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North Carolina’s Legislative Coup Shows What Voter Suppression Will Look Like Under Trump


North Carolina’s Legislative Coup Shows What Voter Suppression Will Look Like Under Trump

Ari Berman

While the news last week focused on reports of Russian interference in US elections, Republicans in North Carolina were busy subverting democracy at home.


That ain’t tar on these assholes’ heels


Really, by voting in these little dictators, the American people have shown that they want a dictatorship. Fully half of the American population is made up of authoiritarians.


And to think that for a recent while, NC was the state that both industry and millennials wanted to move to, because of their encouragement of growth and modernity . . . it was burgeoning with new commercial wealth and vitality that attracted progressive thinking and planning.

Perhaps a mini-view of the destructiveness that the entire country is facing?


Mr. Berman, you have written extensively on voter suppression in the South, especially as it involves the dismantling of the Voting Rights Act. I think you and many readers of this journal are unaware that voter suppression has advanced strongly in the pristine New England enclave, Brattleboro, Vermont. Please contact me (kurtdaims@gmail.com).


Mr. Junius,

Don’t call me Miss Anne. You are a southern, racist, authoritarian bully. Do not address e-mails to me. If you have a reply to my comments, put it in comments. You are right that you want to go back to what you had – vicious authoritarianism and slavery. Have a good time, but leave the rest of us, who prefer democracy, out of it


Another great well thought out progressive comment. Everyone knows Obama can dictate laws passed by state legislatures, particularly those controlled by the opposing party. Totally within the realm of our constitution. Just another neolib example of selling out.


It was a post in jest.