts on this website other than proving that you are an !@#%$#.

The war on terrorism was concocted by the military contractors to scam you from your tax money.
Why don’t you bitch about that waste of your tax money?
Terrorists wouldn’t be targeting the US if they weren’t being encouraged by people you trust to do so.