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North Carolina Politicians Have Decried the Climate-Change Science That Makes Hurricane Florence so Dangerous


I state facts and you call me ignorant.

Typical Regressive.


I stated facts, and you ignored them.
Since you started with the insults, how should I fire back?


I stated the fact of hurricane frequency for the past 170 years.

You retort with telling me to watch TV and castigating me because I’m not bitching about an irrelevant point.

Then accuse conservatives of egging terrorists to attack us???

Dude, you’re all over the place. Calm down, take a breathe and stay on point. Which is somehow, NC, because it hasn’t taken what you consider necessary steps to reduce CO2, is contributing to storms like Florence.


You’re the one who needs to calm down and get informed.
You only think that the 85F ocean temps are an irrelevant point because you don’t understand the physics involved. But then you don’t want to get informed because then you’d have to admit that you are wrong. god forbid… Everynow and then you will see a news report actually mention ocean temperatures in relation to 85F as Florence advances. There’s a reason for that and you are unaware of it. Just because you are unaware (ignorant) doesn’t make it irrelevant no matter how far up your rectum your head is.
I’m not all over the place. You fail to connect the dots which is a problem I see in conservative thinking. For example: you bitch about nanny gov’t telling you how to live your life, yet you support drug prohibition. If you can’t connect that together, you are hopeless.


And what can anything NC do to change the temp of the ocean?

Isn’t this writer claiming a rise of 39 inches in the ocean level by 2100? I love how you alarmists always forecast some oncoming catastrophe decades off.

Yet the dire predictions made in the 90s haven’t happened but those are oh so conveniently memory holed.

I’m not denying there might be an increase(tiny) in the temp of the earth-I see lots of evidence there is actually a slight cooling happening nonetheless humans didn’t cause it and humans can’t do a frigging thing about it.


Yup smacking their bibles, and denying climate science. One dude down there was asked what his plans were: He said," Just pray." Yeah , right.


You state facts, and you probably are a bahble thumper. Good grief!


That is correct. Only ones who should be paying are them. However, nobody should be living that close to the beach , and blocking the beauty of nature and wildlife. Just a bunch of yuppies on vacation.


AGW? Yeah, right.


No, because many of them are illiterate- meaning they do not have the reading or critical thinking skills above those of an 8th grader. Would you like an 8th grader to run the country? Oh, I forgot , he already is.


Yeah, what’s up with that? Maybe they need some more Yankees to teach them how to assert themselves!


Here you go genius:




You don’t tell us which 10 year period and provide no links. I have to conclude your post is pure bullshit. Please prove me wrong and provide a link. Hint: Google


You don’t even tell which 10 year period you are talking about and provide no links. One needs to PROVE facts.

Complete fail.