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North Carolina Residents Warned Not to Drink Water Near Coal Ash Dumps


North Carolina Residents Warned Not to Drink Water Near Coal Ash Dumps

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

North Carolina residents who live near Duke Energy coal ash dumps have been warned by state officials not to drink or cook with water from their wells, after testing showed evidence of heavy metal contamination exceeding state groundwater standards.


So they love their guns in this part of the country, so what happened to those cowards. They go on about Obama directly affecting them, but the people trying to poison them for profit get a pass. Just like bullies do, when there is someone who will really fight back they slink away screaming, “THEY BETTA NOT TAK MY GUNS, I NEED 'EM FIR PROTECTION” , says the Average American Gun owning Coward! Citizen arrest of the manager? Nope. Over take the company plant and seize it? NOPE…they are too scared of the black boogie man. Where are the Bundy Ranch types? Americans are not only hypocrites but cowards too, present company excluded.

If you are a gun nut for your 2nd amendment, then this is exactly what it is for, the people poisoning your drinking water.


Ain’t many places in NC where well water is safe to drink anymore whether the contamination is from coal fly ash, hog farms, christmas tree farms or the leaking septic systems of public schools. It doesn’t matter if you live, in the mountains or down in the sandhills or somewhere in between. Corporate power trumps your right to a safe and secure water supply. Yay capitalism where the quality of life is of no concern.


Any fool knows that coal ash is not a human consumable item. North Carolina sold its soul to the wealthy Art Pope and the coal industry allowing them to do whatever they want. As usual they do the cheap stuff piling coal ash by the water and ignoring when it dumps into the drinking water. But we have all known this for a long time. NC voters seem to like being dominated by those who poison not only them, but all down stream of their polluted rivers. Virginia Beach, for example, gets their nasty water.